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Check or change your SMS message centre number on the iPhone

  • On April 7, 2011
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I had a mate ask me about an issue the other day where he was battling to send SMS’s on his new iPhone. So after a bit of research, we found that the SMS message centre number had been changed. This sometimes happens when traveling and it seems to change it on the sim card. So when you put in a old sim card into the new phone, it is still trying to use the old settings, hence not being able to send SMS’s.

Unfortunately, on the iPhone there is no where to manually set this, so below is how to check and set your new SMS message centre number.

To check your message centre number

  • On your Phone app, go to keypad and type in *#5005*7672# and Call
  • Message number is displayed

If the SMS message centre number is incorrect, you can change it by doing the following

  • Vodacom
    • **5005*7672*+27829119# and Call or
    • **5005*7672*+27829129# and Call
  • MTN
    • Prepaid number -> **5005*7672*+27831000113#
    • PostPaid Number -> **5005*7672*+2783100002#
  • CellC
    • Awaiting confirmation of correct message centre number
  • 8ta
    • Awaiting confirmation of correct message centre number

And that’s it. Easy :) Once the change has been made it is instant, and you should be able to start sending SMS’s again. If you have the 8ta or CellC settings, please feel free to leave a comment


  1. Desiree

    Hi Marc

    Thanks for the info above, I however get the following message:

    Setting Succeeded
    Service Center Address
    No Address

    Not certain whether it means anything, I am still not able to send text though, checked the service centre number on the iPhone as suggested above and it’s the same as the service centre number I got from MTN’s website.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



  2. Chris Haynes

    8ta SMSC is +2781191

  3. CellC Centre Number: +27841000000

  4. Mathabo

    Cellc is +27829129 this is the number that comes up if you check using the keypad however if you call you will get the same as @ Dusty.I hope it helps.

  5. MTN SMS Service Centre Numbers

    Contract +27 83 100 0002
    PayAsYouGo +27 83 100 0113

    this is the correct MTN SMS , you where short one o

  6. J.P Aucamp

    8ta sms settings. To check what you currently have dial: *#5005*7672#

    To change to correct 8ta settings dial: **5005*7672*+2781191#

    It works and nobody in the call centre could tell me this, so hope you come rite

  7. Utkarsh Shah

    its working..
    for checking *#5005*7672#
    for changing **5005*7672*message service center number#

  8. Edward

    My center number is correct yet I still cannot send or receive SMS. Please what should I do?

  9. speelman kgomo

    i want to change my sms message centre number

  10. Chris

    Sorry for asking but how do you access the + on the iphone 5 phone keypad

  11. Chris

    Edward, try the following #33*1111*16# for vodacom

  12. Chris

    Good day solved No service and sms issue on vodacom by doing what I said to Edward and also turn LTE off, then everything work like a bomb

  13. Richard

    Hi, I follow the advice given here.

    To check I get:
    Setting Interogation Failed
    Service Center Address
    No Address

    When I try to set:
    Setting Failed
    Service Center Address
    No Address

    I have Iphone 5, 6.1.2 Anyone else having issues? 8ta

  14. dries

    @Richard, yes i have the same issue with iphone 5 with 8ta unlimited contract. my wife has same iphone 5 with 8ta on contract 7s and no issue with sms’s! Not getting any support from 8ta.

  15. Shiraz

    Richard & dries

    Try this. Delete unnecessary messages and restart phone. Seems to work for me. However it’s only temporary.will happen again after a while. Need to then repeat process

    Also with 8ta btw

  16. Elton

    Hi guys I am also with 8.ta and have the same problem. I have to turn the phone off then back on again so I can send an sms but it only lasts about an hour or so then will say message fail again. 8.ta say they having a problem with there network and the iphone 5. I tried my card in my wifes 4s and it works fine. I think we need to make a noise, as I told them they are not offering the service offered when I signed a contract. There response was I can cancel at any time but will have to pay up the 2 years first R 14 200.

  17. Richard

    Hi Elton, I still have no answer from 8ta, I have asked their network speciliasts to look into it. No answer, it has been two weeks.

    I have had two iphone 5s 64gb. Sold the one, to a friend who uses a vodacom sim card, he has not experiences any issues with sms. Its definitly an 8ta issue and no one seems to do anything to correct it.

    I am not sure what else to do.

  18. Elton

    Hi Richard

    I know that 8.ta roams on MTN networks so I tried using there settings and it is now alowing me to send text messages with not one message failed error in the last week. I recieved my first bill this month and I have been billed for 82 international sms messages. I am assuming it is my imessage that I am being billed internationally for, could anyone provide me with the imessage centre no.

    Many thanks, Elton

  19. Thys

    The first time the phone is activated, the consultant has to set a spending limit if you are on contract. If they forget to do this, you will not be able to send messages with your iPhone 5. Ask them about this as it will save you a lot of trouble…

  20. Francois

    Having exactly the Same issue with 8ta, and a little annoyed that when this problem seem to be quite clear, all is perfect when I signed their contract a week ago.

    I ported from Vodacom. Is this problem only lated to ported numbers, or is there new 8ta clients with the same issue?

  21. Elton Skidmore

    Morning guys,

    If you are with 8.ta and keep having problems with failed sms or can’t register with imessage, I have a solution. Go in to your telkom/8.ta store and ask them to block you from making international calls and sms’s. As soon as they did this within 2 min. I had imessage activated and could send messages. Good Luck.

  22. Richard

    @Francois I also ported from Vodacom.

    @Elton, but I need international calling, so that cant be a solution. Did you also port you number?

  23. Francois

    Mine working now please read below regarding spending limit that this lady put on hello Peter.. Just phone 8ta call centre, and asked them to set my spending limit. Now working. Very happy

  24. Francois

    Solve the problem yourself by:

    Firstly to enter the message centre number manually by dialing the 8ta sms settings. To check what you currently have dial: *#5005*7672#
    To change to correct 8ta settings dial: **5005*7672*+2781191#

    It works and nobody in the call centre could tell me this.

    This worked for some people, but my problem was that 8ta consultants are not aware of the fact that they have to set the spending limit of the iPhone 5 on any contract the first time they activate it… If it is set to unlimited you will not be able to send sms’es. So you have to go back to the store and tell them to set it, because they don’t know about it…

    Woodlands 8ta store was the first people able to tell me that this was the problem after being to the Hatfield and Menlyn branch for 5 days…

    So thank you Woodlands!!
    Add a new 8ta / Telkom Mobile Report
    Inappropriate report? Back

  25. Gill

    When I try I get setting failed no service centre address. Can anyone advise ?

  26. Jan

    If the codes aren’t working for you, try rebooting. After I did that, my message centre was fixed. (8ta, iPhone 5, IOS 6.1.4)

  27. Ed Dikotope

    I recently got an iPhone 5 on 8ta. I could send an SMS during the first few hours of receiving my device. The next morning I could not send an SMS at all. After reading a few comments here I tried to dial the codes provided and got:

    Setting Interrogation Failed
    Service Center Address
    No Address

    When I try to set:
    Setting Failed
    Service Center Address
    No Address.

    I restarted my iPhone and I could send an SMS immediately, I then applied the codes again and “Setting Interrogation Succeeded”, and the SMS centre address was correct “+2781191”. I am not sure if this is a permanent fix, SMS is working now, lets see tomorrow morning.

    Hope this helps someone out there.

  28. Drew

    I have done all the above and the msg centre number was set successfully… however this time i get a “Not delivered” flag this time… i still am not able to send sms though i can receive.

  29. Mandana

    How I can active SMS in my ipad?
    Where is the SMS center in this appartus?

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