Google Maps Goes Global…

Ok, I suck. I have been rather slack and when Rich…! from Jo’Blog commented on my last post that I hadn’t posted anything since May, I offically felt bad. So for the last few days, I have been trying to think of something to post, nothing…Nadda…Eish

Until I recieved this blog post from Google Sightseeing this morning, in my bloglines notifier. So I took a look around and chanced my arm with looking for South African Sattelite Maps. And what do You know….they are there…Amazing…Well not all of them are in Hi Res, so they not all that clear, but still its a step forward, which hopefully means Google Maps will eventually cover South Africa. I know I seem to be a google maps freak, but they are seriously amazing…

Some places in SA, I found so Far….

Durbz by de See (Not that great pic Quality, but you can still identify most things)
Pretoria, which is High – Res, which means you can zoom right down to street level, and even seem the Hollowed fortress of Loftus
Cape Town also seems to be a not so great with the Resolution, and the table cloth defenitley seems to be on top of table mountain ?

If anyone else comes across some cool places, leave a message in the comment…

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If they hadn’t taken that shot in winter (I can tell by the huge shadow of the mountain), I’d be able to see my house! :)

Cool thanks for that Marc. I managed to find my house using Loftus as a starting point – not to far away about 4 kays.


The maps are cool, but the hi-res version of Pretoria ends about 2 mm from my house! Grrr.

The satelite photos must be at least 2 years old though, because an open plot of land on the map has been the proud owner of a Tiger Wheel and Tyre for the past 2 years.

I had a similar problem, trying to find where i used to saty in pta. seems to just stop short.
It seems that most of the photos were taken about 2002/2003, as a lot of things seem to have been built up since them…

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