I have giving much though to my blogging existence, or the lack there of, and have decided to pull my finger out of my Ass, and get blogging.

After doing a bit of my Monday Morning browsing of the net, I was goign through one of my Favourite SA sites,

This site is really an awesome South African Site, and they generally cover Reality TV and the sorts. They cover Survivor, The Apprentice South Africa and my fav, The Amazing Race. Its quite nice to go to a local site, after every episode, without getting spoilers of who won the Race, seen as US is so far ahead of us with these programmes.

Anyway, back to the point, on the TashiTagg site, they have a really cool forum. Never been one to post in forums, I read through them Daily, and came across one topic, called “Do you Blog ?
Suprisingly there were quite a few people, who didn’t know what blogging was, or thought it was a swear word :)

Out of the woodwork, there seem to be quite a few more South African bloggers out there, so After reading Aquila’s Post on New South African Bloggers this morning, I decidd to add another 3 That I found in the Forums.

And now for me to think of some stuff to blog….

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