A post…Whohoo

I have been BAD with my Blogs. I know I always say, I’m going to start posting, but I never do. Eish, it’s bad.

I said in my last post I would post more on Google Talk, and I didn’t and I suck.

Well now I am, and I have played I really haven’t been overly impressed. It is a really basic Instant messenger that allows you to do voice chat, but definitely doesn’t match up to skype for VoIP or for MSN for IM. It has a very basic user interface, and seems to be very basic, with the options and features.

But as always with any Google product, I’m almost sure it’s going to get better. And I’m pretty confident that one day, Google is going to take over the world, kinda like Microsoft did in the 80’s.

I still stand by my favourite, Google product, Google Earth, and have decided to update my SatelliteZA Blog with some new links I have found for Google Earth thanks to my “Earth Hacking Rival” Michelle.

Now off to find me some more places to visit :)

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