Playing Catchup

Why is South Africa so behind with the times?
I’m specifically referring to ITunes. I mean we have a growing number of IPods being bought here, and Apple have recently gone as far as opening a specialized Apple Shop in Cape Town, and even CherryFlava has covered this topic but it’s still irrititating ?
I still do not have my own IPod (yet!) (hint, hint), but they really have improved their offerings.

Yesterday they launched the new Video IPod, which allows you to download video’s from ITunes Music Store, and view them on your IPod. And Itunes 6 released yesterday, you can download episodes of Desperate Housewives, Lost etc etc.

All very cool, If you live in UK or USA :( Sad…

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I’m sorry you live in a 3rd world country. LOL! Kidding mate, totally kidding. I don’t know why they do that shit, but I bet you anything it has to do with language laws. Nothing can come into Canada without being in French and English, so probably they have to convert everything not only into English but Afrikaans as well. Even if one is spoken more prevalent than the other.

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