Web Blog Awards

I see its that time of the year again, where the International Weblog awards takes place.
They have a category for “Best Middle East or Africa Blog“, which only includes 1 South African blog this year. It is a step up from last year, where I think we had none. Joblog highlighted this last year.

But what suprises me more is that its a relativley unknown South African blog called “The Fishbowl“, first time I seen this blog (of which I have hundreds of South African Blogs), has cracked the nod in this category.
The Fishbowl lacks visual appeal, and the content is well boring. It has a standard blogger template, and has about 3 comments in the last 15 articles ??

I know my blog def doesn’t match up to some of the other South African blogs we have out there, but surely the likes of Cherryflava, Joblog, Chumpstyle, SerenityDawn etc etc , the list could go on and on, could have easily cracked a nod in this category.

We looking forward to the South African Blog Awards, which thanks to Cheery Cherry we should have hopefully organised again next year.

Anyways, go vote anyways for The Fishbowl at “Best Middle East or Africa Blog“, and lets get South African Bloggin onto the World map :)