Free Dating in South Africa

A mate of mine from It-Ideas has started a free internet dating site in South Africa, called letsmeet.
While there may be plenty of these out there, this one has a very cool twist.

Imagine sitting in the traffic and see a hottie, you simply jot down the license number, go to and you can leave a messge. If they are registered they simply get sent a private message, otherwise the your message is stored until they register on the site. Cool idea.

Give it a bash at

Lemme know what you think

2 replies on “Free Dating in South Africa”

Dare I click this link? The last time I tried an online dating service I was accosted with weirdo’s….

(and I don’t think I’d be noticed in traffic – my car would put ANYONE off! :) )

Hmm, well I’ve included an “add to banned list” for you to use with all weirdo’s you meet!

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