Revved Up

This weekend in durbz sees the South African leg of the A1GP. And it’s gonna be hot. (well not the weather)
durbz is a buzz with this weekends activities and local and international celebs are jetting in left right & centre.

Durbans roads seriously look like kyalami turned upside down, and they expecting about 100000 people. I reckon its gonna be a blast.

The last race in Dubai, SA’s entry, with Stephen Simpson behind the wheel, raced to a cool 3rd place. I’m pretty sure he is able to crack it this time, and pull off a 1st.

So come Sunday morning, I will be there with a cold beer in hand, snapping away with the camera. Then on monday you will see the pics. Easy eh ?

If you in Durbz, or even close then make a plan and get here :)