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South African Blogging

  • On January 12, 2007
  • http:/

South African people have really cottoned onto the whole blogging scene, from the intimate personal blogs, to the Mommy blogs right down to the boys will be boys blogs.

I have been told recently that I am an RSS whore, and my google reader trends don’t lie to me either.
Paul from chillibean recently started the “sablogs tagging project” on Although I haven’t had much time & energy to do this, I have to admit its a great project, and I’m pretty sure it will grow huge.

I do however have my blogroll on the right –> full of only South African blog feeds, check them out, we defenitley have some wierd & wonderful & interesting bloggers out there !


  1. Dave

    Nice one Marc although I dunno how you get any work done doing so much blog trawling.

    PS: I stand to be corrected but I definitely don’t think Zuzula from twentysomething is South African and she definitely doesn’t live in SA.

  2. Marc

    Thanks Dave, have changed it :)

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