just now…

*** Warning Rant up ahead ***

As a nation, South Africans are generally quite lazy. We all know the slang, “just now” or “now now”. We all use it all the time, knowing that half the time, we will never get the job done, and when we do do it, its usually a half hearted effort. I’m not saying all South African’s are like this, but there is definitely more a majority than a minority. A perfect example of this a couple of years ago, was the drivers licence cards. Why was it that on the last day there were “queues around the block”, of people waiting to renew their cards. Same goes for when the gun ownership legislation changed.

Why the Rant ??

Well the company I work for, deals with the dialing of International and Local numbers.
Recently Telkom and Icasa announced that when dialing an international number, you need to no longer dial 09 as we have for thousands of years, we must now conform to the “international standard” of dialling 00. Like wise when dialling a local number in the same dialing code area, you now need to dial the dialing code as well, effectively making 7 digit dialing now 10 digit dialing.

Even though our company has known about this since October when it was announced, the project to change customers side equipment only started this year. Which means yesterday when the actual change took place, all of a sudden billing figures are not what they supposed to be, and means questions get asked, to me. Eish.

We need to change our attitude as a nation and start being proactive, and doing things before they HAVE to get done. I’m pretty sure it will solve many problems in our country as well.

*** End Rant here ***