Lifehack: How to apply for a Passport easily

With an overseas holiday opportunity possibly on the rise in the next couple of months, I needed to renew my passport that expired 3 years ago (I’m not much of the experienced traveller)
So below is my mini Lifehack on how to get the passport easily.

1. Skip the middleman (Costs you double the actual amount !!!)
2. Visit our very efficient Home Affairs website
3. Download the required form BI-73
4. Fill in the form, and take some pretty ID Photos
5. Fill the iPod up with some tunez.
6. Set alarm early and take leisurely drive through to nearest home affairs office, getting to be number 1 in the queue at 6:30
7. Hit play on the iPod till 8am, walk straight up to first open counter.
8. Talk nicely to the lady behind the computer, asking how her weekend was (small talk, small talk)
9. Pay your R165 and say thanks to the lady, and walk out by 8:15

Easy. All it takes is some forward thinking and some smiles :)