I have recently been helping a few family and friends setting up new pc’s, but as always, the minute you mention the word “computer”, you know EVERYTHING !!! (right)

Until I came across Crossloop. Now when I set up a new PC the first thing I do is install Crossloop, and when they call me for help, I just hook up straight into their pc and sort the problem out.

I HAVE to recommended this to everyone who does “grandma IT support”

get it @

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Marc – thank you so much from all of us at CrossLoop! The all is a very small number though :)
Please let me know if you or your readers have questions!
Also, I would recommend that you stay close to our blog (URL against my name) – we are toiling hard at a new release based on user feedback!

Great recommendation! I’m going to use it for my grandma tech support. In my case, I’m the grandma, and I do the tech support. This will be a big help.

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