Local WordPress themes rock

When I started setting up this wordpress blog, I was went through hundreds of potential themes. I tried a couple of out, and none of them seemed to work with what I had in mind. That was until, I came across a theme by a local South African boy, Adii. The theme is easy to use, clean and friendly. It is also widget ready, which made it a breeze installing plugins. I made a few slight adjustments, but all in all a great all round theme.

The theme is called Clean 2 Column Adii WordPress Template and can be downloaded from adii’s site.

Adii has also been doing some great interviews in the interweb, with various WordPress peoples. Check out a list of all of his interviews here. This dude has loads of talent there, keep an eye on him :)

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I’m sorry, but wordpress or rather my ignorance regarding wordpress, is driving my round the bend!!! The saying goes that “ignorance is bliss”, unfortunately it doesn’t feel like bliss, more like utter frustration. Now, at the risk of confirming the exact extent of my ignorance, may I pleeeease ask your help?

Marc, where on earth and how on earth does one change the theme of a blog? Can you please also tell me where do I add the validation icon, do I open a new post and copy paste the tags there? Waite, are tags those /p>….. things?

Nice photo’s by the way, but don’t panic, a lot of water will have to run into the see before I can attempt to understand how that aspect of a blog work!!!!!!!



Hey Marc

Well spotted – Adii’s designs are pretty cool.

Nice to bump into you here in cyberspace, even though you’re a million miles away (“I can see the moon from here, but I can’t see Durban”). Hope all is going well on your side! Congrats on the beautiful family. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other sometime again soon? Until then, I’ll keep an eye on your posts. Take care, Darren

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