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67 ways to waste more time

  • On August 17, 2007
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No More Please

Over the last 2 months, I have been avoiding all the invites to the “cool” applications on Facebook. All 67 of them.

Facebook really should have an option, that allows you to block any invites to applications. It really is an unobtrusive spam, that I have no interest in.. The application developers now have full access to your profile (albeit through fancy coding and databases). Perhaps someone should develops a Facebook application, that allows you to block Facebook applications. That one I would even pay for.

Please Facebook, give me an opt-out option, I can’t bear it any more. Please.


  1. Wezz

    Hmmm an app to block other apps? You onto something there Forrest.

  2. I second that :-)

    Some people get the hint quickly enough when you ignore their requests to add apps, but some people continously spam me. Seems like many of your “facebook friends” have too much time on their hands…

  3. yeah i definitly agree, most of theose app, if not all, are a total waste of time.
    Nice to find more durban bloggers, kudos to you

  4. brad

    I hate facebook because of these piece-of-shit apps. we need to combine our talents to create something to destroy all facebook apps. unfortunately, the only way would probably be to create another facebook app

  5. Marc

    Thanks for the comments. The more I been thinking about it, the more the idea about the facebook app blocker app, seems more and more appealing. Watch this space :)

  6. bwhahaha!… so… I should look you up on facebook and invite you to the group to waste even more time.

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