Survivors banned from Facebook

Last night saw the first episode of the popular reality series Survivor South Africa start in South Africa. In what I think is a bit of a bizare twist, according to this article, M-Net & the producers of the Survivor South Africa show, banned all the contestants from acessing Facebook, or blogs until they have finished with thier part in the show. Surely M-Net could have used the “Facebook phenomenon” and used it to thier advantage. Think a Facebook app (ugghh) that would allow people to interact with the people who have been voted off, or allow them to ask questions in a group, with out having to spoil the show.

Instead, M-Net encourage the contestants to interact via their own social networking platform, called MySurvivor, that has been built round the show. The maths doesn’t make sense, almost 220,000 people in the SA network versus the couple of hundred maybe that will sign up on the M-Net social networking site.

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Hi there! It think that I was actually the reason why they were banned from Facebook :-( As soon as the contestants were released, I contacted the ones on Facebook and tried too find out a few things… They also joined my “Survivor SA is going to be SO much better”-group…

I would appreciate it if you would check out my Survivor blog…maybe you can find something else too write about aswell :-)

Till later!

Marc the reasoning behind not allowing the contestants to have Facebook accounts is simple. Production wrapped up filming on location a few months ago. The final 2/3 have already been chosen – any hype the contestants create or mentioning ‘what happened when’ before we watch the final show is all clausified (should be a word) in their contracts. Emailed you more info…

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