Facebook Lifehack – No More Facebook Applications

I know I have been posting a lot of Facebook shit lately, but I came across a handy new feature that makes me very happy. After last week’s rant about Facebook apps, I have found quick and easy way to ignore them.

Firstly it seems that Facebook has changed the way they display the apps to the user. Instead of having the list of apps appearing under your profile picture on the left, which took up loads of space, they have now put icons for each app, taking up much less space.


They now also allow you to “Minimize” apps that you don’t want to see on profiles. So instead of having to scroll and scroll to the bottom of the page to see your friends wall, you can now minimize the apps, so that just the title of the app appears.

This is what the current apps look like:


Now if you click on the blue arrow in the top left, it will minimize the app, and only show the title of the app.


This way, you are able to scroll past all the apps, you don’t to see, and makes loading times much faster and uses less screen “real estate”. So much prettier :)

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Ye, I’ve been minimising and removing the crap out of those useless fucking apps for a while now. But I really wish there was an actual, real way to REMOVE them completely. In my mind apps have totally destroyed the FB experience for me.

Is this a new feature? I haven’t noticed this before, but I am very, very thankful that it’s there.

I thought, like Nic said, there’d be a way to remove them/make them disappear.

please am begging u ..my company blocked the facebook how can i fuck them and use it……remove block or can enter through another website

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