Cliff Jennings – Clever Self Marketing

If you been watching the latest South African series of Idols, you would have by now noticed a character that keeps popping up. A guy by the name of Cliff Jennings has featured on every single show, and what a clever boy he is. If you ask anyone who has watched they more than likely will not remeber anyone, but they may remember him. His singing is not the best in the world, but he is giving away cd’s with “free posters”. He has even made his first music video. He has managed to piss off the judges to a point where they TOLD him to leave in the latest round of auditions.

But he is clever. He is marketing himself, and getting recognised. He has quite a few groups already on facebook, and his “official group” is growing with over 300 members already. His “appreciation group” is also growing steadily.

He has a myspace profile, and has a mate recording all of his auditions, and posting them on youtube ( . Using social networking to the max, and it’s working very well.

Keep an eye on him, we know he isn’t going to make it into the final top 10, but we do know we are going to remember him for a long time afterwards.

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You aint seen nothing yet, Jennings you got me hanging on the egde of the cliff with all this suspense

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