27 Dinner Durbs – Round 2

After a hugely successful 27 Dinner in July, Durban carries on with its second installment, next Thursday (the 27th).

We have 2 great speakers lined up:

Angela Spencer from the eThekwini City Council, will be sharing the story on why and how the city council went open source for their newly redesigned website.

Ramon Thomas, who is a well renowned public speaker, will also be joining us to give us a talk about the Blogging phenomenon in South Africa.

Ramon is also presenting his awesome course on “Blogging for Business” earlier in the day at SmartXchange, so if you keen on learning about blogging or how to make some $$$ for your blog, get down there to hear all about it.

If you would like to join us at the 27 Dinner, remember to add your name to the Wiki. See you there !

2 replies on “27 Dinner Durbs – Round 2”

Hi Marc. Sounds like it was good. I was hoping to get to the Pta one, but will have to try next month. Question to ask thats slightly off-topic – I believe you had a blogger blog before moving over to wordpress. I am considering this [although quite a bit of work involved, I think]. A post on your experience of the differences between the two and your overall choice [with the benefit of hindset] would be very useful. Whaddya think?

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