QR codes arrive in South Africa

A while back I posted about QR codes and the basic technology behind them. I’m glad to see that the times and Sunday Times have started using this awesome technology, and so far it seems to be going well.

Nice one to Colin & the team :)

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I noticed the mention to QR Code, there is a South African surf product that will feature QR Code in Japan shortly.
This revolutionary fin system from South Africa will have a QR code either on each fin or leg rope or other fitting so surfers in Japan simply use their mobile phone to link to a phone website providing the adjustment setting by the manufacturer for the wave conditions or the surfer’s preferences.
The website has normal links and information of a PC website plus allows the surfer to submitted surf condition, photos link to a GPS location and a forum for instant display to other surfers. The message of surf can go out to other surfers as a text and photo attachment

Each foil becomes a billboard for the product, and links Japanese surfer to other surfers around the world.
We are providing many other marketing and user functions applicable to Japan such as linking surfing tours, results, competition entry forms and GPS directions to a closet repairer & surf shop.

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