Vox Telecom buys Storm Telecom

I have been working for storm for the last 8 years. It’s a long time.

I have also been through many changes since I started working for Club Internet back in 1999. Eventually Club Internet was sold to ITI, which was eventually liquidated. At that stage 2 British Guys, Tim Parsonson & Tim Wyatt-Gunning, who had started a small company called storm telecom, came into the picture and bought out the data side of ITI. This was a strategic move from them, as they knew sooner or later, the South African goverment would in, and allow ISP’s to start reselling VoIP in South Africa.

That day arrived on the in Feb 2005, and so storm began its rise to fame. 2 years and 8 Months later, the news of the company being bought out is announced. Today Vox Telecom or Datapro as they are commonly known, put in an offer for R360 Million and bought storm. (The whole press release is here)

It is exciting times ahead for us, and I can’t wait to see how this is all going to work out. VoIP is such an exciting technology, and in South Africa it has huge potential to grow. Personally I think the acquisition of storm is great for Vox, as it compliments thier business, and I am sure it’s going to grow.

Keep your eye out on Storm & Vox, big things are going to be happening.