I’m the biggest loser

At the beginning of June this year, I decided to take a trip to the Doc’s office to do a normal checkup. Apart from the fact that I knew I was overweight, drank way to much beer on the weekends, hardly did any exercise, and ate McDonald’s for lunch a couple of days a month, I was a pretty healthy guy. Yea right.

When the doc called me back the next day to give me some blood results, everything was in check, except for my blood sugar. A normal healthy blood sugar should be between 5 and 10, and mine was sitting at 15. Not a good situation to be in. Before my dad passed away last year he suffered with type 1 Diabetes. It bought him down in a big way, and he had to change his whole way of eating, which he did, but didn’t do any exercise. If I didn’t do anything I would most probably be heading down the same path. So I made an appointment with a dietician, who put me on a very simple diet. Although everyone says “don’t eat carbs !!!” You have to. Carbs give your body energy, just eat the right carbs. Just don’t eat all your carbs at night. I have also found, by not eating crap during the day, I have loads more energy, and feel less hungry during the day. A basic route to follow is by using the food pyramid.

I also bought a book called, “Eat Smart, Stay Slim“, which is by 2 South African dietitians about choosing the right Low GI foods. The great thing about the book is that the foods are South African, and they give the GI values of most of the foods.

At the same time, I joined up at Virgin. I did cardio almost every day, and followed a basic training program doing weights. For my birthday in September my wife bought me 10 Personal training sessions, and this is where the difference came in. By having someone teaching you how to do the exercises, and by the time you finished you feel like you have run a marathon in a good way.

Why all the info. Well in these last 4 months, I am excited that I have lost a total of 13.2kg’s and 19.1kg’s of body fat. Try imagining that in blocks of butter. Its amazing how much better your body feels, and how much energy you have.


If I can recommend to anyone trying to get fit, or loose weight, is don’t eat crap. Get to gym, and if you afford it, get a couple of sessions with a personal trainer, it makes the world of difference. It’s a mindset, and a lifestyle change.

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