Garmin Nuvi 200 Track Hack

After having the Garmin Nuvi 200 for just over a week, I have come across a really handy feature. The feature allows you track your routes on your Garmin Nuvi 200. This is a hidden feature, so it is still relatively unknown.


UPDATE (20/11/07): Garmin have released a new firmware version which disables the hidden tracking feature. To check what version you have, go to: Menu->Settings->System->About. Here it will show you the version number. If the version number is not 3.40 it will not work. If you would like to roll back to version 3.40 to enable track logs, download the firmware HERE

To get to the track feature on the Garmin Nuvi 200, do the following:

  1. Select a destination you want to drive to.
  2. On your view map screen, press the Arrival time button in the bottom left corner
  3. This will bring you to the Speedometer Screen. Once in this scree, press and hold the screen for 8-10 seconds over the speedometer.
  4. This will bring you into the Garmin Diagnostic Menu. DO NOT change anything here. Click the Next button at the bottom.
  5. At the next screen, you will see the “Logging Control” screen. Press “START RECORDING” to start recording your track
  6. Once you have completed the trip, press the STOP button on the main map screen.
  7. Connect your Garmin Nuvi 200 up to your computer via a USB cable.
  8. Go to the Garmin Nuvi 200 drive, and browse to the X:\Garmin\Logs (Where X:\ is the disk drive of the Garmin)
  9. Go into the latest created folder, and download the gps.bin file.
  10. Download Nutrak from this site. Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your Computer
  11. Go to the command prompt (Start-> Run-> “cmd”) and go to the folder where you extraced Nutrak.
  12. In the command prompt type “nutrak.exe gps.bin”. This will create a .gpx file.
  13. Open Google Earth
  14. In Google Earth, click File, Open and browse to the .gpx file that was created.
  15. You will now be able to see where you have driven in the track you have created.
    This is an example of a track I created.

If you would like anymore info go to this GpsPasSionForums post, and there is some more info on this great feature

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UPDATE: I have also posted about how to view location coordinates on your Garmin Nuvi GPS –

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Hi Marc!

I have downloaded the 340 updater and plugged up my nuvi 200W which shows the software version as 2.40. After the update I don’t get any error messages, but the software version stays the same. Is this update exclusive to the 200 or should it work on the 200W?



Does this really work on the plain ole nuvi 200?? Or is it for the other 2xx series models??

Reason I ask is that my screens don’t come up as show in the example above.

Does this really work on the plain ole nuvi 200?? Reason I ask is that I don’t get the same screens as above.


Hey that sounds great! Any chance in hurting original stuff on the nuvi 200 if it doesn’t work???
How about a really good step by step process on how to do this as I am not very good at computers.

Again, thanks for the great information…..


I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 with software version 3.40 and this does not work. The buttons for Record and Play Track are grayed out and cannot be selected.

Thank you though for pointing me to the debug menu. :) Always good to know where things are!

FYI, I tried this on my Nuvi 310, and it gave all sorts of interesting diagnostics info, My firmware is 3.90

Any chance we will see Track Hack for the Garmin 200W. I use mine on a motorcycle and would love to record a ride and save it for later use.

i have nuvi200 Indonesia. my current firmware is 3.20 but i cannot update the firmware to 3.40. already try many times but still not success. anyone have same experience..?


Is this some how possible on the Nüvi 360? I have updated the firmware to 4.40 and able to enter the mentioned menu. But I dont have the Logging menu, only shutdowns,stacks,TSk mem.,Nonvol info,Mes. Banners,Bluetooth status, Gtm Status, FN table.

No sign of Logging.

Do you have any idea where it is hidden on the N360 – I guess it should be able to do the same as the littlebrother, N200?


Thanks for all the coments. Unfortunetley I don’t have any other models to test the hack on. But if you do manage to get it to work, let me know via the comments, and I will try and add it to this post.

Help! I’m a realtor in New York and want a GPS that I can put ten local addresses into, with a starting point, that will then MAKE A ROUTE, the shortest way, between the start point and the end point. All the GPS’s that I’ve looked into just take it address by address. I can’t believe that this technology wouldn’t be available now. Is there one that will do this?
Thank you

Thank you Marc, this worked perfectly on my Nüvi 270.
I had installed the latest SW version 3.6 from Garmin, when i found this. No problem in going back til SW version 3.4 with your link.

The trackin feature is handy, i use it to prove to my customers how much time i spend at them, and how much i drive to get to them. With this hard evidence, i no longer have any complaints or discussions regarding these issues.

Strange that Germin doesn’t want to support this feature.

Thanks for the esay axcess to Nuvi 270. It was so easy that even a 6 yr old could do it.
I can now with confidence say for the first time that your assitance with the down load help me a lot.
It’s a pitty that Garmin can not do the same.

Hi there,

the racking feature is smething very useful – I use it a lot in aviation.

I live in Cape Town. Just bought the nüvi 200 with firmware version 2.80 installed. Can I also “roll forward” to version 3.40?


maybe i’m not used to command line, but i can’t figure out how to make work step 12 of your guide



I have nuvi 200 Indonesia, it’s already installed 3.20 firmware, and cannot upgrade to 3.40. It’s look like nothing happened when update file was copied into internal memory and when the device was restart the firmware still 3.20. What when wrong?

The file transferred onto my Nuvi 200 but the version number did not change. Any thoughts?

Is it possible that Nuvi shipped with version 3.80 doesn’t allow to be downgraded. I found some people having this trouble.

Bump for previous comment. I would like to know if there is anyone who has been able to downgrade from 3.80 to 3.40 and, if so, how was it accomplished?

I was able to successfully go from software version 3.8 to 3.4 (in the system settings about it says version 3.4) Everything worked as it should, but the logging controls are greyed out?

We use lots of the passive tracking units (LandAirSea) and would love to be able to use a nuvi (something with a screen showing you where you are).


try again, but with the Nuvi receiving satellites or while navigating. Don’t do it while indoors.

Nate, you stared with 3.8 and followed the directions above and ended up with 3.4? Can you tell us what your exact steps were to do the update?


I just tried it on porch, it received the satellites, and boom, it appears to be tracking (these were no longer gray, and it began running a timer upward on the main map screen. I think it is working! Will need to get other piece of software to see what I can now do with this data.

We really would love to get rid of our passive tracking units, as they don’t have a screen.

If I can get downloadable tracks from this that I can create maps and reports from, I will buy 6-8 of these Nuvi 200s right away!

I had the nuvi connected to the PC. I then opened the 3.4 file. It began downloading. Then disconnected Nuvi. It asked me if I wanted to go back to a previous version. I said yes. Thats it.

nice to hear that, Nate.

yes you can create maps with the Nuvi 200 track log.

you have a very detailed track:
-a point is taken each second, even if you don’t move.
-the point is not “snapped to road”, so you have the real position.
-there is no size limit besides the available memory on the Nuvi (you can delete language files you don’t need)

the gps.bin file also contains speed data of the track, but most programs can’t handle that.

After you convert it to gpx file, GPSmapedit (even its free version) is very helpful in order to create maps.

I took several 1-3 hour tracks yesterday (5-6 I think) and went to play them back (“Start Playback”) on my Nuvi 200, and it has shut down each time I have tried. It literally turned off.

How in the world do I extract this data. I will not only need maps, but I need some kind of report showing the total time driven.

I am willing to spend money on software if needed. Whatever can give me the most robust features to work with this data.

I don’t have a clue how to use command prompt (or whatever). Need something that is powerful, yet easy to use.

I am used to LandAirSea’s Past-Track software that lets you play back, create reports, show stops, etc. I also use Google Earth, but that doesn’t create any reports either, and its playback function doesn’t work well…as all it does is skip from one stop to next…it doesn’t really show driving.

We deliver flyers door to door. So seeing every little street and culdesac is important.

Thanks all!

I hate command line too, but it is easy:

download and unzip Nutrak in a folder of your PC.

put the “Gps.bin” log you’ve extracted from the nuvi in the same folder

Open Notepad, write “nutrak gps.bin” and save the file as “Nate.bat” careful, NOT Nate.bat.txt Put it in the same folder

double click the bat file. wait a second and a gpx file will appear in your folder.

And there you go.

taka another gps.bin, souble click the nate.bat file and a second gopx, with different name will appear.

I use the gpx files in Mapsource, where i can see day, time, speed, location and direction. Maybe there are better programs if you need a report.

Nate, Lechoso, Mike,

I still haven’t downgraded my Nuvi. I’ve checked in the gps’s memory and the GUPDATE.GCD file were installed, but the gps doesn’t use it. I haven’t notice any notice given by gps about install or downgrade the firmware.

Any idea?

02/10/2007 12:12 p.m. .
02/10/2007 12:12 p.m. ..
The parameter is incorrect.
02/10/2007 12:12 p.m. RemoteSW
The parameter is incorrect.
02/10/2007 12:12 p.m. Help
The parameter is incorrect.
02/10/2007 12:12 p.m. 25.214 nuvi_drive.ico
25/04/2008 10:38 p.m. Voice
The parameter is incorrect.
25/04/2008 10:38 p.m. Text
The parameter is incorrect.
25/04/2008 10:38 p.m. Vehicle
The parameter is incorrect.
25/04/2008 10:38 p.m. ExtData
21/08/1999 06:59 p.m. Diag
02/05/2008 04:46 p.m. 19.026 GarminDevice.xml
The parameter is incorrect.
02/05/2008 04:46 p.m. POI
The parameter is incorrect.
02/05/2008 04:46 p.m. 6.762.496 gmapbmap.img
The parameter is incorrect.
02/05/2008 04:46 p.m. 213.716.992 gmapprom.img
02/05/2008 04:47 p.m. gpx
23/03/2008 05:37 a.m. 25 gmapsupp.unl
13/04/2008 10:47 a.m. 44.825.600 gmapsupp.img
02/05/2008 04:07 p.m. 5.936.064 GUPDATE.GCD
7 File(s) 271.285.417 bytes
11 Dir(s) 156.549.120 bytes free

Roberto-maybe did you download it onto your GPS unit first? I didn’t do that. I simply connected unit to PC via USB, waited for the little bar to stop on the unit, then opened the install file….it seemed to work for me…

Well, finally got the gps.bin thang to work.

Man, would someone make some software to make all of this work smoother…please Garmin!

Everytime I go to “playback” in the menu on the Nuvi, it shuts down?

How much data should I worry about this baby holding?

Should I erase after I download?

Would a memory card help?

I have v3.6 I want to rollback to v3.4, I download nuvi200_340.exe and run it copy file to gps when i restart gps it nothing happend!, please help me I want to use tracklog feature. Thank you.

I just got a new Nuvi 260. It came with v4.0 firmware. I ran the nuvi260_340.exe, it downloaded to the GPS. It rebooted, but did nothing. I still have v4.0 firmware. I then tried the WebUpdater and got v4.1 firmware. Reran the nuvi260_340.exe, it did the same thing. In the end, got nothing. It will has v4.10 firmware. Garmin must have done something to lock out the downgrade of firmware.

OK guys…have been tracking with a Nuvi 200 and a Nuvi 750 for several weeks now…it has been working great.

We print and deliver flyers–and must prove that we are driving down every street, speed, etc. With Mappoint I have been able to achieve this.

The Nuvi 200 has been working, but we really like the ability that the Nuvi 750 has that highlights the streets you have already been down on the screen.

Anyway, just purchased my second Nuvi 750 unit (3rd on the way), and it has software version 2.4 on it. I guess I need version 2.2 to track log.

Can someone send me the file for 2.2?

I went on Garmin’s website, and it only gave me access to the newest version.

We honestly don’t care if we have an older software version…as long as we have the logging feature.

Thanks Guys!

I really need to get this…willing to make it worth someone’s while…purchase them a case for their nuvi on ebay or something like that.

Please help!

Thanks, yes I had found this yesterday in another blog.

My other Nuvi is now tracking…thank God!

hello guys
I’m in trouble. i bought nuvi 200w, as u all already know , there is no tracking system. so after searching i knew i had to update the software to 3.40, and that’s what i did, but no use, i got nothing. can anyone help me, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz :((

did you read the previous posts? the newer version does not allow the downgrade.

hi mike
i read it carefully several times, and it says “if the version number is not 3.40 it will not work”.
if i misunderstood something, plz can u clarify?
thank u
note:: i want the track log to show, using nuvi 200w

Basically there is the 3.4 firmware that you need and likely the 3.8 you currently have. The problem is that there is a hardware version on the Nuvi 200 that Garmin has also come out with recently that prevents rolling back the firmware to a previous version. In other words, the above fix will only work with the older Nuvi200 series not the new one (W too). I am in the same situation. I guess Garmin really does not like the idea of us using the track function if they went to this much trouble of first changing the firmware and now the actual hadware version to inhibit it.

their must be something we can try isn’t there a cracking code anything that we install or uninstall to fix this. i can’t afford another garmin, and without the tracking its soooo hard to reach anywhere.

I wish. As soon as you come across something that works please let us know. I would love to have that info!!!

my nuvi 200 came with firwamre version 3.0 and I rolled back to the 3.4 and traclog works.

Perhaps upgrading to 3.9 then downgrading to 3.4 will work?


I know this should work for the Nuvi 200 and not the 200W, but this just ticks me off completely. Garmin knows good and well this capability is wanted, needed, and can be done. I guess they only want me to buy a more expensive device. Okay… which Garmin GPS will create a track log out of the box?

hi Joel
i’m having the same problem, i have the nuvi 200w. i’ve been trying for monthes know, but nothing
i belive that there is a way to unlock the track log, if u find anything plz let me know.
thank u and good luck

It works on my Nuvi 200. I downgraded the firmware from 3.8 to 3.4. Everything works just like what in the post. By the way, nutrak now has GUI version calls wNutrak. It works great! And thanks for this great post!


I have Nuvi 200, software version 4.10.
I put the nuvi200_340.exe in my laptop. Execute it, Then Finis.

When I rebooted my Nuvi, it gave me a notice that the older software is available and I am asked whether I want to continue to install the older software. It run. My Nuvi rebooted and it asked again the same question. I tried several time and same question poped up.

It seems, I am not allowed to downgrade from 4.10 to 3.40….. :(

Any suggestion.



I don’t want to sound like a jerk but it really helps to read the previous posts before posting something that has already been discussed many times over.

I have tried this on my 200W and I can’t get it to work. I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.4, then downgraded to 2.6 to only upgrade to 3.4 again… still nothing… following instructions very carefully.

Guys y had the 3,3 version and 3.4 upgrade worked prolerly on my N200.

Issue: it turns off when playback prompted!!.

Playback worked just the first time I tried, but no other time before.

Track files are very rich (active mode kind) and usefull, still.

Yeah, it would be nice to have the track log feature. But seriously, why not buy a GPS with that feature?

It Do is nice to have the track log feature, nicer if you discover that you don´t have to pay extra for it. Any buck not waisted is a gained buck, isn’t it?.

Also, as I described on my local group: now that my little Nuvi200 saves some tracks and I can also follow some ‘path like’ wp’s, that is, now that i have really learned how to use it and all its capability, I’ll wait for a new and better unit till I really get to need it (and all the extra features within).

aaahh. can’t get mine to work.
no downgrade from ver 3.6 to 3.4 in my nuvi 200 indonesia version.

can this be done manually by replacing the relevant file?.


thanks for the 3.40.

Mine was 4.40 and I ran Garmin webupdater to check if there is a newer version. Well at the moment, mine was the latest. Then I ran your nuvi200_340 at the cmd mode. everything went ok.

when I switched on my nuvi200, it duly inform me that the software to be installed is older the existing software already installed, and do I want to continue. I continued and there seems to be some small character like ‘loading’ and i forgot what. after that, a green line goes from the left to the right of the nuvi screen and it booted ok.

i checked the ‘about’ and confirmed that i have the 3.40 loaded.

i switched on the gps simulator and went to a location some 3 km away. i tap on the arrival and then the speedometer and press next. got the logging and started the recording of my simulated driving. then i took the data and use wnutrak.exe and convert the gps.bin

open up google and open the file and got the trip on the map.

thanks a lot.

so meaning that from 4.40 i managed to get it to 3.40

BTW what did i miss by leaving 4.40 and going to 3.40?

Joemaster. I have the same SW version as you, but i wasent able to “update” it back to ver 3.4, but i just pressed the exe file, and the unit was updatet, i dident use the “cmd” method. What do you do when you update your unit from the command prompt? (cmd)

@Torben Ness:
I have the same situation as you do. I believe when you have the v4.40 you are unable to downgrade. I’ve tried doing the auto installation and also manually extracting and copying to the device but still no avail.

How did you downgrade from v4.40 to v3.40? I did everything I could but there was no prompt on the nuvi regarding previous version software installation, it just booted normally into the main screen. Mind telling me how did you do it?

I can playback my route on the nuvi itself. How do I delete the routes I no longer want?

Dear sandro
you can connect the nuvi 200 to the PC and look inside the Garmin>gpx and Garmin>Logs. Delete any that you do not require. Do a complete copy of the Garmin into your PC first using copy and paste. To convert to google map data, you are to extract the file from the Garmin>Logs.

Sorry, I meant delete without connecting to a computer. I can view at the screen where it says “start recording” by pushing “start playback”. Any way to delete this without connecting to a comp.?

i bougth a new gps model nuvi 200, and i need do downgrade of fw 3.4, because this a new model and it came with fw 4.0. So, what i have to do to get make downgrade by fm 3.4. Can i have some help please. thanks

Sure, did you read the previous posts? Without reinventing the wheel here….

download the file and give it a try.. i doubt it will work with your new unit.

mike, thanks.. sorry by my english…
So, i did read all post, i does very time, but don’t back for FW 3.40.
i did read here and others sites also.
Are the same context…

I have the 4.0 firmware. Has anyone tried to ‘downgrade’ to 3.8 then downgrade to 3.4? Maybe we need to do in steps.

does anyone know if it’s possible to tracklog with a 600/650? i’m beyond pissed that i bought it so i could geotag my photos and now i’m learning it’s useless b/c garmin took that feature out. i’m desparate. thanks.

Garmin sucks. The whole reason I got a nuvi200 was for this track log. Now they disable rollback for the new nuvi200’s. Don’t buy a new nuvi 200. Waste of money.

Guys, I just received a Nuvi 200 for christmas, firmware 4.40 has track log! :))) Just go to system->maps ;)

Ive tryed this, but i cant find my Nuvi when i choose USB, my Nuvi 200 dont show up. It says something about detach the device from usb, and then hold down the powerbutton untill loader msg apeers.. Whats that loader msg, is that the sign that says Garmin and thats it, if i hold it longer the screen calibration shows up… Ahh, i want to get this tracklog to work…..

Just hold the button while keeping an eye on the “updater.
When you see a device number appearing on the USB PORT window of the Updater, then press OK and release that power button

Torben Ness and others with “loader” problems…

detach usb, power on device, press on the ‘battery’ for 10 seconds (this enters to the hidden service menu), then attach usb. Install system drivers (OS will need it). Your unit is in service mode (that also accepts updater commands), so run updater and proceed.

Hi, marc. Thanks for your interest and your time. This blog was very intresting for me.
I have a question: Do yuo know how can I do to run in a NÜVI 200 the feature “SAT SCREEN” (pressing the battery icon in other nüvis)May be there is a patch to unlock something in it…
Thanks again.


Does anyone know how to convert a .gpx file to a bin file so I can load it in my nuvi 200 (a wNutrak v0.15 conversion in the other way)

my friend told me that there is a program that will show you were all the cop cars are, that my gps will pick up on there singles and put dots on my gps were there are is that true

Is ist possible to show the track (or preferable another one) on the Nuvi 255 for following the tour track ?

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