Make some money with Namedrive

I recently came across an awesome site called Namedrive. Namedrive allows you to park any unused domains, that are sitting around , and you earn cash off of the clicks.

In about 2 months I have made almost $90, from only about 12 domains. The cost per clicks are reasonable, and the website is also simple to use. Below is some proof of some of my domains:


Namedrive allows you select custom themes and page layouts, and you can even include keywords, to narrow down results on the parked pages. You can also advertise your domain for sale.

If you would like to see an example of one of my pages you can go to

If you have a few domains lying around that you aren’t using, sign up to Namedrive, and you can earn some cash.

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Hi Marc,

We’re pleased that you have enjoyed our service thus far. Domain parking is a very effective way to make money on domains while you wait to develop them.

You’re probably also aware that there is a very strong domain aftermarket out there. We provide a service, along with parking, that allows you to sell your domains on an open marketplace.

We’re happy to field any questions anyone has about domain parking at [email protected].

Best of Luck!

Hey Marc,

Looks good, would love to hear more about this, perhaps next time you email me you could give me some more information on it. Secondly, when you email me remind me about hiding affiliate links with forwarders, I think you’d find it very interesting :)

Hi Marc,

Wow! That’s way better than my experience on SEDO. I’ve have 12 domains running for 9 months at and made a grand total of $1.87. Namedrive sounds like a much better deal. I’ll have to check it out . . .

thanks for the post!


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