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I recently signed up with Entrecard, which is a site that allows you to advertise your blog on top bloggers sites.

Entrecard is simple. You sign up and submit a 125×125 advert. You then “campaign” to advertise on other peoples blogs. This is done by paying with Entre-credits. These credits are earned by “dropping your card” on other users websites. You can also earn credits begetting people to advertise on your site.
If you look on the right of my site, you will see the entrecard which is advertised on my blog. I have my card showing on a couple of other blogs at the moment.

The increase in website traffic is phenomenal, and I have already seen entrecard as one of my top referrers.

Sign up with Entrecard now @

For a great review on this service, check out Christopher Mills’ post.

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Hey Henre,
The majority of traffic will come form blogs, as the service is made for blog sites, but, the sites in Entrecard are broken down into categories, to segment the different blogs.
Give it a bash, and see what it is like.

Thanks for the mention bud. Entrecard is great, but it does mess up your traffic a little as most users simply click through to your site simply to drop a card and move on, etc. So bounce rates and the likes are false, but it’s still traffic at the end of the day though :)

I think most people will scan the blog and if interesting will read, so the trick is to make the traffic work.

So far I have had 17 click throughs from the ad on this site, and 3 from two others. I am looking at what works and what does not.

I’ve used Entrecard since the beginning and I’m still pleased with the results. Yes, some of the traffic may be quick to leave but any traffic is better than no traffic and if only 1% of those return then it’s worth it for me. Besides if you do have interesting content, they will read. A lot of people don’t update their blog every single day so obviously the card droppers will have read it before and leave straight away.

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