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Welcome to the Twecosystem

  • On January 24, 2008
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Over the last couple of months, Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds. Even in South Africa, we have had quite a good growth of Tweeters joining the Twecosystem. (OK, excuse the Twit Jargon…Twecosystem ©Rafiq)

But there seems to be a growing trend amongst Tweeters worldwide not using the system as it was intended. People seem to be using it as a chat system to talk between each other. It can sometimes really get annoying when all you see is one worded irrelevant replies being posted.

Darren Prowse from Problogger has written a brilliant post about how to use Twitter and how to promote your blog using Twitter. I highly recommend this article, as it explains Twitter in great detail.

One of his suggestions to curb the noise generated in on Twitter is to use direct messages:

Learn to Use Direct Messages


“If your reply tweet ratio is out of balance in that you ‘reply’ too much a good way to combat the problem is to consider using direct messages. My own approach to this is that I almost always publicly ‘reply’ to something that someone has Tweeted the first time – but if the conversation continues I’ll take the conversation to ‘direct messages’ after the second or third reply unless I think the conversation has something of value to my wider following community.”

To use direct messaging on Twitter you need to do the following:

“d username message” eg. “d marcforrest great post :)”

I’m sure by using this method there will be far less noise in the Twecosystem, and lots more topical conversation


  1. I love Twitter, but I am slowly starting to use Pownce more. I want to use both. They are awesome apps.

  2. I’ll stick a Creative Commons license on the word ‘wwworking’. Picked up twecosystem from here
    @marcforrest i agree with the use of direct msgs though :)

  3. I am guilty of using it as a chat system at times :-/

    @Tyler: Pownce is only cool for so long then you’ll come back to twitter, trust me…..

    Thanks for the heads up on the article!