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Christopher Mills from iMod has just released a great new site, called that allows you to Buy & Sell any domains you have lying around not being used.

Given that my recent foray into the world of Domaineering, this site provides a great alternative to parking unused domains, and can make you a few bucks quickly.

The site is really simple to use. Firstly sign up, and it add up to 10 Domains to sell. You can also subscribe to a premium account that will allow you to add more. You can also browse through other users domains that are up for sale. One of the great things is that the actual transaction is not done through the site either, which means there is no 3rd party transactions being handled.

So, if you have any spare domains lying around,  go and register and make yourself a little extra pocket money at

One reply on “Buy and Sell CO.ZA domain names –”

Thanks so much for the post Marc, I really appreciate it. I guess it’s just a matter of time now, to see what happens with the site. I really hope people will start using it to it’s full potential!

I have tons of ideas for the site and the minute I can see that there are a good number of users and sites listed, I will move from beta phase to the next phase :)

Thanks again!

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