I’m a wannabe Gadget Geek

Nudjit, a new South African gadget website, was launched this week by local gadget geeks Gregor Rohrig, Justin Hartman and Nicholas Haralambous, and as many people have pointed out, a much needed niche in the local blogosphere. As other bloggers have mentioned, this is something I have thought of time and time again, but have failed to do anything about it. I have added this one to my reader and can’t wait for many more updates :)

On the Nudgit website, the guys let us into why they claim to be gadget geeks, by sharing a list of the gadgets they use. Interesting additions include a iPhone, many Camera Lenses and even a Gameboy.

Being a self confessed wannabe Gadget Geek, I thought I may as well share mine too :

Fijitsu Siemens AmiloD Pentium 4 3.20GHz (Time to Upgrade)
Windows XP
Nokia E50

Camera equipment
Canon 400D
Tamron 70-200mm Lens

Mp3 Player
iPod Nano 8GB

Garmin Nuvi 200
Garmin eTrex H

Gaming Consoles
Nintendo Wii
Dance Mat for my 3 year old (R149 from Reggies)

Link back to this post and share your list of what classifies you as a Gadget geek.

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