2 weeks ago, Stefanno alerted the twitterati to a Notebook backpack on, for a great price of R216.95. Having been looking around for a while for a notebook backpack about it, I jumped at the offer and ordered 2, the other for a colleague.


Last week, when I went to check on my order status, I noticed that the product name and picture had been changed to a Carry case.


Obviously this is not what I wanted. So I called up their support desk, and spoke to a Funiswa, who was really unhelpful, after I explained the whole story. She said I should mail their support desk, which I did. No reply, or even acknolwdgement email. Next day, No reply. Soon after this, I receive a confirmation that the order was dispatched. I replied back to the order dispatched email, with my original email. No Reply. Knowing full well that the order was to be delivered this morning, I called them again, eventually getting through to a guy by the name of Ashley. Luckily Ashley was a lot more helpful, and I forwarded him the email. After the bags were delivered, they were indeed the wrong ones. I mailed Ashley to tell him that they were the wrong ones. He has since arranged for them to be collected and a refund to be passed. How long that takes who knows.

What grates me the most about this is that the just changed the picture and name, but the description was still the same. They could have at least offered me a similar backpack case, at a similar price. I wouldn’t even mind paying a bit more, but they simply said, we will come fetch it, and refund you.

I have used Kalahari plenty of times before, as I think they are one of the better e-tailers in South Africa, but this time, they have left a sour taste in my mouth, and highly doubt that I will be using them again in the future.

¬†UPDATE: All’s well that ends well

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