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WOW, blogging does really work :) In the last 2 hours since my last post, I have had no less than 7 unique hits from Mweb/ IP addresses.

About half an hour after posting about my unfortunate experience with, I received a call from the category Manager – JP Van Der Merwe, apologising personally that they messed up. Explained what happened, gave me the correct link, and then said they would refund me the money, and give me a R100 voucher. The voucher was issued almost immediately, and he gave me a call back after to confirm I had received it.

Thanks JP, you have restored some of my faith in Kalahari. Will place my order for the correct product and see how it all goes from there.

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Just make sure that your voucher is reflected when you use it. I managed to make a purchase without it being reflected and, by the time I realised it hadn’t been processed, the transaction was completed. I wrote to Support to query it and ask that it be included in the purchase, or the purchase cancelled. But it got dispatched anyway. No reply to my email either. I kept the order and ordered something else, but I’m not planning to make it a regular shopping venue.

seems Kalahari should stick to books … and if you *are* looking for an alternative online book supplier, I would recommend Loot, they’re generally cheaper than Kalahari … pity I can’t spend my e-bucks there !!

Personally, I don’t think this was a good ending.

Considering you bought something, they should have sent it to you. Especially since you have proof of what you bought and paid for (the Targus).

If this had been a Porsche you bought, and when you received it it was a Toyota, would you have said “oh well, thanks for my refund”?

But I guess you got the explanation of what was wrong, so maybe I’m just taking it out of context…

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