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“Geotagging, sometimes referred to as Geocoding, is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as websites, RSS feeds, or images and is a form of geospatial metadata. This data usually consists of latitude and longitude coordinates, though it can also include altitude, bearing, and place names.” – Wikipedia

Search engines and geotagging enabled services are starting to localise search results, as well as localised news & information. Flickr has already started implementing geotagging on photo’s that have been uploaded to Flickr. This allows users to search for photos uploaded near a specific location.

By adding a meta geotag to your website or blog, you stand a greater chance of being included in these results. To do this, get your co-ordinates. It doesn’t have to be your exact location, but can be a general physical location. It should not be the server location, as this may be inaccurate if the server is located overseas.

To get your co-ordinates and the code needed for the meta tags, go to and browse to your location. Once you have location generate the meta tags, add them to the header section of your web page. You should start seeing the benefits very soon.

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