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Get Paid to Blog

  • On March 17, 2008
  • http:/


I have recentley been asked to help launch a new project down here in Durbs. Yip, Durbs is moving up, and taking over the world.

The new project is called blogfarm, and our first product is NerdBoys. Basically Nerdboys is a gadget lovers site. By joining the network you will be able to submit posts that allows you to get paid to blog. You get a share of the revenue that is generated from advertising on the site based on the number of impressions you get. The intricate working outs are still in the pipeline, but I’m really excited about this project, so I had to share at least some details ;)

If you are keen on writing a few posts, email [email protected] with some of your details, as well as a link to some current writings. If you have any questions on NerdBoys, feel free to drop me a mail, or leave a comment, would love to hear your views on this exciting new venture.


  1. I think this is a fab idea :) I have fwd’d your details to all the gadget-boys I know!

  2. Nice project… Who says we’re sleeping in Durbs!