Biggest Loser South Africa Winner

Sharon Haarhoff was annouced South Africa’s Biggest looser on Monday night. Sharon Lost a staggering 45.74% of her body weight. When the show started a few months ago, Sharon weighed in at 135.1kgs, and ended up on 73.3kgs.

Well done to all the other contestants, who all lost a LOT of weight.

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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated to the Biggest Loser show. I can not give you diets, I can not tell you when the next season will be, and I can not make you thin. Sorry :)

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What a fabulous finale! I was rooting for Sharon, and lo and behold she did it!! Did a double take this evening, cause she looked so pretty (like a doll) and lovely and slim! Would be interesting to know if anybody knows what the time frame was for losing the 61kg’s….in the time that she was at home after being in the Biggest Loser house, she was doing a serious amount of training with her trainer. If anybody knows how long it took her to lose the weight, please let me know, thnx

Sharon, you look wonderful. you really showed those guys how strong you are. thank you for making me realise that if you want something so badly nothing can stop you from it.

Well done Sharon! Girl power rocks and rules. You can now wipe your tears with R250 000.00.
God luck and keep it up.

Sharon you look stunning !! Well done and keep it like that absolutely fantastic. You go girl !!

You are such an inspiration to us Sharon. Well done girl. You look like a movie star!!

WOW Sharon! You’ve showed so many of us women out there that losing weight IS difficult – yet possible! Thank you and well done to you! You are truly inspirational! You are my idol!!! You look absolutely ravishing!!!!!

Congratulations Sharon! I am so proud of you! You motivated me to loose some weight as well. Every monday I would start and by Wednesday I would think Ag this is to hard I am just going to leave it. Could you (or anyone who can help me) please contact me and give me some tips and ideas?

Thank You

Sharon, Well done. Congrats!
u really r an inspiration. I need help, very badly.
Watched you every Monday and supported you all the way.
Girl power.

Well done Sharon!-What a brilliant and motivating achievement.I started my diet on the Monday you won and I am not turning back cause now I know that’It is possible’.Thank you for the inspiration.
Please may you provide us with advise on the type of diet to maintain and which type of excercise works more effectively ie the weights and circuits or the aerobics and cardiovascular.

Hi Tapiwa,

You asked about what diet and exercise is the most effective and here is my advice about the best methods to use in the best order:
1). Correct Nutrition
2). Resistance Training
3). High Intensity Cardio
4). Low intensity Cardio

Let me explain the above:
1). Nutrition – focus on the strategies below while making healthier choices:
– increase meal frequency (4-6 meals per day)
– have a regular, consistent meal time
– lower carbohydrate intake, with an increase in protein
– moderately reduce calories

2). Resistance (weight) training – this should be your first choice and if you have 3 or less hours per week to train then I would only use resistance training during that time

3). High intensity cardio (or interval training) – alternating bouts of fast and slow cardio (eg. 1 minute fast, 2 minutes slow) for 4-6 intervals is the most effective cardio for weight loss. If you have 4-6 hours a week to train then I would add interval in addition to your resistance training.

4). Low intensity cardio is always my last choice for weight loss. It is the least effective method (as compared to resistance training and high intensity cardio). If you have more than 6 hours per week to exercise, then I may add some steady state cardio. The only other time to use this method is to get fit enough so that you can perform higher intensity cardio.

I hope that helps!

You can visit our website and download a free report: “What you don’t know about cardio could be destroying your fat loss attempts” by signing up for the free newsletter.

Yours in health,

Robin Buck
(Health, Fitness & Performance Coach)

Thanks guys for your wonderful comments. It certainly wasnt easy on my own but with the suppport of my friends and family it made the bumps a little easier to deal with. Please feel free to contact me via my website or email if you think I will be able to help you.
Thank you once again for your thoughtful words of encouragement. Hopefully together we can keep the weight off for good.:)


Hi Sharon!

I would really love to talk to you about eating and exercising.

I really need to loose about 30kg’s and I am a total failure at trying to loose weight.

Please contact me at [email protected] as there is no email address on your post.

Thank You


CONGRAttLULATONS DEAR SHARON ! You’ve made it ! Unbeliveable how much weight you’ve lost in such short time !
I am also a total failure at trying to loose weight, as Annelie is, but, considering that you and I may have some things in common (for eg., I weight now as much as you did 11 weeks ago :(( I would kindly ask you to contact me at [email protected] in order to exchange a few thoughts with me. It would mean soooo very much to me in my new attempt to loose weight! Thanks a lot and stay fit and sexy as U are right now. Congratulations again !

hi sharon

well done you look great. you are an inspiration to me. i need to lose about 30kg and i am so motivated now when i saw you on the biggest loser. i would like if you can contact me on [email protected] how to stay motivated and what exercise to do to loose weight.
thank you

Thanks for all your comments. If you would like to contact Sharon, you can leave your email address here, and she will get an email with your comment

Sharon…..JY IS ‘N ABSOLUTE WENNER!!! Jy lyk ongelooflik mooi!! Ons kan nie anders as om trots op jou te wees nie! Kan nie glo hoe jou lyf verander het nie, jy is pragtig!!! Jy gee duisende vroue wat soos ou Sharon gelyk het nuwe hoop…ek is beslis een van hulle. Sal baie graag meer omtrent jou eet program wil uitvind. My dogter trou oor 5 maande en ek wil soooo graag maerder wees. Ek is op die oomblik 40kg oorgewig. Sal bly wees as jy my kan help om ook so pragtig soos jy te lyk. Mooi daggie! Tessa

Hi everyone.
I only now noticed that you were trying to get in touch with me.
It would be alot easier to communicate with you one on one, so my email is [email protected]


I am inspired!!!
I’m working hard and slowly getting there.
I just wish they could do Biggest Loser SA Teen.
If they target the teens then mayb we would have less adults that have a weight problem.

Yhank you for inspireing the women of South Africa we need real hero’s like you..

It was more than just incredible to see how a little motivation can make a great change in our lives.These people has shown me that anything in life is possible.I haven’t got to that point were I am motivated enough to loose weight because non of my other family members has a problem with there weigth and it is really hard to put my mind to it.They can eat whatever they want whenever they want and it is hard to just sit their and look at them eat.I have entered the compitition last year but not get to finals,hopefully with the next BIGGEST LOSER SA I will be a contestant and be who I want to be a woman proud of who and what she is.

Hi Sharon, I am so proud of you! I know that it wasn’t
easy but you made it.Don’t you have a eating plan that can help me loose weight.
Thanx. Tersia

Hi Sharon,

I cant believe how good you look, well done! I would love to do the same. I would appreciate if you could share your eating plan and tips, as I am desparate to loose weight…Can you help me too?please ………. [email protected]

HiSharon, did you stayed on on dieet for the duration of the program or did they change it for you as you progressed?
Can i book you for a motivational evening can you please let me know thanks.([email protected])



If you start biggest loser any time soon would please enter me as a consestant I weigh 73kg but I hate my upper body .please please!!!


When is the next biggest looser south-africa, and how can we enter. I need to loose a lot of weight, and need some inspiration.

i want to cansell my subscrubsen
annele louw id 7202260023085
or give me a number to contact you to cancel it

I am very interested in the diet program that was used on the show. Would it be possible to send me some information?
I would really appreciate it. I only have 13kg to loose. For me that is a lot.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Good day, well done Sharon, you are a real star.

I want to know when the next one will take place, and how do I enter?



You look really great!
I apologise for using this but I cannot find the necessary to contact the head offices of Biggest Loser.
I am trying to organise a biggest loser competition in Hermanus, Western Cape. Would you please be so kind as to forward an e-mail address of the contact person so that I can contact them and find out what is required. We are at the Provincial Hospital and everyone is eager to participate and loose weight.
I need to get information on correct advice and if there is anyone who would be willing maybe to to come and give us a talk and help with motivation, weigh-in etc.
Waiting anxiously for your reply and I will forward my cell no to you when I hear from you, if possible your personal
e-mail address.

Have a great day! !

i love a challenge n i wld lyk 2 b on da nxt da biggest loser s.a cn u plz tel me hw i cn enter. i had a baby last year n i kip on gaining more n more weight plz help me.

hi its ele here n i would lyk 2 show u how serious i am about losing my masssive weight.ifn they are open 4 da orditions u cn 4ward an email to me @ [email protected]. ive really ardored those people we saw on tv n would lyk 2 join da biggest loser club please i really need this with regard elelwani siphuma

Hi There

I would love to enter the next Biggest Looser SA, when would the next one be.

Brigitte Ellis

Sharon u look great! Is there a 2nd season of Biggest Loser and how can I enter, coz i am really overweight and unhappy with the way I look.

Have a wonderful day!

Sharon u look great! Is there a 2nd season of Biggest loser
and how can I enter, I weith 130 kg and I dont like wat I see. Please help me. Priscilla

Hi Sharon

Wow u look grrrreat!!!! I am what they call a yo yo dieter
I have tried it all and Im in really bad shape I would love your helpi weigh in at 92kg.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

I would like an advise on how to loose weight I am gettting merried in January and i would like to looke fabulous on my dress help DESPARATE

If mybe you can notifi me on how the program work if I want my husband to join your program. He way more than 160kg he has code 2 diabetis he struggle with his wight sins ‘n yang bo. it iffects his hole life and his relationship with is 3 children.


You wanted some advice on weight loss…I believe you need 3 things:

1). Accountability / Support – find a friend, work colleague, family member or professional (personal trainer, boot camp) and share your goals. Ask them to help you and hold you accountable. Not having the right support is the number one reason people fail at weight loss.

2). Nutrition – you cannot out-exercise poor nutriton. Some form of structured eating plan is essential for the fat loss / weight loss. You need a plan…and all it needs to ensure is that you eat a little better today than you did yesterday!

3). Exercise – full body strength and cardio interval training is the best type of exercise to do. The simpler the better and you do not need any fancy equipment. I have clients who exercise in the comfort of their own home with minimal equipment.

These 3 are essential and I tend to give them priority in this order. What is great already is that you have a very clear goal – to look great in January at your wedding. This is awesome!!

Please feel free to email me and I can then give you some more definite guidelines as regards eating and exercise and how to track your progress.

Hi My name is meagan i am 22 years old and weigh a wopping 103kg i just want to know how i can become or try to become a memeber fo the next bigest looser that will be launch, i have tried for years to loose weight but i have been through a series of operations due to an accident i had many many years ago. i weight 83kg but my last operation was in 2006 it was for a year as it was a leg lengthening op and i picked up all the extra excess weight, i still to this day dont know how i did it as i followed a sticted eating plan but without excersise for a year it seemed i was fighting a loosing battle, i am on an eating plan know and excersise daily but i still seem to be fighting with my weight. I just want to know if i could stand a chance to enter in such a fantastic life changing experience and get myself back to a healthy and fit women. If you could please reply to my email i would truly appreciate it. Thank you :)


I am phisically challenged and got to loose 34 kg in oder to start walking.I am looking for a mirical.i have tried with shakes and my diet is like a yoyo diet.PLEASE IF YOU DO HAVE A PLACE FOR ME ON YOUR NEXT COMPETITION AND BE ABLE TOO WALK.WOW i CAN ONLY SAY U HAVE GIVEN ME A LEASE IN LIFE.PLEASE HELP

Hi am 34 and weigh 93kg. I realy just whant to look and feel beter for myself and my family. Please help me losing 30kg, i realy need this.

I also need to loose weight, please let me know when the biggest looser is coming to Soth Africa again. I would love to be part of the biggest looser team.

I am desperate to loose weight, I am female, 53 years old and my weight is 132kg, Please, please help! Would love to loose 50kg. Please keep me in mind with the next project.

I am 41 years old, been married for17 years and have 3 sons. Over the years I ballooned and picked up nearly 40 kg. I feel ugly, look ugly and am in desperate need for help to lose weight in order to feel normal again. I cannot do it on my own. I carry on with my life regardless as I have responsibilities but so wish that someone can intervene and walk with me towards a better future, not only for myself but for my family as well. The Biggest Loser competition has helped people right in front of viewers’ eyes therefore I trust their methods and guidance implicitly. I am willing to place myself in your hands whilst you transform me into the beautiful swan that is waiting inside of me, bursting to come out and live again!

When is Biggest loser coming back again I wud love to join cz i cnt seem to crack it by myself

I am 32, and have been struggling with my weight since my tinage years. I want to start a TV show, and it is high time, i loose the excess weight. I am 130kgs now! please help me out!

i am so impressed with the weight loss of these biggest loser contestant.i so desparately want to lose weight also cause i weigh 138kg.i would want join plizzzzzzz.

Hi, our dad has been overweight for a few years now…And he has tried so many diets but can’t seem to stick to the diets…He gets very demotivated and just gives up easily..We are very worried about his health because he weighs 203kg. How can we go about entering him for the new season of The Biggest Loser SA? Please, this is a BIG cry out for help!!!

I wish the best and hope that some of use your winning asan inspiration to us who still need to loose more than 152kg. You showed that nothing is impossible the only thing is to start the correct process and keep it going and never look back. Today I made a resolution that I want to get control of my life and start loosing weight and exercise. My weight is 107kg and I should loose 52kg. I am 49yrs old with very small bone structure. I am over weight.

Hi, i would like to know from you that how did u find out that there was this programme for South Africa, and when is the next one coming, can u send me the details where i can find out about it more(as to when is the next one, how to be part of it) coz i’m 27yrs of age but my weight is 131kg, this is making my life to be sad esp when i need to go out, i’m someone who likes to dress up, help me please coz this in not healthy. thx

I am a 27 year old single mom. After I gave birth to my baby in 2007 I put on 25kg. I work from 7:30am to 6pm from Mondya to Friday and I do not have a maid/caregiver, which makes it difficult to go to the gym or go out for a jog because I have to stay indoors with my daughter. how can I get help from the biggest looser RSA? I live in Zimbabwe which is also a disadvantage. i need help on diet plans, and home based exercises. Please help me, I am desperate to loose the weight and there’s no one in Zimbabwe who can help me the way you can.

Good day,

I and my hubby would like to enter for the next
SA’s Biggest Looser.
How do we get info on when the next programme’s gona run.
Please we need this in our life to get back on track


I would like to lose 35kgs. I would like to book into a place where I will beable to make my weight loss a possibility.

Where and how much will it cost?

hello folks, i live in Pretoria east south Africa. can someone help me out with BIGGEST LOSER WEIGHT address close to me…thanks

Hello All
I posted a comment a while ago stating how unhappy I was with my weight and wishing that I could also be on a show like Biggest Loser. It took me a long time but this year January I MADE A DECISION that I am going to lose weight. Together with my husband, I embarked on a healthy, low fat diet and I am happy to report that together we have lost a whopping 27 kg! I lost 15kg and my husband lost 12kg. I now weigh 84 kg and my husband 72. So he has practically reached his goal weight and I want to lost a further 10kg. I would ideally like to weigh 70kg but anything between 74 and 70 will be fine. Let me tell you: YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT! If I can, ANYONE can. Just DECIDE that you are doing it and don’t let anyone or anything deter you because you have MADE A DECISION that you want to lose weight. Just start thinking about what you’re eating, DECIDE what’s good for you or not and drink lots of water. The first step is to MAKE A CONSCIOUS DECISION that you are changing your eating habits. Believe me, once you’ve made that DECISION, nothing can sway you. Because that’s where it all starts: IN YOUR MIND. Not in your tummy or in your mouth. Good luck to everybody and yes, YOU CAN DO IT!
Sincerely, Judy

hi congrats with the wonderful weight loss, and win. I am a 22 year old very overweight girl, was wondering if you know when the next biggest loser south africa will be, and how i can enter. Please email me or just post

What I’d like to know is how many of the Bigest Loser SA contestants have kept their wieght down. Because you loose all the weight and for me it’s about keeping it off. That’s wat I strugle the most with.

I also need to loose weight, please let me know when the biggest looser is coming to Soth Africa again. I would love to be part of the biggest looser team.

Everyone, we should really stop asking when the next biggest looser is, because they will never get back to us, trust me I have tried countless times…..

maybe we need to get a sponsors, rent a place to stay for two months and help each other to lose weight.

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