Wii Fit Review

Yesterday I picked up my copy of the latest Nintendo Release called Wii Fit, from Makro. Coming in at a pricey R999, it also includes the Wii Fit Board.

I have been going to gym at least 3 times a week for the last year, and really enjoy it. Having a personal trainer also helps things along, knowing you have to go, otherwise you wasting money. The results have been average, but my eating hasn’t and of course beer doesn’t help either.

So I put the Wii Fit disc in, and within 2 seconds, it was up and running. Simple. The first step is to get your body weight, and set yourself a goal. From there you are presented with 4 different excerice types. Aerobic, Muscle, Yoga & Balance. All 4 of them are awesome, and you have to accumulate time doing exercises to open new sections of the disc.

The balance board is amazing how it tracks your slightest movements, and keeping balance and posture is very important. Every day you do a body test to see how you are progressing, and you keep track of it on a graph. You have a trainer assigned to your profile, who helps you along with the exercises, and shows you how to do them properly.

All in all Wii Fit, is an awesome piece of software. So far, I haven’t found any flaws, except the stiff muscles I am going to be assured of having tomorrow ;)

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I have been very curious about it, maybe its time to give Super Mario Galaxy a break and do the get fit thing. QUick question, does the balance board have a weight limit (im 124kg’s) and will my size 13’s fit…Im a big guy ;)

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