Vodacom Listens to the blogosphere

On Saturday I posted about my mate who was going through hell with Vodacom/FNB by being scammed by con artists, trying to do a Sim Swap on a fake letterhead.

This afternoon I received a call on my cellphone from Johan Van Graan, who is the Chief Risk Officer of the Vodacom Group. He had been alerted to the post, and wanted more info, so they could follow up on the case. I gave him my mates number, and they have since had a chat, and it is being passed onto the right people.

But what amazed me, is that Vodacom and Johan, took time out to read a blog post, and actually DO something about it. I’m glad to see some corporates are out there “listening”.

Kudos to Vodacom !!!

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I completely agree.

I was equally impressed by Standard Bank’s marketing team when they commented not once but twice on my Kaboom Room review. And they seemed to take my review into account when improving the experience. I was impressed :)

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