Don’t Panic – Alan Knott-Craig

I was browsing around my local Fascination books earlier this week, trying to look for a book to keep me occupied while being beaten down by the “Internet flu” that seems to be doing the rounds.

And then I picked a book called “Don’t Panic” by Alan Knott Craig Jr., the MD if IBurst. Many of you may recall that earlier this year, a blog post of an email that Alan had sent to all the Iburst staff, became an overnight phenomenon. Basically the just of the email was that we should all just take a step back and try not to look at all the negatives that the country is(was) experiencing. Don’t worry about load-shedding, and don’t start packing for Perth.

The email grew into a phenomenon, and started getting loads of replies, and an idea was born into, that a book should be published of all the positives that people see in this country. And so the book “Don’t panic” was published by Penguin books and Iburst. It is a very easy read and at only R50(Discounted to R42.50 at Kalahari), its a bargain. The book basically consists of letters written by ordinary South Africans, right from a 12 year old boy, right up to some well known celebrities and South African dignitaries.

What also is really cool, is at the end of the book, they pose the question: “So what now ?”, and offer links to a couple of websites & blogs that offer “Good South African News”. Included in this list is our very own Local Blogebrity “Nic the Greek” from Nice one Nic !

But I want to share this awesome book. So I had a brainwave, that I’m going to share it with the SA blogosphere. If you are keen and want to read the book, then leave a comment below, and send me your postal address. I will then send the book to you, and as soon as you done with it, you can write a post, and share it with the next person, and post it along to them. And carry on like that and that way everyone can read and be inspired by this fantastic book. Or if you want your own copy order one from

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Eek, Sorry Nic. All fixed and book is correct. :)
Ewan, awesome, will catch up with you in the week :)

awesome to hear some good news about SA for a change!
Love the positivity!

It is a pity your stuff at iBurst do not uphold the values that you advocate. The poor service offered by the rest of the staff, breaks down all the good work you do.

I love the idea! Please can I also get a copy of the book. I will most definatley post it forward!

Man i know this book came out a while ago but its never too late to get it, and plus its very affordable…

I would love 2 read it in fact I am going 2 a conference where he will be speaking

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