Youtube – “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”

I’m getting pretty annoyed with the Youtube Error – “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available”- that seems to be popping up more and more regularly these days.

So here are a couple of fixes:

  • Easiest way is to do a CTRL-F5 which will totally refresh the page from the Youtube Server
  • Append one of the following tags onto the end of the URL

    So the following URL -> would become
  • If you a SAIX ADSL account add the following proxy server into your settings in Firefox or IE Port 8080
  • If you got any Firefox plugins like Google Download accelerator set them to bypass domain.

Hope this helps :)

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That’s cool – I use a lot of videos on my site. I had been thinking it was me or something, because the videos I pick are kid friendly and wouldn’t get pulled or anything.

Thank you! I thought i was going friggin crazy, uploading and re-uploading and relinking. This will save some of my sanity.

Lester Hein

I don’t get that problem with single embedded videos, but I do get it with embedded playlists. Should I put videos that include &fmt=18 into the playlist?

This error is prevelent everywhere..

It’s on my site atm actually. A flippin funny video that I uploaded myself has “gone”. I didn’t delete it.. Google….bleh.

To make it worse, it sometimes works if you crtl F5.. pushing up the page impressions…

Thanks a ton man, the SAIX proxy setting worked instantly for me, why the hell is this info not available elsewhere? you are a saint!

YouTube now goes “Sasasasasasasasasasasasasasa SA!” when a video is broke and there is a dancing ballerina. :O

Easy fix, for all windows vers. In internet explorer go into Tools/Internet Options/Connections Tab/Lan Setting. Once in Lan Settings, uncheck all boxes. ALL youtube videos will load now.

Pass it on.

NO problem Chris…. the fix is so simple even some of the techies haven’t figured it out….


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