Power Of 10 – M-Net Game Show

I have just finished watching M-Nets latest game show called “The Power of 10”.

The show, hosted by Mark Pilgrim, allows contestants to win up to R10,000,000. The show is pretty random in the fact that contestants have to guess the percentage of a responses of a question. For example a question in today’s show was “How many South African’s wash their hands after going to the toilet”. The contestant guessed between 49% & 69%. The actual answer was 90% which is quite an interesting stat.

All in all I think the show is quite good, as it is based on a lot of luck. Keep your eye out on M-Net on a Sunday night for the “Power of 10”

Check out the Power of 10 website

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Now if you were listening to Cape Talk every morning, you’d know all about this one! :-) They run a phone-in version, sponsored by the same folk, with equally interesting stats. First right answer wins you R1K, second one R10K – not a bad haul for first thing in the morning…

Dear Marc,

I saw it on M-Net in South Africa and I am very much interested in taking part in the game. Will you please help me to get there. I am a good guesser.!!!

Lovely show in deed.
Sujatha Pelpola
Tel: 012 354 8562

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