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iPhone 3G – The beginning

When the iPhone 3G was first launched earlier this year, I decided I had to have one. So last week I took the trip to Dion Wired , and took the plunge. And I can honestly say my life has been changed. The iPhone is more than just a phone, its like a mini laptop on the go.It really is a fantastic piece of equipment.

After getting the initial hang of it, I downloaded a couple of the apps. There are a couple of essential apps that you need to install after getting the iPhone:

  • Zippo Lighter – This app shows off how cool the iPhone really is. Swing open the Zippo, light is and wave the flame around. Amaze all your mates
  • WordPress – Blogging on the go. Simple
  • Twitterrific – THE essential iPhone Twitter app. Shows all your tweets and lets you tweet as well.
  • Facebook App – Keep up with your facebook on your iPhone
  • Shazam – Thanks to the heads up from Kish, Shazam is AMAZING. AMAZING. Hold your phone close to any speaker while any song is playing, and Shazam will return info about the song. Title, Artist, Album, Cover and even lets you buy it or view it on iTunes. AMAZING
  • Fring – We all know how cool fring really is, and in the last 2 days the iPhone version has been released. Skype calls, MSN, google talk all in 1.

All in all the iPhone is brilliant. So far the battery life has been ok, given the amount of time I have been playing with it, and it charges while you have it plugged into your Mac.

As I come across more apps that I find uselful, I will be posting them here for sure ! For now, I need to go play :)

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Where did you get Shazam from since it’s not available from itunes store in South Africa?

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