10 Things for 2009

2009 crept up very quickly. 2008 was quiet a roller coaster year for me, where I started a new job, after working at Storm for the last 9 years.
Making a decision to move was really tough, but I knew I was making the right choice. The new job has been going fantastically, and I am loving it. Every minute of it. It has been a place where I have always wanted to work, and the knowledge gained by working there has been unbelievable. You never know enough, and learn something every minute.

I am looking forward to 2009. I know I have neglected this blog over the last year. That said, I still get loads of hits, and with more than 50000 hits over the last year, I think its ok. I got my first ever adsense cheque this year, which was fantastic, as I have not put any effort into making money.

I have a few goals for this year, one is to try and make more out of the internet. Both money-wise and knowledge wise. There is so much out there, and the internet can offer us so much.

I have decided to put a random list of 10 things that will hopefully get me through 2-double o – mine:

1. PopUrls – I have always loved PopUrls, but recently have rediscovered this awesome site. All the tops sites are aggregated onto 1 page, so you get to see the best of the web on 1 page. You can also share links on facebook and twitter, and it will also customize the best links for you. Check it out at

2. My iPhone – My iPhone continues to amaze me every day. I am loving it. It has become a habit now, and I think the wife is starting to feel “iPhone un-love”. Currently i have about 70 apps on my phone. Half of them are hardly ever used, but some of them are just fantastic, and used everyday. More on that later

3.Twitter – Even though I don’t “tweet” enough, I am still lurking in the shadows. There are some really interesting people out there, and everyday I learn something new from someone on twitter. I really think Twitter may become the next big thing after facebook.

4. Namedrive – Slowly but surely, I have been making some cash using Namedrive. I have a couple of domains on there and am raking in about $20 a month. Nothing major, but its fun to watch none the less. Need to try and put more effort into this as well. Huge potential.

5. My Macbook – The other best thing (next to the MyPhone), was the mac I got earlier this year. The Mac OS is definitely one of the easiest and most user friendly OS’s I have ever used. Even my wife loves it, and we now have to fight to use the Macbook. I think it’s high time I get a new one and she can have this one :)

6. Geocaching – I really wish I had more time to do this. It really is such a fun hobby, but just need time. I still follow all new caches that are published, and try find the ones close to me. Hopefully this year, I can findĀ  a few more caches, and enjoy the game as much as what I used to….*sigh*

7. My Family – 2008 added yet another addition to my family, and 3 kids is really fun. No really. :) Les has been awesome with all 3 kids, and looking after our house, and me with all my needs, yet we always find time for each other. By the end of 2009 I will have 3 toddlers, almost ready to move into thier own place :) (Just kiddin)

8.Life – 2009 is time for big changes. Back to gym at least 3-4 times per week. Healthy eating, minimised drinking, and more time with my friends & family. 43Things is such an awesome website that allows you to list your goals and keep track of them. By the end of 2009, I need to have been able to accomplish those 43 things.

9. Work – Learn more, and move up. Plain and simple goals, that I know I can achive in 2009 at my awesome work.

10.Photography – I went on a 6 week course last year to learn more about photography, so hpefully in 2009, I can take loads more photos and share them on this blog

Hope 2009 is an awesome year for everyone !!!