How to Apply for 2010 World Cup Tickets

The Fifa World Cup 2010 tickets go on sale in South Africa today. You can apply for tickets on or through any FNB branch.

The process in a nutshell for applying for tickets through an FNB Branch , you need to go to an FNB branch from today. You pay for the tickets upfront, then they give you a prepaid debit card. On the 15th of April they having a draw to see if you qualified for the tickets. If you did, the money is deducted off your prepaid debit card, but if you didn’t you can draw the cash or spend on whatever you want.  (Don’t understand this part cause that means they get 6 week of interest off your money. ?!?!?)
The ticket prices vary according to what game you want to go to:

Ticket PricesFor more details and for a full schedule check out this article on the the Shine2010 website

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Still dont know how to get my tickets , cant you make it any easier?

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