Bear Grylls is a Fake !!

This video shows how Bear Grylls jumps over a huge canyon, in some remote area, which turns out is only about 100m away from a highway in the US.

Bear Grylls is a FAKE

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I was horrified at the loss of wildlife by cruel and horrific ways inflicted by this weasle faced idiot, Bear Grylls. He lays illegal snares, beheaded a skunk, crushed a gullagulla, stabbed a lovely old toitoise in the face just to name a few, and he’s not starving or in peril of his life. He disgusts me! I wish he would meet up with a large maneating creature that treats him as badly as he treats animals.

I disagree!! Bear Grylls is the ulitmate alpha male!!! Shut up June and go grow something organic!!! Narrow minded hippie tree hugger!!! He is awesome!!!

Bear Grylls is a fake. All his so called daredevil stunts are filmed by a film crew thar appear to be in more dangerous positions than he is. He kills animals for fun but the shots of him eating lizards, scorpions and grubs are all faked.
If he is an alpha male as Renier adoringly proposes then he is a alpha wimp male. I’d love to see him unarmed against a real alpha male baboon. I know which alpha monkey would win.
See the sickening sycophancy of the Boy Scout movement toward their Chief Scout. Hetero sexual? I wonder.

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