Setting up Internet Tethering on iPhone

UPDATE: I have posted a new post that has a carrier file for Vodacom that works like a charm and keeps all the correct settings. You can find the post here ->

Rather use the settings from the above post than the ones below

It seems that on Vodacom Internet Tethering is not set up by default in the new iPhone OS 3.0 software that was released today

To set it up follow these steps:

  • Visit from the Safari Browser on your iPhone (Big thanks to @eel for this )
    Click on Download Config under enable tethering on iPhone 3.0
    Picture 1.png
  • On your iPhone Go to Settings -> Network -> Enable Tethering
  • Make sure your phone is plugged into your PC/Mac with the USB cable
    On a Mac, a pop-up window appears the first time you connect, saying “A new network interface has been detected.” Click Network Preferences, configure the network settings for iPhone, then click Apply. On a PC, use the Network Control Panel to select and configure the iPhone connection.(For more info visit
  • Click the Internet Tethering Slider to ON. A blue band will appear at the top of your screen to indicate your are connected with internet tethering
  • I disconnected my wireless, and had my 3G running on my phone, and was able to browse the net from my Mac
  • You may need to reset your Cellular Data APN to
  • Good luck & Enjoy :)

UPDATE: It seems that Vodacom have blocked MMS & Internet Tethering from iPhones. I called them earlier, and they said it would only be available in the next software release :( The guys said it might work sometimes.
Call Vodacom and harass them to get this working 082 155

To set up MMS check this post ->

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Thanks for the post. I have downloaded OS3 however on my iPhone however if I Go to Settings -> Network -> etc. the “Tethering Menu” does not appear. Any ideas? Thanks

So you don’t need to disable Wifi for yout iphone to tether over 3G it will not use your wifi if it is on, it will use your edge, gprs or 3G connection.

Hi Marc, I set up the tethering worked fine no issues then I sent up the mms also worked fine, but when I reset the phone the tethering option was no longer in the option menu and i had to re-install. Is there a setting I am missing?

Thank you very much, tethering is now working,i battled to find a website that has straight forward info that works!!

much appreciated, big up to u!!

I did what you said in this post and it worked perfectly. I then tried to set it via bluetooth and I got this message about it not being enabled on vodacom. It proceeded to clear tethering from my settings. I went back and installed again and it worked fine. I think you have to keep the cable connected to stop it from blocking.

Thanks! I managed to connect to the net via USB, but not bluetooth… MMSs fail, though. Vodacom sucks!

Why do we continue to allow South African companies to screw us over.
Hellkom, Vodacom etc

Thanks, tethering works great with usb!! I was very happy to see it was plug and play with my macbook! not too phased about the mms, who would want to mms when you could email :)

Thanks this is so easy and works perfectly.
Why is vodacom being so difficult about this it makes no sense, they don’t have unlimited data for iphone like at&t.

Sorry. I did not read the instructions properly – I used IE on my PC instead of Safari on the iPhone which obviously sets up the settings. It works. What is Vodacom’s take on this?

Hey, thank you very much. I am so happy to come across this blog/site. So much better and helpful than the dev team blog, also no irritating people.
Nice guys

Marc you are a genius !!

Got tethering and MMS working on MTN, don’t understand why these networks limit this function, you would think they would encourage this, they would make more money

thanks guys for being real life savers for the tethering and mms setup.

i went to vodacom today and they were clueless they said and i quote

” sorry vodacom networks do not support these features and we cannot tell you when”

vodacom gateway store manager at that too!!!!!

thanks goodness for the it community you o’s rule.

MMS worked perfectly. Installed the teathering and switched it on but my Mac does not come up with the screen? Is there something I am not doing? Followed all the steps.

@richard, your mac should be online then, the top of the screen of your iphone should turn blue and say Internet tethering under the time. mine just worked.

make sure your bluetooth is on if you using BT and ifs its USB it connects instantly if tethering is on.

Thanks. But still when I switch it on, nothing comes under the time or anything. Tried the BT and USB. Which settings did you download? Maybe I somehow did something different.

this site was very helpful and easy for someone with basic computer skills like me.

i used the vodacom tethering settings. your bluetooth should prompt you for a passkey on both your phone and macbook.

This is cool. But I whant my Iphone to connect to my computer and use its internet via USB. Is that possible.

Is it possible to have mms and tethering working? It seems at the moment its one or the other. When I change the settings for mms – the tether option disappears

I have managed to get the MMS and tethering working but not as the same time, i need to keep switching between them. Does the tethering use the MMS APN settings cuz i soon as i change it back to he MMS settings I loose the tethering option. PLEASE HELP!

thanks Marc – both MMS and tethering seek to work fine . .
However my biggest need for tethering is when I travel to various African countries that have cell data networks but no WiFi etc. In these places my iphone usually connects fine for mail and browsing however I really need to use the mail application on my mac . . Will i need to change the thethering settings as I travel for other networks such as Zain etc?? Thanks!

Thanks guys for the help, i can get mms and tethering to work but same as Dizz, I can only get one at a time, seems both need to use mms APN to work an need different addresses.
also need to swith between them by reinstalling tethering everytime i need it(via link). is there an easier way to make this work together or to switch faster. If you change the mms apn to you loose tethering and if you change it back you still do not get tethering back, need toreinstall via link.
any ideas thanks

Hi Im on mtn, i downled the setup file installed it tethering worked fine, but it then reset my mms settings.

when i change it back to the original mms settings i can no longer tether.

is anyone else having this problem?

I see that when you install the tethering profile it changes your MMS setting so then they dont work, when you change them back the tethering stops???

Same issue here either mms or tethering. Can’t have both work at the same time!!!!!
Any ideas?

It worked, but after the newest firmware upgrade 11Septemeber combined with the Itunes 9, the tethering does not work. Any advice?

I have the same problem – I read not to upgrade to 3.1 OS so did not, however itunes wanted an upgrade which I allowed. Now tethering no longer works! What do I do? Should I downgrade the iTunes software?

Hi there,
Has anyone found a way to get the tethering to work on MTN on the new OS upgrade yet? *Holding Thumbs*

hi i installed 3.1.2 and if i have the tethering settings in i can’t surf on my phone and if i change it to internet (apn) then i can but i lose the tethering option? help anyone??

After doing this numerous times (rebooting in between tries)
I still don’t get the Internet Tethering option under Settings (General -> Network)

I’m on MTN, not vodacom.

Any thoughts ?

I just lost configurationg thetering on my macbook, still I got it on my Iphone. My daughter has tried to get it again. Someone has any idea to get it again?

Can I just confirm something…..basically if you are on Vodacom and upgrade to the latest version of the OS then you lose the option of tethering, so basically I mustn’t upgrade….or am I missing something, or is there a work around if I do upgrade.

If you’re on Vodacom the tethering still works. If you’re on MTN it stops working.

I’m going to Hong Kong at the end of this week. Anyone know whats my options for getting affordable internet on my iphone while there. Vodacom says I’ll pay R128 per meg if I use my data bundle while there.

We travel to Hong Kong annually and the best option is to get a prepaid sim card from one of their local service providers like PCCW, CSL, China Mobile etc.

Dont buy from street vendors (they sell second hand cards), rather go to Broadway or Fortress Electronic stores.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mark – Will this work out more cost effective to phone South Africa and Is it a good idea to buy a laptop in Hong Kong?

Most of the hotels have wireless internet and you can use Skype to call home. Alternatively there are some calling cards you can buy for SA.

At least this way if someone calls you while in HK, you wont pay the huge fees for incoming calls!

Most big brand hardware these days have prices set across the world, but you do find some nice deals. Fortress and Broadway are your best bet for these. Do your homework before you leave.

Enjoy your trip.

I downloaded successfully the tethering application, but it does not show on my iphone. I already reset the setting network and I also reset the iphone and still does not appear. The tethering appear on the ATT profile and I did all the steps successfully. Any idea how to make it appear so I can active the tethering.
Thanks Alex

Hey Marc. Upgraded my iPhone 3G to OS4.. now can’t ever send an MMS successfully. Get the progress bar which quickly runs to about 95% then just waits till the red icons showing message send failure. Any ideas?

i tried to connect but i didnt see the network that i subscribes appeared in the screen how i will connect to the network im using?pls help thanks

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