Setting up MMS on Vodacom iPhone OS 3.0

UPDATE: I have posted a new post that has a carrier file for Vodacom that works like a charm and keeps all the correct settings. You can find the post here ->

Rather use the settings from the above post than the ones below

By default MMS has not been setup on the iPhone OS 3.0 for Vodacom. To do this follow these steps:

UPDATE: It seems that Vodacom have blocked MMS from iPhones. I called them earlier, and they said it would only be available in the next software release :( The guys said it might work sometimes.
Call Vodacom and harass them to get this working 082 155

To set up internet tethering check this post ->

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Thanks Marc, installed OS 3.0 and followed your instructions for MMS setup on Vodacom and worked. Clear and concise.

Thanks Marc, Vodacom had no idea how to set it up when I called, Mark Parsons you should be in bed by now! ;-)

Hey Mark. Brilliant. My heart sank when I installed the new 3.0 and couldn’t MMS, but a quick google search found your site and with the easy instructions I was sorted! Thanks.

Has anyone tried to send a mms from Vodacom to mtn or the other way around? Not working on mine.

Ok. Installed and setup as above but doesn’t seem to work. Starts sending and the progress bar stops just before the end and doesn’t finish!


Hi Marc. Followed your instructions – but I cannot send an MMS. Return message reads “message send failure”. Any suggestions? Regards

Thanx a lot Marc. Everything seems fine except it says sending gets stuck at about 90% and then fails. Do I need to have anything set up at Vodacom?

Thanks Marc, this works! I was really disgusted after installing 3.0 and the mms did not work. I phoned 082111 and the pathetic dude did not even know what an iphone is!!!

It seems that Vodacom have blocked MMS from iPhones. I called them earlier, and they said it would only be available in the next software release :( The guys said it might work sometimes.
Call Vodacom and harass them to get this working 082 155

Hi, got it to show up in messages, and I can compile a message, but it does not send.

Tried a few times, fails everytime….

Seems to work if you make your internet APN internet and not

I’ve tested in both directions to both networks, works perfectly. Check your settings carefully and remember to reboot your phone. Forget about 082111 they have NO idea and why is that no surprise?

Thanks!! It work like a BOM!! The dudes at 082111 are pathetic! “you have to buy another phone….” please!!

Triple checked my settings. Still not working out. Have received a MMS from a friend that has an iphone though. My settings are identical to his.

@Danie. You said to try making the Internet APN internet. Is that the MMS APN or the CELLULAR DATA APN?

Thanks Marc!
In my case, I got stuck at the 90% until I turned 3G ON, then it worked. Got a feeling this will be erratic and random until vodacom actually discover what OS 3 is and that it exists. don’t hold your breath, though. Vodacom support had no concept of it or of the update – all they can say is “iphones don’t support MMS.”

Also still struggling…….
John, whats your settings? the same as Marc suggested?

Yes, exactly the same as Marc’s, I think it’s very important to also reboot your phone. I assume you are on Vodacom?

Mmmm I see my APN under the MMS setting changed itself to just the word internet, works though, maybe it does that after the reboot?

i have changed both APN’s to the word internet…..still not %$!*^ working….. The white bar gets stuck on 90% – then fails! Sometimes so fustrated with SA’s vodacom, so far behind USA – my brother uses his iphone in USA, you wont beleive all the things he can do!

Ok, an update according to Core (Apple – SA) Clearwater branch, leave your Cellular Data APN as internet, with all the settings under MMS as indicated above. Mine works like a charm. Bonnie

At least you got some through… I have had not a single one going through!

Man… I am still not having luck. Got my 3G on settings the same as above and still nothing… Cell APN internet.

Help pls!!!

It does seem to be a bit of a hit and miss thing though. Some go through and others don’t. Has anyone tried to MTN and Cell C yet (from Vodacom). A mate got one and his on MTN. I’m still waiting for the one he sent to me though.

Have sent a few now, and every single one has gone through. Either I have just been lucky, or it is due to the fact that my APN is not the usual iPhone one. I use Sasol’s one, as I had to change it to enable their exchange to work. I have not revieved one yet though. Will have to see about that.

Thank you all- mine works like a charm after changing the Cell APN to internet. You’re legends……!

My phone wont turn back on now after the reboot, hanging on startup displaying nothing but the Apple logo…

Phone eventually started up after almost 10-min but MMS works like a charm!!!
Marc, you a ‘LEGEND’!!!

One question, now that mms is working, is every single message I send now sent as an mms? It appears this way because I have now sent numerous sms’s and my SMS-Bundle still says that I have the same amount of sms’s left as I did before I changed my settings which makes me think every message is sent as an mms??? Please advise anyone?

When i change the Cellular APN to it works but then i cant browse the net. When i change it to internet, i cant send mms’s but can browse the net…. Any suggetions???

update, it seems if i switch off the 3G it sends and receives with the “internet” setting. which is kinda irritating rally…

update, it seems if i switch off the 3G it sends and receives with the “internet” setting. which is kinda irritating really…

This is the official response from Vodacom:
“The new version of the iPhone OS released by Apple does not include the MMS functional settings. Please note that we do not develop the OS, but simply test it’s performance against our Network before it is released here. Apple has regrettably not yet included the MMS functional settings with the New OS for this handset. Although settings may be inserted manually, its MMS operation cannot be guaranteed.”

Thanks Marc. I followed your settings and it works perfectly.

Your instructions worked perfectly! I seem to be sending and receiving MMS just fine. I’m using

For those having problems, I recommend turning your phone off and taking out the SIM card. I also phoned Vodacom a few weeks ago as I was having trouble with my 3G connectivity. They said it was because my number “needed to be registered as an iPhone on their network”, which they then did.

I’m not sure if this might make a difference as they usually have no idea what they’re talking about but it’s worth a try.

Guys, here are the setting myself and a few friends started using on the Software 3.0 GM we installed last week. Just tested it now, and the settings are as follows:

Password: internet
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Sise:

Hope this helps to anyone still having difficulty sending MMS’

My MMS works, only if I have 3G on and have 3G reception. I can send to Vodacom, but it’s intermittent if I send to other networks. Can’t receive MMS’s at all! Help!! (My APN is and I’m using Marc’s settings as above)!

MMS works somehow. I can send sms to vodacom and cell-c (haven’t tried other networks yet) AND receive mms i send to MYSELF. But can’t receive mms from other people – doesn’t matter if vodacom, cell-c …..

What utter rubbish:

Andre wrote:

Please advise as to how to setup settings for MMS on the iPhone with the new OS 3.0.


Vodacom’s response:

“Dear Andre

Thank you for your e-mail communication to Vodacom.

MMS and tethering (phone as a modem) are not supported in South Africa as yet (version 3.0). These will be made available to South Africa with the next software release.

Should you have any further queries, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected]

Warm Regards

Shafiek Wyngaard”

What rubbish – I have been able to MMS since installing 3.0 GM and last night successfully thethered via a Bluetooth connection!

I may be missing something, but what I have found (using the above settings) is that I can only send & receive MMS’s when I am on normal GPRS or EDGE. This means that when I have a 3G signal from Vodacom, I need to switch off my 3G in order to send and receive MMS’s. Tethering is no problem (on USB & Bluetooth: using a Mac). If anyone knows what the correct settings are for sending & receiving MMS’s while on 3G (without having to turn off 3G on the iPhone), it would be much appreciated.

My settings work with Edge and 3G – obviously way slower with Edge.

Well, Vodacom also initially gave me this “next software release” story. But when I pointed out that mine was working just fine, they said the initial info given was incorrect and apologised. This entire exchange was in writing (via email).

My MMS works fine. However tethering works on USB , if I try to connect using Bluetooth- the tethering settings simply vanish. Does anyoen else have this problem or of course a solution.I am just wondering why we should develop settings for vodaccom instead of them taking this up and formalising the functionalitie sof the iPhone. The next software release response shows utter ignorance of OS 3

hi marc you are a genius! tethering worked straight away, but mms although set up and little camera on messages is there and chooses the picture, i cannot seem to send it out and it tells me to try again, without success. what to do? xxx

I’m busting to get the CellC IPCC… Vodacom worked like a charm, but my CellC sim is not playing ball…

I have an iPhone 2G, and have just ported over to the Vodacom network. My phone is not listed as an “iphone” on the Vodacom network, and I am currently on a pay as you go package.

I have tried the ActivateMMS2G package, and can now find the space to enter the correct details.

BUT: The problem is that my iPhone won’t remember the APN setting after I go back to the home screen…

Also after rebooting, the APN setting vanishes.

Any ideas ??? Any similar problems ???

I have just set up the MMS in my iPhone 3G and it seems to be working perfectly, thank you for the tips. I wonder if you could help in another area, my wifi seems to constantly grop it connection, we have another wifi enabled phone and a wifi pc and they work well, do you have any suggestions?

Thanks again

Just enable the mms and tethering, all working 100% Anyone know when tethering through you’re device if you get your data deducted from your data bundle?

Thanks for the info.

hThe sttings i use

Cellular data

mms Proxey:
mms max message size:307200

the only catch is that u cant use ur internet if u not connected to a wifi !!!
and that sucks !!
so vodacom pls just do something to make it work !!

Hi Aqua

Please help! I need to set up my settings for MTN with OS 3.1 on my iphone. It worked fine on 3.0 but no longer works after the update.

Apple have reeased a further revision to the OS 3.1 I have tried it and it seems to be a bit quicker, but I notice my battery is fading faster as well.
Nothing seems better though and one of the applications I use often, Foto Lite no longer works properly.

Hi There Marc

URGENT!!! please can u help me, I am currently on Virgin Mobile, the signal on my iphone says CellC, iv tried to my hearts content to download the mms settings from my sim applications menu, but no luck, What are the mms settings for virgin mobile, if u could help me out, u`d be a GURU in my eyes bud, Shot

can someone please help me with internet settings for my iphone 32GB i am on vodacom prepaid were do i find edge?how do i activate it help????i bought the phone second hand i dont havew the manual or the cd for my pc

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