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Enable Vodacom iPhone MMS & Tethering

Following my 2 previous posts on setting up MMS & Tethering for Vodacom, which were quite manual and didn’t seem to work and keep the settings, this post will show you how to get MMS & Internet Tethering to work on your Vodacom or MTN iPhone.

EDIT 11/9/09 – It seems that with OS 3.1 Vodacom settings for tethering & MMS have been built into the firmware.MMS still seems to be wonky, and Tethering seems to be working. What we have seen though is that MTN users can no longer use tethering & MMS. They have also stopped the abilty to use custom profiles such as the ones below. See this post Bottom line if you not on Vodacom, rather don’t upgrade to OS 3.1 if you would like tethering & MMS to work

A BIG BIG thanks to PJ from Glucode for helping me with this and the files below. He is a LEGEND !!

Please note: (Please read these points before attempting the steps below)

  • These settings only work for VODACOM & MTN. I will attempt to get CellC & Virgin up shortly.
  • Do this at your own risk. This is merely a guide on how to get it working, and no responsibility can be taken if it does not work. Unfortunately I cannot provide “after sales service” :)
  • Please read through the post before attempting this. You need to have some sort of understanding as to how the iPhone works. This guide is not for beginners and I suggest that if you do feel uneasy, to rather leave it until Vodacom brings out the correct settings

VODACOM – If you are using a Mac download & extract this zip file -> Vodacom Carrier Settings Mac (Settings built into firmware)

VODACOM – If you use Windows download & extract this zip file -> Vodacom Carrier Settings – Windows (Settings built into firmware)

MTN – If you are using a Windows download & extract this zip file -> MTN Carrier Settings – Windows

MTN – If you are using a Mac download & extract this zip file -> MTN Carrier Settings – Mac

Step 1 – Uninstall any previous profile settings used

Uninstall any previous Profile settings used to set up MMS or tethering,by going to Settings -> General -> Profile and remove any other existing profiles you may have installed

Step 2 – Enabling iTunes to allow you to run the carrier file:

  • If you using a Mac, run the enable-carrier-testing.command file, in the above zip file, to set iTunes to allow updating the Carrier settings on the phone.
  • If you are using a Windows PC, run the enable-carrier-testing.cmd file in the zip file, to set iTunes to allow updating the Carrier settings on the phone.

Step 3 – Enabling the carrier (ipcc file) using iTunes

  • Plug-in you iPhone into your computer and open iTunes.
  • Select your iPhone in iTunes
  • If you are using Mac, Option(alt) & click on the Check For Update button
  • If you are using Windows, shift & click on the Check for Update button
  • Browse to where you extracted the zip files from above.
  • In the Files of Type drop down, chose iPhone Carrier Configuration files (*.ipcc) and then in the /Custom folder
  • Select the Vodafone_za.ipcc file, and press OK for VODACOM
  • Select the MTN_za.ipcc file, and press OK for MTN
  • This will load the Carrier file with all the correct settings for MMS & Internet tethering

Step 4 – Finish Up

  • Restart your iPhone
  • Once the phone has restarted check your settings in General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network. There should be settings for Cellular Data and MMS
  • You should now be able to set up Tethering and send & receive MMS’s
  • If you wish to revert back to the original settings follow step 3 above and use the ipcc file in the “Original” folder of the extracted zip file
  • Ensure you can make and receive calls after completing the above steps
  • You may find that you can’t send MMS’s for a short while after setting this up. We are working on the issue


23/6: Added MTN zip files
24/6: Replaced Vodacom Original .ipcc file with updated .ipcc file
26/6: Updated Custom Vodacom .ipcc file to new one provided by PJ. Should fix MMS problems while in 3g
26/6: Unlinked to Vodacom files, as reports of Calls dropping & no connectivity
29/6: Linked Vodacom files back to original version. These .ipcc files seems a lot more stable

551 replies on “Enable Vodacom iPhone MMS & Tethering”

Sorry guys, have updated the links for the files. should all be good now :)

Can the config be loaded from the web and I see the Visual voicemail which vodacom promised, the settings have disappeared.
How does one remove these settings?

The config is not the same as the .mobileconfig so it cannot be loaded from the web or sent via email. The .mobileconfig is more for enterprise use to distribute non-carrier configurations. The .mobileconfig profiles also only supports modifying the main APN.

The .ipcc provided here is the same file format Apple uses to updated carrier files on iPhones via iTunes. The format supports more functionality than the .mobileconfig profiles.

The reason the visual voicemail settings were visible in the virgin install of iPhone OS 3.0 is because Vodacom did not provide Apple with an updated carrier file. Which means the default settings were set, that allowed the APN to be used for mobile data and visual voicemail. APN’s are shown based on the type-mask setting on the APN in the carrier file.

In this config I’ve set the mobile data APN to only allow mobile data and tethering. One could add an APN with the type-mask set to allow visual voicemail. The MMS APN is set to only allow MMS. Some of the .mobileconfigs floating around on the internet set the main APN to allow mobile data, mms and visual voicemail which causes few issues.


I’m not sure why MTN settings are needed. I have no problem with MTN MMS and tethering. PJ, are new settings required for MTN to solve the MTN to vodacom MMS?

MTN supports MMS and Data over the same APN. Vodacom does not. :-) The phone needs to be told what APN to use for each service. Bad that Vodacom was not ready with this for the iPhone 3.0 launch!

good to hear MTN is working – did you just install the file from the original post ??

Thanks Marc – USB tethering worked 100% – but after pairing with my Macbook Pro running Leopard, the Bluetooth “Connect to Network” option was greyed out until I realised there’s a Bluetooth Firmware Update available via Software Update – since I updated, Bluetooth tethering works 100% as well!

@malcolm.. I had the same problem, but had already done the firmware update. The only way I fixed it was to restore the phone and delete all “iPhone” related settings in Network preferences.

@Mark I entered MTN MMS settings manually, then used the to enable tethering. Both are working 100%. (it was awesome, I forwarded an MMS while tethering – 3 new iPhone features in 1 go!)

at the risk of over staying my welcome here – visual voicemail on MTN ?? doesn’t even appear under the Network section to add settings ?

PJ and I were just chatting and we discovered that the voicemail button does not work on MTN out-the-box… will need an updated ipcc file to get this working


thanks !!! guess what I am doing when I get out of the office tonight !!

@Mark… posted that too quickly.. MTN doesn’t support visual voicemail… however, the voicemail button can be programmed to dial 121 for the standard MTN voicemail.

PJ right, so that brings up my other question, how does one uninstall the ipcc file or does it have to be over written?
Well done on getting the command script to allow for the Ipcc loading that was my stumbling block.
I see you have not enabled the call forwarding and forwarded settings in the ipcc, nor have you loaded any custom logos :)
There is an accounts page for vodacom users, (not easily viewable on the iphone but none the less its there) looks pretty straight forward to change and create a MTN or Cell c (do they still exist?) also virgin.

@eel doesn’t seem like you can unistall the ipcc file. There is an original one in the zip.
WRT to Call forwarding, I still have this setting in my options ?

Hey, just stumbled on your site after updating to 3.0…read everything and downloaded the zip for windows and ran the cmd script, tried updating via itunes but when I surf to the folder its only searching for ipsw files not ipcc…so maybe its cause I’m a noob but now I’m stumped. Oh, I’m running windows 7 if thats any help?

@eel You have to overwrite the orignal. The orginal IPCC file that is included in the zip is the one that ships with the OS.

I’ve only added the correct MMS and Tethering settings in the IPCC. If you do not set the settings in the IPCC it will revert to the default setting. You can easily play with the IPCC to enable disable features.

For the sake of the average consumer I left the IPCC files pretty standard just adding what they need.

PS. I am currently playing with setting up my own Visual Voicemail Server. Just need to understand the format the “Phone App” want the IMAP messages to be in. Vodacom supports voicemail to email so I can get the audio file no problem….just need to figure out the headers its looking for. :-)

K, my pc hates me, that or my iphone does…didnt have the ipcc file in dropdown menu so used the old *.* method found it then got ‘…could not be updated. an unknown error occured (-27)’ any ideas? rebooted both pc and iphone and same error

PJ / garymeyerza – posting from Mac tethered to iPhone on MTN – work straight away p ity the MT network is crap but that’s a whole different issue !!

Thanks again

Hi Mark, thx for the info, mms and tethering working fine, but can you send/receive business cards?

Hi Mark, nice blog, helped me pretty much to use my austrian Here is some nice homepage with configs for every country: maybe you should add the south african providers ;-) (using your computer you get to the blog and using your iphone you get to the config downloads)

Cheers, Andy

I have updated the post with the Carrier file for MTN – Thanks PJ :)

Thank you very much for the files. Works like a charm on my MTN iPhone.

No luck for my Vodacom one. (still fails @ 90%).
Any chance that Vodac might block iPhone IMEI?

@Steph I have spoken a few people complaining that Vodacom doesn’t work after the initial update. It seems that after about an hour or so, it seems to come right and then can send and receive. I think this is def something on their side

I’ve tried your down load and the settings provided prior and i still can’t get mms to work. Is there an issue with the network in Durban??
The settings allow me to access the MMS function but i can’t send. My phone appears to time out.
how ever I have received an mms from a mate with an iPhone!!!! any ideas.

@Deon I had this same issue last night, and I was in Ballito. This morning it worked 100%
Try turning the phone on and off. Mine seemed to work when I moved into a new tower, so I I think it is Vodacom…

I also get different results in different areas.

Vodacom is one of the carriers with the worst cellular data networks in the world. There are quite a few dead spots when moving between towers and the uplinks at the towers also might affect service. I had an issue a months ago with a Vodacom tower’s speed and one of their technical guys told me that the tower uplink was only 128Kbps and they had quite a few 3G devices connected to it. My battery also lasted so much longer in the US on the AT&T network than on Vodacom just because of the quality of reception. I also head that Vodacom uses a mixture of radio brands in their network mesh which causes a lot of issues for them.

I really think Vodacom is preventing the proper function of the MMS on iPhones.

1. I inserted my sim in a SE P1i with the same setting Works!
2. Those who are reporting successful MMS do they belong to the 082 99x xx xx to 999 xx xx range? ( Vodac VIP’s)
3. Is there any importance how the MY NUMBER is entered ( ie +27 (82) xxx xx xx or (082) xxx xx xx)

It would be nice to get the vodac rep to answer some of the questions.

Last shame on you Vodacom not to be ready for the OS 3.0 the SDK has been seeded months ago!

Quick update I have send MMS from to my iphone and it has arrived! but I can’t Mobile originate an MMS as yet

It would be wonderful to have mms right now, but it sounds too complicated. Hate to mess up my phone.

Question is – if a member of the public can offer this info already why can’t VodaCom send us these settings now? Because they just don’t care. They enjoy the prestige of having iPhone and vastly overcharge for it but offer very little service! M

Followed instructions and USB Tethering works. However still cannot get MMS working. Seems to send message but stops at 80-90% Am on Vodacom. Downloaded V3.0 from iTunes logged in as USA account. About tells me it is 3.0(7A341)
Or does this not matter.
Tried sending MMS from vodacom4me but does not receive it (ported my 083 to Vodacom when I got the iPhone on contract..)

Clemens, try and see if MMS works in about an hour. A few guys have mentioned it doesn’t seem to work straight away

Have been a few hours! And then I manually entered the Network setting a few days ago – gave me exactly the same symptom

@Clemens, Very strange. Quick question are you on the iPhone package. Mate of mine had this issue, and it seem to work later. Also try and reboot the phone. Also could be the tower you in. Last night, I couldn’t send MMS’s, but when I moved into the next tower, it worked 100%. Let us know how it goes

Awesome guys!!
I tried all those .mobileconfig files found all over the net but with all of them my tethering option kept disappearing.
Just installed your .ipcc files from my Mac and low and behold – working!! AWESOME :-D Thanx a million!!!!
Now my MMS just won’t send and receive on Vodacom :-(

Slightly off topic, but oh my word!! Used your .ipcc files and changed the carrier files in there. I now have my own carrier logos without even jail breaking my phone :-) How Awesome!!!

Not sure if the “image codes” work here, but here they are anyways:

Sorry for all the msgs guys. Like 3 posts in a row now…

MMS, hmmm… On 3G I can’t send or receive MMS. As soon as I turn 3G off (use GPRS) then I can receive MMS (not send yet though). Weird hey??

Still no luck here MMS still stall at around 90%
@Charlie – just curiosity which one of you app support notification?

@Steph – assuming you mean which Push Notification apps do I have?
Currently using Beejive, AIM, LeafTrombone, Tap Tap Revenge 2.6
How about you? Loving the push though – it’s awesome :-)

@Louis – it is weird. I wonder if it has something to do with Vodacom?

Thanks – MMS and tether working perfectly on Iphone Vodacom – Now if they could only give us a Video Recorder for the 3G phone there’ll be no need to jailbreak anymore

@Charlie – I sent over 3G – the phone that received is also on Vodacom – haven’t tested with MTN

Have been reading through hundreds of posts on MyBroadband and there seems to be big problems with ipcc files :-(
Just tried the new ones on here (updated today) but still can’t send MMS on 3G.
Might just have to wait till Vodacom “officially” rleases their own files (if they do).


There is an issue with MMS on 3G. Some people have success with the ipcc some don’t. We testing various configuration to see if it is something on the iPhone side causing the issue. I think new ipcc’s will be launced for Vodacom when the iPhone 3Gs launches in SA.

@ PJ & Charlie

Vodacom told me that we will be able to do SMS after iPhone software release 3.01.

Goodness knows when that will be. Their attitude was that it’s a technical iPhone issue not a tacky-service-from-Vodacom issue.

Who to believe :-(
Golan Cipel

Hmmm… so we have to wait for 3.01 – sounds like Vodacom was sleeping and didn’t supply their own ipcc file to Apple in time.

Worked like a charm!

My iPhone 3G on MTN is tethering, sending and receiving MMS to my hearts content.


@Charlie – Beejive & Tap Tap. love them …

Not sure if it is related but with the provided IPCC I experienced a huge number of dropped calls, reverting to to original sorted it out directly

I’ve got iTunes and i am unable to,

“In the Files of Type drop down, chose iPhone Carrier Configuration files (*.ipcc)”

any suggestions?

Thanx in advance :)

@Steph – yip, the ipcc files are causing a lot of havoc at the moment. I’ve actually reverted my iPhone back to it’s original status and haven’t loaded any ipcc files again. I have MMS now (just put the settings in manually) and will do without tethering until a stable ipcc is released :-)

@ Charlie.

Are the manual settings For only MMS complicated or diifficult to enter? Does it work reliably? M


Set it up yesterday & mms seems to be working fine, but tethering not at all….bluetooth doesnt want to pick up any devices & the phone doesnt get picked up by the laptop. My phone can get picked up by a nokia phone but the iphone doesnt pick up any devices.

@Ockert the iPhone is only discoverable when it is in the bluetooth menu in setting otherwise it stays hidden

@Michael go to Setting–>general–>Network–>Cellular Data Network

MMSC Proxy (you can try experimenting port 9201 as well)

Leave all other field blank
you can also do it with a mobileconfig file – less radical than ipcc file
Browse from your MOBILE safari to

The blue tooth is on & it says that its “now discoverable”
& then it just searches for devices, but picks nothing up???

@Ockert – on a Mac make sure you have updated to Bluetooth Firmware 2.0 using system update.
On a PC ….. sorry I am out there….. So many different hardware …


Yip, as mentioned, correct settings:
MMSC Proxy

Just had a callback from Vodacom too – they say that they are still testing MMS and Tethering and it should be available in the next firmware upgrade… Seems like they weren’t paying attention over the past few months when the other networks were testing the betas.


Shouldn’t be that intimidating – only filling in three boxes :-)
Now ipcc files can get a bit intimidating…

Just downloaded the new ipcc files that were uploaded today – gonna try them out tonight – wish me luck ;-)

@Charlie – IPCC is just a zip in a disguise …. :)

Are the new ones the one linked above ?


Yip, I know it’s just a zip in disguise but they “can” be dangerous – screwing with your settings big time. Had lots of problems with the previous ones.
Yip, the ones listed above are the new ones :-) At the bottom of the post you’ll see a changelog :-)

Gonna try them now…

@Charlie Thanks , I just used it and ….. No MMS for me + I can’t even finish a call now without being dropped. reverting to the original

Damn, wish I saw your post first. I just tried it too and no MMS over 3G yet :-( Now restoring my phone from scratch again…
Think I’m just gonna leave all ipcc files alone until it is definitely working or until Vodacom (eventually) releases it.
*slap on the hand* no more tinkering…

@Steph & @Charlie
Apologies bout those files. We tested and they seemed good to go. I have disabled the links for now, till I can revert back to the older ipcc files which seemed to work. Will update ASAP

I am also done with IPCC I tried my cocktails other people mixtures, no luck.
Entering the setting manually allows me to receive only.

For those desperate for tethering and depleting their data bundles before month end has got a mobileconfig that works.

In the meantime, we did without MMS for a while, I guess we can wait a little longer

Thanx @Marc. Will keep an eye out for them.

@Steph – Weird, I can send and receive with the manual settings (over GPRS and 3G). Did you do a full restore (without restoring a backup) and then try the manual settings? That’s what I’ve done :-)

Hi Guys,

Here are the state of things:

We have mixed results with both sets of ipcc’s that were posted. I personally have noticed that on some Vodacom towers they work correctly and some not. I have several people confirming this. The original ipcc’s seemed to work better than the latests ones.

Technically the latest ipcc modifications are correct (same settings as in majority of the Vodafone carrier ippc’s).

I first suspected a bug in the Phone OS when trying to switch APN’s. But this did not explain the fact that the ipcc works perfectly on certain towers. But then again according to a source, Vodacom uses two different brands of radios and the bug might only occur when connected to one of the radio brands. Or there are just issues with the configuration of some of the towers and no bug in the software. This is however not based on facts and only a theory. For carriers like MTN where one APN supports both tethering, data and mms there are no call drop issues, because no switching between APN’s are required. (Lucky bastards :) )Hopefully Vodacom complete their testing before the launch of the iPhone 3Gs in July and submit an updated carrier file to Apple by then.

If anyone think they have a good theory on what the issue can be let me know? Two heads are better than one. More than two heads are even better. ;-)

Tip: You can use the iPhone Configuration Utility (Can be downloaded from Apple’s Website) to check the logs on your phone when you experience call drops, sending MMS’ and Tethering. You can also use the Field Test Application on the iphone to view APN (PDP Contexts) information. To access the Application you just dial *3001#12345#* on the keypad.

I do not recommend that anyone try this. Only if you are comfortable and familiar with doing things like this.

I will test and try a few more options in the ipcc’s for one last time and respond if I figure out anything new.



I have updated the Vodacom files back to the first IPCC’s which seem to work.

Anyone brave enough to test the original files? I’ve reloaded like 4 or 5 times and really don’t want to do a full reload if it doesn’t work again ;-)
Funny enough – my MMS has stopped working (manual settings with no ipcc files) and it used to work – weird.

Sorry, I am not trying anymore, after restoring for the x time I can finally talk without the call being dropped.
I have the tethering enabled via .mobileconfig file

So far OS 3.0 – Better Mobile Safari, Forward SMS, Shake to untype (Undo), Voice recorder, Find my iPhone. All theses make it a nice upgrade, not a revolutionary one, but definitely an evolutionary one.

Vodacom just need to join the party…. for us to get MMS

MMS works 100% thanks but I get tethering error=”To enable tethering on this account contact Vodacom”. I contacted Vodacom and their story is that they dont know anything about iphone dialup capabilities. Any help will be appreciated.

Disappointed! I followed all the instructions here last week and everything was running fine ….
Suddenly today, I have no MMS! The APN settings are all there, but I don’t have the little camera in my messaging!
I really don’t want to go through everything again!
Any suggestions?

Please please please can we get CellC ipcc up, I’m going crazy trying to get this to work :(

Apple has seeded OS 3.1 (Build: 7C97d) will download and install
Changes include MMS activated by default (except for AT&T). Oh Baseband has been updated as well. Ultrasn0w users should beware.
Busy downloading..

Steph – Looked to update to 3.1 Itunes says 3.0 is current. Where you find 3.1?

@Peter – Sorry it’s a Beta developer only … But if it has been seeded now, it means only a couples of weeks before public release (normally).

Thanks Steph…will wait. My mms and teathering is working fine, just can’t receive business card from other phones, but get them if I send to myself.

Hi guys, i cant get my MMS to work on vodacom. Tethering is working fine. i have a 3G. i followed the new instructions. when i send an MMS it says failed all the time. please help

@Steph – thanks, “My Number” still there, but still no luck.

APN settings all there, but no camera icon in messaging. Tethering works…
Tried re-setting and re-installing, but no luck. dreading the thought of re-doing the upgrade to 3

I know, stupid question, but is MMS turned on under messages in settings?

@Charlie … I am in IT support in my company …. I am blushing … ;-)
Thank you!!!

@Rory – ha ha – always look at the simple things first. Glad it’s working ;-)

Version 3.1? Installed – Vodacom did not provide settings in this beta for MMS or tethering. My suspicion is that it is a quick release to counter Ultrasn0w unlockers. I played with it for an hour now the OS seems more responsive, but it could be the fresh install that does that.

@Steph – sooo jealous you have the new beta…
Hopefully Vodacom will submit it before it is officially release…

Thanks!. The settings seems correct after the change i.e camera appears in messages and just need to test internet tethering.

so does anyon now what could be the problem with my MMS? i have setup everything properly and MMS is ON under message settings

@Andy – if you are on Vodacom it depends what hardware and software revision the tower has, on some it will work, and on some not. If you are on a cell set that does not support it, and if any data is entered in the MMS setting , you will be likely to have an increased incidence of dropped (failed) calls. It looks like vodac has been more busy investing in coverage that stability. I am affraid it is going to be a while before we will all be able to MMS.

I stand to be corrected on everything said above theses are info collected from diverse sources. One of them is a Spanish Network engineer on a contract here for Vodac.

MMS only worked for one day when i was at work and now it does not not work even from the office.oh well… i guess i just have to wait..

@ Steph

As a layman I don’t get it. Why is setting up mms on an iPhone more complex or unstable than other phones?

Another point, perhaps the blog moderator should remove your mention of the nationality of the guy who gives you info. He could get major flack from Vodacom. :-)


It was a Spanish team here they have left the country about 8 months ago for another destination …….. I skyped him for help….
And you are right Michael there is no reason why it shouldn’t work …..

Thanks for the help & advice @Steph :)
sorry been so quiet round here, been hectic ;)


Does the iphone seem anything like any other phone you have used? :-)

The iphone is a bit different in the way it switches between PDP Contexts (APN’s). Because of push notifications it always needs to maintain a connection to the data APN while connecting to another APN for MMS. Also remember when you are using another phone you do not use the APN for data and those phones just drop the one APN completely to switch over to the next.

In the logs of the phone I’ve noticed that calls are dropped when the iPhone tries to switch between APN’s.

One some cell towers the calls however do not drop when this switching happens.

There is definitely something on the network side that needs to be updated to support the iPhone.

In the ippc files that Marc disabled the settings are theoretically correct as per all the other Vodafone ipcc files. The iphone switch fine between APN’s on other networks without dropping calls.

I would suggest to sit tight and wait for them to sort it out.



@PJ – Thanks that really confirm my info.

Now the questions we must get answers ..

1) Would it be now economical enough for Vodac to upgrage / Flash / change hardware, to please Vodac iPhone customers ?

2) Have a look at look at the South African apple page …./za/iphone compared to /iphone ==> no MMS

3) AT&T probably will never supoort MMS, is it for the same reasons?

Last thank you Apple for making SDK 3.1 even a larger download…. Bandwidth is so cheap in SA :) and also thank you for not changing the API’s that I have been working on ….

@PJ (thanks also @Steph)

Thanks for the detailed response. I won’t pretend to understand it all :-). But insofar as you refer to problems that arise from supporting push, does this mean that Blackberries have the same problems with mms?

If this is an infrastructure problem, as you seem to suggest, I worry whether we will ever get mms because Vodacom don’t really seem to be interested in iPhone.

That said, it’s nevertheless an awsome device which has probably spooky me for any other phone!


I’m using the iPhone 3GS… I think? and work on a Mac OS X 10.4.11… A couple of things if someone could pls help…
1 – If I send an MMS to myself I receive it – but doesn’t send to anyone else – can you assist with this pls?
2 – How do I tell if my phone is 3G or 3GS?
3 – Want to jailbreak my phone… any suggestions?
PS Haven’t stated playing around with Tethering yet….
THX – Mo

Adding to my note above… the reasonI ask whether I have the 3G or 3GS (which may seem silly) but since I sent me handset in for repairs and they replaced it – I’ve now got a phone with a whole bunch of new features… like copy & paste, a voice recorder, search option etc.

Another question please – at the risk of sounding like an idiot! What is the iPhone OS 3.0?

THX a mil


1) If you read the full Blog you going to see to very few people has a full success with MMS
2) You have probably the 3G with the upgraded OS 3.0 the 3GS will be available later on this month I believe
3) Google Ultrasn0w – but I really can’t recommend jailbreaking an IPhone. Developers spent time and resources into developing Apps, they deserve the little fee charged.

Adding on my previous post – Apple has updated the baseband in the last beta 3.1, it will probably brick any jailbroken iPhone

@Steph – thanks so much for your help – I’m not very familiar with all the technical terms!
I thought “Jailbreaking” meant allowing you to download applications that Vodacom had blocked… I can’t download anything from on the internet onto my iPhone! Didn’t realise that it meant “stealing” software! Not my style…
But can’t download Skype or even open pdfs / other documents on my phone – are you able to help with this?
Gees got a bit of a scare when I tried the above settings – my phone wouldn’t receive calls – have reverted back to the origional… seems fine now (fingers crossed X)… but I’m sure the was an extra item under “Cellular Data – setting…” for the internet?!?! Or am I dreaming…
Thanks again for explaining everything to me….

Another quick question pls…. What should I fill in under my VPN account info?

Hey Mo. You should be able to get some apps from the app store on your phone. Try going to the App store icon on your phone and then browse for apps from there. They automatically download and install onto the phone for you

@Mo – cellular data should read this is the iPhone APN

The easiest way to install Apps would be via iTunes on your Mac, open a account et voila the freedom of thousand of apps

The VPN setting are for accessing a private network from your phone (ie home / office ) but this is a long topic …..

@Mo. No need to fill anything in under the VPN settings. Just leave it all blank

@Marc & Steph… thank you so so much… Will try both iTunes & App Store! Really want to get the most out of my iPhone but not too clued up… Thanks a mil & have a fabulous day…

I can only send
MMS over 3G network and not edge and I cannot receive any MMS’. Am I doing something wrong as I followed the instructions to the letter. Pls help. Thank

Just a quick note that if you are running 64 bit OS then the CMD file doesn’t work. The file should read “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 for 64 bit OS. You will know you need this if a) you are running Vist 64 and when you go to select the ipcc file it isn’t listed.

This may be common knowledge to some of you but this is how I got mine to work. ***It looks like we have to be on the APN for both MMS and tethering to work***.

1. on the iPhone goto
2. download and install the vodacom profile or follow marcforrest’s way..both methinds kind of do the same but I found the first option less painful. If you check your iPhone settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Nework, you should see the APN set to And in settings>General>Network you should see a button ‘setup tethering” or “tethering off”
3. Goto safari and try to access google or any site for that matter. If it fails to connect then step 4 is for you otherwise you should be able to MMS and tether(if this is the right word).
4. Call your service provider (vodacomsp,nashua,altech,etc) and ask them to provision your SIM on the iPhone APN( Its free and the same databundle costs that you are on will apply. I suppose it is Vodafone’s way of tracking usage before they wack us with some fee later on.
5. wait a couple of hours for the network provisioning to take place and you should be tethering and MMS’ing away.You will know that the provisioning is done when step 3 above does not fail.

Hope this helps.

After you went to and downloaded the config file, did you not enter any settings for MMS on the iPhone itself? And your MMS worked?
How about sending an MMS when your iPhone is connected to the 3G network – did that work?

Thanks a lot! Followed your instructions and MMS and tethering is working perfectly on my 3G iPhone now with MTN

mms & tethering working, but cannot access internet from iphone when away from wi-fi spot 3g & edge on, have ip address, am I overlooking something??????

Hi there.

Tethering works perfectly and MMS sending (to all networks) works perfectly but for some strange reason, I can only receive
MMS messages from Vodacom numbers. I am a Vodacom subscriber. Has anyone else experienced this problem on the Vodacom network and if so, could you help me sort this out if you found a solution. Would really appreciate it.

My email address is [email protected]


after 3.0 update my 3G showed mms on/off but no tethering option,which by the way i am able to do now thanks to sites like these
i mistakenly hit option retsore in itunes and lo and behold my mms works like a charm
for those of us who constantly jailbreak their iphones it was an honest for those of you who cant get these settings to work try option restore on mac only sorry guys i dont know the procedure for windows users

Bluetooth issues, anyone?? Tethering works, as does mms, but I cannot even pair the phone via BT, mch less tether. Any suggestions?

Apple has seeded 3.1 Beta 2 (7C106c) and Vodacom has provided settings!
I have tried yet but here they are


Proxy :
MMS max message size : 307200

Oh and tethering is enabled

I will try and see if they do work …

Quick update!
It finally works for me! Last thing is to see if my call & signal stability won’t be affected

Also I am not too sure if theses setting will work on version 3.0
Apple has always been very secretive about version history of the Betas (and RCs and final products)

@Marc – Generally Apple releases 3 or 4 Betas before an RC.
On average a release every 4 – 6 weeks, so a wild guess would be the earliest 3 months.

Call stability is still an issue, but this happens only when a failed MMS stays in your inbox or while one is sent to you.

The solution is to try resending manually or delete the message.
I guess the OS try resending after every failed attempt if stays in your Messages.

In case of receiving a message, you will experience stability issues till it has been successfully delivered or timed out.

Vodacom has integrated the iPhone 3G in the self help *111#, but to my knowledge iPhone does not support OTA

I’ve installed the custom ipcc file for Vodacom and MMS now works perfectly, thanks! But…since this file changes the APN to I now get an error “…could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service…”. I’m on 3G and I then can’t surf the web. If I change the APN to INTERNET as per original setting I’m able to surf the net but can’t send MMS. Is there a fix for this?

@Moe – you need to call Vodacom and have them activate the Vodacom APN on your account. Or you can go to the vodacom4me website and activate it yourself…

@Moe – forgot to ask – your MMS working over GPRS as well as 3G?? Please test it on 3G…

I have the dubious unenviable priviledge of having a Service Provider other than Vodacom so when I called to ask Vodacom to do the activation of the iPhone APN on my number they told me only my SP could do it. I called my SP shortly after that and they said it’ll take between 2-24 hours for the activation to be effected! So thanks a lot Charlie for your help. MMS is working on 3G as well.

Confirmed now – my iPhone APN has been activated and is working successfully for both internet connectivity on 3G/GPRS/EDGE and MMS. Thanks for this site!!!

So after testing it, I can send but cannot receive :/

I am on vodacom. I can still receive calls, surf the net, email etc.

What next to try?

@Richard – honestly, I’m waiting till Vodacom officially releases it hopefully in the next firmware. Just been waaaay too much effort to try getting it working properly…

The enable-carrier-testing.command file doesn’t really work on iTunes 8.2.1 and/or Windows 7? I applied it successfully yesterday on a spare laptop running WinXP/iTunes 8.0 but on a different PC running iTunes 8.2.1/Windows 7 the file doesn’t run.

I’ve installed the custom ipcc file for Vodacom. But it did not change the APN setting from I still got the error “…could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service…”. I just changed the APN to INTERNET as per original setting and I’m now able to surf the net

@Neville, according to vodacom, you APN settings should never be internet but rather

If you have more issues you can ask them to deactivate your internet service, and then re-activate.

I found the following resource for how to create your own carrier bundle file. I haven’t tried it though and was only interested in the tip about how to re-enable ipcc file injection in iTunes 8.2 as Apple had broken it with this update. The injection of ipcc files on Windows 7/iTunes 8.2 is now working perfectly on my PC.

All credits to jhay at Xsellize forum.

HI there please help me. after jailbraking my iphone 3g 3.0 i cant seem to make calls/recieve them, its says no servise. And i dont have the option to select or choose network Carrier, Iuse vodacom.



@Sanele – Put your iPhone in restore mode, and restore the original OS.
There is really no reason to Jailbreak a South African iPhone!

Apple has seeded last night to developers OS 3.1 Beta 3 (7C116a), suggesting that the rumored September release is likely to happen.

Busy downloading….

I will revert if any changes in Vodac settings have been integrated in this release


What does it mean to say that Apple have “seeded” something to developers? I see this term used often in this context but don’t know what it means.

@ Michael

It basically means – The new version is available for download!
I suppose the term comes from Bittorrent ” seeding a file” but I stand to be corrected

Hi Steph

Thanx for the rely.

@Sanele – Put your iPhone in restore mode, and restore the original OS.
There is really no reason to Jailbreak a South African iPhone

How to i do this? on the phone?

Long time follower, first time poster here. I have had an interesting experience with MMS on MTN, this did not happen when I did a normal upgrade to 3.0, but only after I did a clean install. As soon as I’ve send an MMS, my 3G connection becomes completely unstable, it shows full strength, but no data comes through. Tested it again last night, did a clean install, as soon as I send an MMS, my 3G connection collapses. Don’t think its the IPCC, just want to know is anyone else is also experiencing this (my tethering is not enabled currently), so am looking for solutions, don’t mind working with swirlyMMs, but miss the iphone MMS integration

@ Izak – Could be a few issues.

Instability in call & data while MMS’ing I really start to believe it is an issue of ageing network (Vodac, MTN, AT&T) Depending on which hardware your neighboring cell uses and their ability to handle multiple PDP context lists and so on …
It seems our networks have greatly invested in marketing & coverage instead of quality. At least ICASA for a change will do something useful and will fine operators not sticking to quality.

When you Jailbreak an iPhone (to use swirly MMS in you case) the BaseBand of the phone is tampered with.., could also cause trouble. BTW the BaseBand in 3.1 has been modified again so all you you with Jailbroken iPhones watch for the bricking when you upgrade.

To get an accurate signal reading, not the bars, you can enter field test mode *3001#12345#*, you’ll have an accurate db reading


I run iTunes 8.2 on Windows.
When i shift & click the Check for Update button it won´t give me option to choose between *.ipsw & *.ipcc.
I only got *.ipsw. Meaning i cant upload any of the files to my phone ….

Any suggestions?

Hi guys, I’ve tried mpieters way ( ) and the way on this site. Every time I manage to turn tethering on, restart my iphone, check my settings to connect on web and mms, but as soon as i plug my iphone into usb to tether, it loses Internet Tethering disappears off network options. How do I get it to stick? I tried to tether by bluetooth, this worked, but when I plug in to USB it disappears. Any ideas?


Whoa. UPDATE. As a last resort I selected custom ipcc again, DID NOT restart iphone and plugged in iPhone and left iPhone plugged in. Then turned on tethering and it worked! I hope it sticks though… thanks.

@Mark – let us know if it sticks. I used to have the same problem with the tethering disappearing all the time. Decided to just hang tight until Vodacom officially releases it…

Yep. didn’t stick. Actually, I managed to connect via my iPhone and connection was slow, but tolerable. It lasted about 30 min then just cut out. Went Network>General and the option was now to “Set up Internet Tethering” which, when pressed pops up a message “Set up Internet Tethering: To enable tethering on this account, contact Vodacom”

Oh well, Guess I’ll have to hang tight like Charlie. Come on Vodacom, make it happen! Thanks for the short lived dream though, Marcforrest.



Version 3.1 has got tethering option by default. It works at decent speeds depending of signal quality. The Bluetooth option is nice, but the battery get chowed quickly, obviously that does not happens with the cable (speeds are the same). We are now @ Beta 3. The rumor is a public release for September, so not much longer to wait…

I did the Jail Break but i dont see the option for mms,
Running version 3.0
Please Help

Anyone no when the Bluetooth patch will be release for os 3.0 to transfer files etc

Can Recevie mms from Vodacom but none other,
I am a vodacom Subscriber,. cant receive from CELL C or MTN

@Paul – Bluetooth OBEX file transfer probably never! Apple has disabled it on purpose. I am aware of a private API using OBEX. but no application using it will ever be approved. If you want more than syncing for your iPhone there a few very good apps the appstore such as Air Sharing. As for MMS …. patience it is coming we hope at least. Anyone noticed that the new 3Gs sold by Vodacom does NOT advertise MMS, not in the newspapers, billboards, or web …

This works brilliant. I cannot thank you enough. 5 star show. everything works with V3.0.1. thanks

The new iPhone upgraded software is now available on the SA iTunes store. Michael

Sorry for the false alarm over the iPhone upgrade. I got so excited when it popped up on my iTunes screen this evening, and spent hours downloading it later only to discover it’s not very exciting :-(. Michael

@Charlie – Coming soon, the question is for the SA maps timing & retail way. An educated guess would be Around R1500.00 for the window holder + app + map + 4 updates (1Year). The SA maps should be around 70MB. One of the chain retailers will sale the hardware + promo code or voucher for the appstore.

@ Michael 3.1 rumored for Septembre, but will Vodac be ready for it……

Well it looks like I’ve sorted out my MMS/3G problems on MTN. Seems that the problem is because the APN for internet and MMS is different (although you can use myMTN for internet), so I set both to myMTN and now its working *touch wood*

@Steph – What kind of changes have you picked up in 3.1? I have to say, 3 is working 100% for me, except for the nasty MMS thing as mentioned above

@Izak – if they could sell the SA one (with the holder) for like R1500 – awesome!!!!!! Wonder how they would do a promo code – to my knowledge promo codes are only available in the US iTunes Store. Maybe we will be able to purchase the SA maps normally through the iTunes Store and then purchase the holder in a retail store?
Can’t wait!!!!


Mobile Safari – Autofill, Hotspot login ***fixed***
Wifi – Better Stability
General – seems more responsive
Vodac – Carrier updated to include MMS settings & tethering
Apple is always very discreet these are the obvious ones, I am sure under the hood there is more.

@Charlie – Maybe time for iTunes vouchers in SA …
I guess TomTom would like to limit to 1 map / device. Appstore allows 5 devices …. speculations are open :)
Handtec has got a provisional listing already

@Steph – Cool about the carrier update, cause then it would be very easy to derive a MTN carrier update from that file, like in 2.2.

Can’t wait for the tom tom gps software, but I am more anxious for the local maps of iGO my way gps software, mailed them to ask for a realease date but am still waiting

Off topic again (still in comms though)

Skype-in numbers available for SA! (011) dial code
Call plans also (like World 400 – 400 minutes to SA landlines + 40 other countries)

@Steph – yip it is quite off topic – but Skype-In numbers for SA – awesome!!!!!

MMS on Vodacom is broken again today, I called the customer care and was told that they (Vodacom) don’t support the iPhone 3G!!!

How is this possible that you could get the unofficial settings within a few days after the OS3 release, and we are still waiting the official settings from Vodacom???

@Barend – simple! Vodac is no ready to handle multiple APN’s or multiple PDP context lists. Hence the instability of the settings & calls. 90’s network in the 21st century (same for AT&T in US BTW)

VC is unstable with the iPhone in general. They are not equiped to handle all the services of it as they are wanting to make money without spending money. They need to beef up their services if they want to make more money. thats my opinion!

I agree with @richard here – the iPhone is an internet hungry phone and Vodacom has to seriously fix up their data stability on the network. Sad but true…

Nope these settings dont work or at least not 4 me.
is anyone else getting the mms thing 2 work?

Well done on all your hard work here – after following your procedures on MAC and Vodacom, seems that the MMS settings are correct – but when I click to setup tethering, I get this beautifull messagebox telling me to contact Vodacom for tethering. Do I need to be on the latest Firmware for the iPhone as well? 3.01 I think?

@Conrad its very wierd, most of the people that have used this method say it works 100%, but there are a couple of others that say it doesnt work at all…very strange. Is it a 3GS by any chance ?

I have tried this approach and when I get to the Step 4 and click on the Internet Tethering it tells me to contact Vodacom to enable the tethering service. When I contact Vodacom help desk they say they know nothing about this service and are “waiting for training”! I looove my new 32G 3GS but this is the singular biggest frustration, getting my iPhone set up as a modem/network access for my laptop!

@Graham -another 4 to 6 weeks I guess before the release of 3.1 it is definitely activated in that release. It should be nice on the 3Gs with HSPDA speeds …

As for MMS I still have my doubts …. it is so erratic I can’t see Vodac will officially be able to support it in September

Why is everybody else getting this right and im not, am i missing something? does it work on jailbroken phones?

@Tony Earl – very few a fully successful….. and it has not much to do with phone. The phone is just a bit too modern for the network …

hi,steph. i did it yesterday, tried it and it didn’t work. today after my post i tried it again and it went through. weird.

Not working for me either, I can activate MMS, send one MMS, after that my 3G is stuffed, so then I have to disable MMS, clean out the APN for the MMS and switch it off, then 3G works fine. So now I am just using Swirly till 3.1 (yes my phone is jailbroken)

how do you mean stuffed?

oh, did anyone(jailbroken phones) have trouble updating to 3.0.1? i lost all my jail broken stuff.

izak, why dont u try input the mms settings manually? if i knew them i wouldnt have gone through the whole process.

Tried it, and still did not work, I don’t use tethering because I prefer using PdaNet, but I do use MMS, so I can set it up, but with MTN, you have to SMS a code so they activate MMS on your phone, don’t really add aything, just an SMS stating its activated, but after that, I cannot use 3G, my connection is dead, I can either use EDGE or WiFi.

As soon as I disable MMS, but 3G returns to normal, I upgraded to 3.01, and also lost all my jailbreak apps, but I use pkg backup, so it was easy to get it all back

@Tont & Izak

A bit of a warning before upgrading Jailbroken iPhone to 3.1 in September. Apple has change the Baseband in the firmware, great chance it will be bricked

Well if MMS works in 3.1, I won’t need to jailbreak, although living without SBSettings will be hell on earth. But I usually wait till a working jailbreak appears before I do the leap of faith

You will lose all settings, apps etc when updating of a firmware. Its like a new install on a pc.

As for the MTN settings, use myMTN as the apn settings for both data and mms, you should be able to get away with that. I am not on MTN so cant confirm first hand, but have heard others use it fine.

I tried using myMTN as both the APN for internet and MMS, but as soon as I receive my activation sms from MTN, 3G fails.

An interesting point: this only occurred after I decided that I wanted to do a clean install of 3.0, when I just upgraded from 2.2.1 to 3.0, it was working 100%

@Izak, I have heard of that as well. I have gotten to the point now where I dnt do restores or upgrades. I do fresh installs rather. I found the results to be better. Better battery life, response times etc etc.

All we can really do is wait for 3.1 in Sep sometime. I currently use swirlyMMS just because I am tired of fighting with Vodacom. At the end of the day, VC and MTN need to address their current networks and upgrade them to current standards!

@Marc: Related to US Itunes Account – when you use the name generator – do you need to still use your own e-mail address so that they can send you activation links and stuff – or can you use the fake address.

im sure the dev team will fix the baseband problem with upgrading ultrasnow! i have faith in them. does anybody find delays in sending mms’s? mine take long to go through!

Look likes the a big month for Apple ahead

1) Snow Leopard is now GM and rumored to be released before end of August
2) OS3.1 next release is probably the GM as well
3) Keynote rumored for SEP 8 about perhaps “Cocktail” the new media format

Now we all have the settings for MMS and most of us have an unreliable service with theses.
We are a month or so before 3.1 sees daylight, will VC ask Apple to pull out the settings? Or will they be ready …
I am predicting if they don’t pull it out a Customer Support nightmare to happen

I also see that Entourage is coming to an end sometime end of next year – Microsloft will release Outlook for MAC…..hehe – shame – they just want more of that marvelous MAC-pie

@Conrad – I am definitely not going to to mourn RIP Entourage.I found it to go against MAC spirit, it is over – featured, non – intuitive, cumbersome app. I rather use Mail with it’s shortcomings than Entourage. (Nothing against M$, I use Excel & Word daily rather than Pages, Marinercalc or others)

I personally dont have much faith with VC right now. If they cant get the basics right of a 3G connection, then I am not confident that they will sort out the mms issues. I will continue to use swirly!

Just a note for some of those using this on an x64 system; the enable-carrier-testing.cmd file does this command:
“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Either change the file to reflect “Program Files (x86)” or just go there from a command prompt and type the above command yourself.

I have a 16GB iPhone 3. Sometimes it receives and sends mms’s, but mostly it doesn’t work. I can also no longer send multiple (group) sms’s. It’s weird because entering the configuration manualy or by Marc’s download, doesn’t seem to make a difference. I am also using the latest software release. My guess is that the network (Vodacom) can not fully support the phone. Anyone else have any similar problems?

Great installed tethering when I select US the tethering tab disapeared on my Iphone 3Gs any Ideas why

I have tried both methods, Itunes update using file and the method sent by NashuaMobile for Vodacom…
It starts sending mms get 90% finished and “hangs on the last 10%” then the network bars seem to dissapear and get a circle where the 3G use to be and then get message failed … on 16GB 3GS… ???

Any ideas?

The only part of the nashuamobile setup is after the reboot they say it should ask for your cell number.. I dont get this?
Thanks .. Awesome Site


You probably already entered you phone number in Setting –> Phone –> MyNumber that’s why it does not ask for it.

I suppose your operator is VC, not much to do … depends of your area. I have been traveling for two weeks now between JHB, CPT & DUR

CPT – Green Point, Sea Point, Bantry Bay, V&A, 100% success
DUR – CBD 0%, Umhlanga, Ballito, Umdloti 80% Success
JHB – 10 % success

Tested about 20 MMS on each area

It all depends of the hardware the station uses …

Snow Leopard realeased tomorrow. Next iPhone OS Beta, I hear is the GM one, due just after that. But I loose faith that a software solution is applicable as the network is archaic. A bit like a 1970 Ford with built in DVD & NAV

OFF TOPIC again,
Anybody had any luck getting the word from TomTom about their South African GIS release ?

@Steph, yes feedback was given that they do not have maps yet for SA….which brings up the question…what do their GPS’ use? Garmin maps….?!?!

@Richard – Always been very complicated.

TomTom Bought Teleatlas –> TeleAtlas bought 76% of Georigin –> Georigin owns 49% of MapIt …..

So it is quite local – Just a matter of converting the little 70 Megs of data to the iPhone … (compare to the 2Gigs of Western Europe map)

@vernon, try putting settings in manually! the settings 4 vc are somewhere round here

@Tony – No SA map as well for Navigon. I suppose they concentrate on the bigger markets first.

Snow Leopard – 7 gigs of hard drive back ! full 64 bit support for all intel core 2 duo. About 30$. Please ZA store don’t make us wait for weeks. I’ll have to get it on amazon otherwise. just can’t wait

The iStore in Sandton is having their launch tomorrow evening at 6pm. R329 for the upgrade :-)
I’m definitely gonna be there!!!

is it wrong if i try get it 4 free? R329 seems i bit much because its $29(R226) and i think u can download it from the apple website!

R329 is cheap in my opinion. It cost half of a PS3 game. I doubt you’ll be able to download it from Apple website, and even if you can, you are looking at around 6 Gigs.
Quick maths 6xR45 = R270 ( the cheapest int’l gigs I’ve found is SA) just for your ISP fees …

You can’t miss it! Coming down just after US embassy on your left.
A giant is lying on the grass

Its very easy to spot the iStore in Sandton…

This is off topic, but i am selling my iPhone 3G 8GB, its 2 months old with no scratches. It is jailbroken and unlocked on OS 3.0. MMS & Internet teethering is functional. This can be reverted to the normal OS 3.0, if required. Comes with invisible shield and a capdase cover. Email me on [email protected] if interested.


I was experiencing some issues but after following these steps… Woohoo, success! Thank you so much Marc :) You’re awesome! xXx

Snow leopard is awesome! Best R329.00 I have ever spent!

thanks for the MMS settings on ure site Marc. Worked like a bomb, vodacom customer care couldnt get it right ;)


@Chris – 100% Agree – Plenty new little things. it’s slimmer and faster.

Small tip for VC customers. nothing new but just a reminder. if you MMS keeps failing and you need it sent quickly. momentarily disable 3G in settings, the signal will drop and recover and then try again. Normally it works all the times.

so much snappier!!!! :) woot! and my discs actually eject out of my MBP now …

thanks for the tips re: MMS. I have only recently purchased an iphone so still getting the hang of it :)

Magic. It worked for me, usually i cant send MMS’s. If this works every time I will be really happy with my iPhone. I also seem to have sorted out the 3.0 upgrade terrible battery life.

“Small tip for VC customers. nothing new but just a reminder. if you MMS keeps failing and you need it sent quickly. momentarily disable 3G in settings, the signal will drop and recover and then try again.”

“Settings -> General -> Profile and remove any other existing profiles you may have installed”

Cant find the “Profile” setting anywhere – u are talking about the iPhone’s “Settings” here right?

@Rat I suppose this is in reference to my post

Settings -> General -> Network.

Top option should be enable 3G.

Usually on the first or second retry with 3G disabled it goes through

I have not used the IPCC file. I find It causes instability.
you can use a profile to enable tethering

I can’t elaborate too much about 3.1 (still under Apple NDA) but the settings are there for VC (MMS & Tethering)

I guess next OS 3.1 Beta is the GM one.

@Steph I may bug you for more info on the profile approach for tethering, i was very reluctant to go the IPCC route

@Steph – aaah awesome, that link did come up in previous page I had found via google. I was a bit sceptical of it too, but if you reckon its fine, i will do it. I am guessing u work for Core or something…?

@Chris -.

I am not crazy about the profile, but it is a less drastic approach than the IPCC, and easily removable, and for VC customers just a temporary solution.
Working on a App for the moment, and passionate about Apple, but I am not working for Apple

For other people that have installed snow-leopard. I am not sure if you are aware, I certainly wasnt. After installing snow-leopard your64bit capable mac will still be running the kernel and extensions in 32bit mode. Should you wish to run the OS in 64bit mode you will need to hold the “6” and “4” keys down whilst your mac is booting. When I read this, I thought… This cant be true, why would apple do something so silly.. Anyway, I tested it and it does infact work. I sincerely hope that apple will in future make this a configurable option which can be saved. I dont remember seeing this in any of the documentation that came with snow-leopard. Maybe I am going blind. I thought snow-leopard was snappy, sheesh, when its running in 64bit mode on a decent processor/ram it is absolutely amazing..

How do I get the Vodacom settings for my HTC Magic which runs on Android operating system?

@Chris – It’s a bit of a storm in a tea cup. A 32 bit Kernel does not mean you won’t run 64 bit apps, it is just the way RAM is addressed to.
Apple has limited on purpose the 64 bit kernel on some older machines that run a 32 bit EFI. There is a little app called 32 – 64 bit mode startup selector (available as freeware on macupdate) that will tell you more about it. Also if you EFI has a password the “6 4” or “3 2” won’t work

@Steph – After doing a bit more digging I do understand why Apple would have limited it. Would have been great though if that information was included in the snow-leopard documentation. If it is then I do apologise, as I was clearly blind. Too be honest I dont see the benefit of running 64bit apps in a 32bit kernel.. I will take a look at the app. Thank-you

@Marc – Maybe a Snow Leopard page. Tips & Tricks, fan club :),

OH 10.6.1 just seeded to selected devs

AT&T in US announced MMS for the 25 of Septembre. Wild guess here that will be the release date of OS 3.1.
Now that big Question – will VC keep their setting? or ask Cupertino to remove them in the meantime …..

@Steph I saw that as well. I’m hoping thats the OS3.1 release. I’m sure VC have got their act together and have the MMS & Tethering sorted by then…we can only wait and see

@Chris – My bet never …definitely not a priority for Apple.
Flash has had in the past too many vulnerabilities for Apple to take the risk. We will see what announcements comes out of Apple in About 3-4 Hours. Maybe “Cocktail” the new media format will be unleashed, and maybe a Cocktail-able player will be able to play FLV. But nothing I have seen in OS3.1. All guesses Apple secrecy machine still works like a charm.

@ Steph – maybe you can provide me with a feed for whatever is happening in 3-4 hours :). It just a bit disappointing having an awesome phone with an awesome broweser, with wifi and not actually being able to get to/operate the majority of the websites out there.

Well US apple store was shut down – indicates new products – latest rumours “legacy iPods to go”

You can follow on twitter @theappleblog he is going to provide live feed of the event I will gladly report later as well

@Steph – have you seen if MMS or tethering is now officially supported by Vodacom in 3.1?
I’m only downloading 3.1 and iTunes 9 tomorrow morning…

@Charlie – Tethering is there & 100% Functional, I can’t say the same for MMS. The setting are there, but when on 3G it is still erratic, works after a couple of retries (the workaround to momentarily disable 3G while sending MMS works). I expect Vodacom to have tough time with Customer Support

Im not going to even bother with trying to get MMS working. I will continue to use SwirlMMS.

@Steph, have you downloaded and installed 3.1?

Awesome!! Thanx @Steph. I’m more concerned about the tethering than the MMS. Glad it’s finally there :-)

I was hoping that 3.1 would fix my mms, but sadly not…. back to the drawing board….. :}} LOL

@ Vernon

As I mentioned quite a few times the issue is not the phone or the phone software. Vodacom’s network equipment is the issue.

Thanks, I heard you, what confuses me is the Randomness of it working for some people some time, I have never gotten it working, Probably cause I have only tried it in JHB, Fourways and Woodmead and one or 2 other places… Anoyingly Vodacom dont admit that it does not work…. Will try and visit Clueless Service Provide one last time…. Thanks for the help…

Maybe a personal feeling, but it seems to be a bit more reliable the past 60 days (at least I can get some through) . Maybe VC is slowly upgrading / flashing their towers. The ball is in the VC camp for sure now. If you watch closely the VC ads about the iPhone, I can’t remember seeing anything about MMS. At least 3.1 gives youm amoung the rest 2 very useful features for South Africans, tethering, and a feature that Apple kept hidden till the release yesterday – the remote lock of the phone via mobileme.
@ Vernon – If you need to get an MMS sent, disable 3G within 1 or 2 retries it will pass.

@Steph – thanks for the link to the tweets. Apple never disappoint me, there is honestly nothing that anyone can complain about really.. awesome updates, all for free..
All we need now is a decent Itunes app store in S.A oh and some music. That nokia store really is a waste of time IMHO

I am also in the woodmead sandton area and sometimes using the 3G on-of method works, but where I live in Norwood it doesn’t work at all. Must be VC and area dependent.

According to Om Malik (GigaOm) Twiter had a small meltdown during the event. There was definitely a degradation of service.
Nokia – From being a market leader to being a follower. Amazing they used to have the nicest products.
Sony Ericsson – They Have the phones, they have the PSP, never occurred to them to combine them?

@Vernon only a network issue …

Doesn’t look like there’s much point in squandering Internet access on updating if one has no great use for tethering or mms.

What is the advantage in Apple using an mms system that is not compatible with all networks? Or do none of the phones (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc) work properly for mms on the SA networks?

If the latter, isn’t it time the issue was escalated with ICASA and in the press?

Sony ericsson are combining them finally . The Aino will be coming soon which integrates into the ps3 XMB. I am sure they will be bringing out a true psp phone next..

@ Chris – All the difference between innovating and leading to following a trend
@Michael – MMS was never to my knowledge advertised by VC on the iPhone, technically customers were not duped. The iPhone support all modern network where multiple PDP context list are a norm, unfortunately VC is an archaic network, and as PJ mentions it with a cocktail of hardware. I wonder how much AT&T had to spend to update their network (They promised MMS for the 25/09)

I have been thinking about this quite a bit, and have come up with my 80c worth ;)
Since I had issues sending MMS’s when OS 3.0 came out, I turned off the MMS functionality on my phone. Not only did I see a remarkable improvement in my battery life(weird I know), I also never found myself yearning to send an MMS.

My tethering works 100%, and that’s all I ever really wanted. Who really uses MMS. Seriously ? I mean it costs you 80c to send a picture.
Why not take a picture with the camera, and email it. I have been using Posterous quite a bit, which lets you email a picture, and then uploads to all your other services, like twitter, facebook, flickr, picasa….anything. 1 email to multiple services, whereas MMS to 1 phone for 80c, which hardly ever works.Even with non-iPhone users, I have heard of people complaining that South Africans hardly ever get their sent MMS’s.

My opinion: MMS went out with the Dinasours :) Email FTW :)

@Steph – I am not arguing with you :). But I can honestly say that when Sony bring out a true psp phone, and i was in the market for one of them (which i wont be) , i wouldnt hesitate to choose sony over some gaming gadget that apple may have. But that is another topic entirely..
P.s is there not another place for general dicussion, i feel bad, Marcs page on enabling iphone mms and tethering is always being hijacked… by me :P

@Chris, don’t feel bad dude. Go right ahead. I love the conversation on here. Love listening to like-minded people about all things gadgety ;)
Keep those comments rolling in… :)

@Marc you are 100% correct that mail is far cheaper than MMS. It is just the fact it is not working that bugs me. But I can easily live without MMS.
@Chris – I love debating technology!

Tried the tethering on 3.1 – working really really well (only tried it via bluetooth on my Mac though).
Haven’t tried the MMS yet – not too bothered about it but will give it a go sometime :-)

@Garrett – Network, either you are connected to a modern tower then you are lucky or you are connected to an older tower then zip …

3.1 has nicely ironed out the little bugs from 3.0

Oh, by the way, to everyone that is having problems with their tethering not appearing in 3.1 – try do a restore WITHOUT restoring a backup (clean reload)…

@Garrett – yes you do, but all your apps and images are synced back from iTunes. All app data will be lost though.
Doing a full restore does does make the iPhone a whole lot nippier :-)

@ Charlie – Bluetooth works well but your battery is being chowed away (3G+Bluetooth) Although the cable is so ’08 you have the benefit of battery charging as well. Other Network operator have also enabled in Usage – A tethering meter, Vodac still lags behind.

@Garrett – you can just sync after the restore and it’s all back

Not even Vodacom’s operators at the Data Help Desk knows that Tethering is now working on the Iphone…….

I am just wondering. Ive been hearing you guys saying that the 3.1 OS update has got the tethering & possibly MMS working without any settings, i.e the settings on this page. Does this apply to MTN as well? I have unfortunately put my MTN contract sim back in my iphone, as It seemed like a waste to leave it in my top drawer until my contract expires in 8 months.

I have tried it all now and I can’t seem to get that ‘tether’ button showing – is it perhaps because I have a MTN sim?

Has anybody checked to see if in ver 3.1 you can sellect your own ringtones for messages the same way you can for calls?

@ Chris. Only applies to Vodac, as they are the “chosen” network for the iPhone. but believe you are better off with MTN. just insert the setting for MTN manually for MMS. visit for the tethering.
@Garett – same visit install the MTN profile. reboot
@ CraigS – you can’t

@ Steph – Thanks, I have set it up this way already, I was just curious as to whether there was still a need. Thanks for clearing this up for me. Your comment “but believe you are better off with MTN” . What makes u say that? :)
Thanks as always for taking the time to respond

Off Topic
It is ridiculous that on a multmedia product like this you cant cusomise and select your own tones for messages.

@Chris – We have 12 lines on the business account half MTN and the other VC, I am a 083 on a 082 network (Migrated)
My personal opinion

MTN has the better network! it seems more stable

VC has got the customers service better. (Yeah I know VC customers think it is abysmal, but they never experienced MTN incompetence)

You want both …. Winston is the man … I am sure he will able to outperform both network

Winston? The only thing that has disappointed me about MTN so far, is i am not getting much 3G coverage anymore. Get Edge at work, Edge at home, and 3G in the arbest places…

Winston – The hottest pigeon in SA. Humiliated Telkom speed.

Marc can you perhaps ping back the your post

MTN mms doesnt appear to be working anymore after the 3.1 OS update. I went to, still no joy. Oh well, it isnt the end of the world.. just weird that it was working before.

Yep I realised that just now on my MTN phone
there is the reason
Remove the parentheses from the address above

Thanks Steph. So it looks like non VC users will have issues with tethering & MMS. I have updated the page with this info. Nice find !!!

@Marc – Thanks for updating ure page. I am sure that will curb many peoples confusion. I personally will stick with 3.1. As MMS is not a necessity for me. Tethering I will definitely never use.
@Steph – If you hear any more, or perhaps a possible new hack. Please let me know :)

@Chris – After testing on a 3G & a 3Gs (and hearing reports about that) apparently it only concerns 3Gs units. Why? I have no clue. but I was able to reinstall the custom profile for MTN for my 3G unit.

Sorry my again . I feel like a monopolise the thread
Wired – has written about it as well Bottom of the article

Remove the parentheses from the address above

Hi. Carrier profiles use a certificate signed by Apple in OS 3.1. If the cert is not present in the bundle the Tethering option won’t show. Will revert back with more info.

@PJ Must be something more.

The Profile installed this morning on MTN 3G is unsigned and functional
see – http(:)//www(.)twitpic(.)com/hf0th
Remove the parentheses from the address above

Also noticed that all previous OS the were deleted from ˜/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Update (the SDK ones are still there I have stored them on another partition)

Hi Guys
I’m joining this thread rather later; but i wanted to share my recent experience and possible get some help:
– I have been tethering my iPhone on 3G 3.0 for a while now using a hack. Worked great.
– As from Friday unexpectedly I seemed to be blocked from some South African sites. Could not get onto or etc…. but could get onto other sides like Google, etc…
– Called Vodocom this morning and was given the impression that the new release 3.1 could offer Tethering and MMS.
– I’ve just upgraded and to my horror, my tethering is gone altogethere.
– So I had to restore my iphone.
– But it still says software version: 3.1
– lost my tethering : (
Anyone else had this experience or any suggestion work-around??

I just read profile without reading the rest sorry.

On the 3Gs –> unsigned .mobileconfig do install either

@mike – Tethering is definitely enabled on 3.1 –> Vodacom (for 3G & 3Gs)
have you tried to restore (without restoring from backup) Means you will have to resync completely & you will loose App data but It will be a fresh start

@Chris – 100%, the only that disappears after the upgrade was tethering. MMS has ever been altered and is functional

It’s wierd because when I called early this morning the guys said 3.1 does support tethering. Then I called about an hour later once I had upgraded to 3.1 and found no tethering and another guy was adamant that Vodacom does not support tethering (a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing).
But I have managed to get my tethering going on 3.1; however I am still experiencing the problem getting onto certain local sites. If I unplug my iPhone and go onto using my iPhone’s Safari I can get on fine. The moment I tether my iPhone and use Firefox on my iMac it seems to be blocking certain local sites.
Any ideas ?

@mike – When you tether you are using 3G network.
Do you have wifi activated?

If yes means – your iphone & PC / MAC are using your router for internet (when the phone is un-tethered), But when you use tethering the iPhone uses 3G Network to feed your PC / MAC. So for me this point to fault of APN’s (usually a sticky DNS) you could check my theory by switching of wifi on your iPhone and try browse theses sites.

If you do not have wifi / router …. I am then lost

@steph – thanks.
I did have a local network running from my iMac to my MacBook using “Create Network”, not a router. So I have turned Airport off on all my Macs and turned Wi-Fi off on my iPhone.
So now all I have is my iPhone tethered by USB to my iMac.
I have also cleared my Firefox history and cookies.
Still getting stuck on certain local sides. For example, when I type in the it says , “connected to” but it just sits at that point and doesn’t load the page.
Thanks for the help so far.

@Mike – if I understand correctly – The 3G connection is the only internet available. When you browse Mobile safari on 3G you can access it and when you tether you can’t!
Can you check in you mac system preference –> Network –> Bluetooth PAN. the DNS tab should be empty when no phone are connected (if you connection via BT)

Yes that’s correct. Mobile Safari is fine, but USB tethering gives the problem. Bluetooth PAN DNS tab is empty.
However, I am not able to connect via BT for some reason. I can only tether via USB.
When I try BT tethering it says “There was a problem connecting to your device……”. I don’t know if this is relevant since I’m tethering via USB, not BT.


I’ll have a check on my side as soon as I finished downloading the SDK (2.2 Gigs and you can’t resume) I don’t want to play with my connection right now give me an hour or so it should finished

@Mike –

Let’s try via bluetooth – remove any previous pairing you had on your mac and iPhone. re-pair from your mac (remember the iphone is only visible when you are in the bluetooth menu) if i fails try again (the is a very short timeout) hopefully you can then go the menubar icon connect to network.

VC DNS are

the one above are automatically given when connecting

you can also use opendns to test

insert them in the tab / disconnect / reconnect

I am affraid after that i’ll have to give up.

Just re-paired my iPhone and Mac and the BT tethering is working. However, still same problem with some web sites.
I don’t know what “VC DNS” is ?
When I go to Bluetooth PAN my DNS Server says, (two sets of DNS addresses separated by a comma).
When I go to Advanced and DNS, those same two DNS addresses are listed under DNS Servers.

@mike this sounds like some sort of https error maybe. Got another browser u could try ? Are those sites working for u when u use normal Internet connection.

@Steph – it seems to be a general problem caused by my tethering. If I connect up to my iMac using my old Huawei 3G modem I can get onto the fnb site. When I tether using the iPhone (USB or BT) I get this problem. The same problem exists in Firefox, Safari; and I even went into Windows XP using Parallels and fired up IE – same problem.
I tried tethering to my MacBook via BT and it also won’t go onto the fnb site and some other local ones.
It seems like somehow it’s locked access via my iPhone tethering to certain local sites.
As a matter of interest; if you are tethered via your iPhone, can you get onto the fnb homepage (

Guys I’ve tried installing the settings. Firstly, I have no “Profile” under General or Network. I also have no “Internet tethering option.
1. I check for update and install Original ipcc settings. Internet tethering option appears. When I press it though, it says “Contact Vodacom”. I can restart my phone and the option is still there, but prompts me to contact. MMS working, no profile installed.

2. If I install the “Custom ipcc” file, and restart, the Internet tethering disappears as soon as I get to the Network screen. I see it, but it kind of slips away. MMS working, no profile installed.

Any ideas? When I install the ipcc file, nothing happens on my phone or itunes, it’s a really quick process. Is this right?





Perhaps try a fresh install – resync ( don’t use the backup)

Also I am not too sure if it is an issue but should be activated with vodac. you can do it online via vodacom4me

Well… doesn’t work for me, I need to change it to “internet” to actually get online. Let me get to v4me and see


I’m on vodacom4me – where do I activate Checked services, accounts, not sure where.

@ Mark

My account – services
check there if active
if not modify services – add t there

can take up to 24Hours (usually quite immediate)


You look like someone I know – Megan W. brother (played for Jomo cosmos) but the avatar pic is so small I might be mistaken


Nope, not me. Service active is”internet” ano option to update service. Need to call Nashua to request, so theyre open 2moro.


@Steph – Not a dumb question at all ! When I go into my Network settings on my iPhone and into VPN it says Not Configured. I had no idea I needed to do something here.
Please could you tell me what to enter as there are quite a lot of scary looking names there like L2TP, PPTP etc… which I have not idea about.

@Steph – Re-reading your comment I see you’ve typed APN, not VPN. Where do I check for APN ?

100% but has vodacom activated this APN for you?

check your active service as per above post on vodacom4me

(basically if you have not purchased or upgraded at vodacom it won’t be active, and sometimes even if you did someone there forgot to tick the box)

@Steph – Had to switch to my old 3G modem to get onto the Vodacom4me site as it is one of those sites blocked with iPhone tethering.
My APN appears to be Active. In fact everything is active on the services page. Basically I got my iPhone with the Vodacom contract in November last year. The only things I’ve done is activated call recognition via the Vodacom help-line, and run the tethering hack which has worked perfectly for me up until yesterday.

I can safely say now that this is over my knowledge.
in 3.1 while on vodacom you should NOT need to hack anything, tethering is present as per carrier configuration.
The only thing that could really hinder the connection were
1) A dns server pointing to cache version of of the website or not pointing anywhere
2) not activated with Vodacom
to be sure this is what it should look like
again remove parentheses from the address

Sorry….. need to be escalated

Thank you very, very much for this, I updated to OS 3.1 and my tethering stopped working(I have a 3GS, Snow Leopard, and iTunes 9). I scoured the net for a solution, but could not find one. Then I spotted the link to your site on Twitter :-) . I followed all the steps to the T, but interestingly I had to download the .ipcc file from the original(not custom) folder for it to work – it works perfectly now :-)

Thanks for the help. You have pointed me in a few directions I would not have known about. So I’ll perservere.
If I find out what the problem is I’ll let you know for future reference.
Thanks again.

Had some luck. I ran the Original ipcc hack file on my iPhone. Then restored my iPhone.
For some reason now I am able to get onto all the sites I was blocked from. I don’t understand what the problem was, but I’m happy : )

@Steph – I need some help please … argh.. not sure what is going on anymore. My data connection was working on my phone (i.e from the phone) and my mms wasnt working. I since tried to re-install my profiles via the wan(.)to but that has made things worse. perhaps you could tell me what the settings are for the data connection / mms. I am not worried about tethering as i will never use that. If more convenient I can provide you with an email address..

@Chris – got it you are MTN
if you do need tethering, remove any profile, hack ….
Revert to a clean 3.1
setup as per screen grab

same story with removing the parentheses

MMSC should read …… (that’s the part that could not be grabbed in the screen grab)

OH just found this on MTN website
(look at the iphone bit)

@Steph – Interesting.. thanks man. Will try the MTN website settings first. Thanks for your help :)

Awesome. So glad to hear its working. @Steph, thanks so much for your help & advice on this blog. Muchos appreciated. :) Next time you down here, I will defitnley be buying you a beer :)

Can someone tell me is there a sound Equilizer on the Iphone cause it Distorts if the sound is turned up Quarter and that really sux cause if you have a MP3 as a ringtone u can bearly here the phone ring

@ Paul – I cant say I am having an issue with my iPhone. I have cranked the volume right up and it is playing fine, even for music that is quite “bassy”.
Settings –>Ipod – EQ

@Paul –

You will have to start with a decent quality MP3 where GAIN has not being increased to compensate for a low volume.

You can use the garage bang method or other. Make sure in Itunes there is no volume adjustements in the song you have selected for the ringtone. But the key is to start with a good mp3. Although the iphone speaker is tiny it does give a reasonable sound normally

I just recently updated to 3.1 and am on vodacom. My tethering did not work. So I followed the hack using the original file and on restart, the tethering come up.I toggled the switch to get it tethering, but nothing happened. I restarted again and this time I got an option to set up tethering, then I tap the option, it gives me the msg to contact vodacom. after tapping this a couple of times. I allowed me to tether but the connection keeps dropping and when i reconnect it works intermittently. So i restarted again and still the connection keeps dropping intermittently. My tethering is very important to me…..

@Lerato – Make sure you have a clean upgrade to 3.1 (ie do not restore the setting from backup when it does ask for it) you won’t loose sync data maybe some app data, but at least you will have “factory reset” if I can say so. 3.1 supports Vodacom tethering out of the box so there is no need to play around with ipcc files. Also and this important you won’t have a stable tethering if your service provider has not activated APN for you. (you can also look @ vodacom4me)

@Steph: my APN is active. When I updated I expected to get the tethering option under general>networks and that was not the case. that is why I had to go though the ipcc files to enable it. it has been a bit over 48 hours since my update and setting up tethering though the ipcc files…Today my connection has not dropped even once, however i am still monitoring….Can you please explain to me how this out of the box tethering works.


Vodacom has provisioned Apple with network setting for OS 3.1. it means now if you have a clean install of 3.1 on you phone and you are on Vodacom the option for MMS & Tethering should show.
The troubles you had yesterday perhaps were network related more than a phone issue..

Im on MTN and was running the hack (found above) that enabled tethering and mms. Worked beautifully. After updating to 3.1 i have since lost the ability to tether. mms works fine. After doing some research and help from @marcforrest i have found out that the tether setting is singed by the network. (in this case vodacom) from “Update 3: As of 3.1, the *.ipcc carrier bundles are signed, and you can no longer force tethering capability simply by crafting your own bundle. The good news is this obstacle can probably be overcome by virtue of the jailbreak. But so far that extra hack is not part of the PwnageTool custom IPSW creation.” so we will just have to wait and see

Just an update. Did full clean restore – and tethering working now after was activated. . MMS not working with existing settings though, will enter according to other links from this site. Thanks guys, thanks Steph!

@Mark – my pleasure – you can get the MMS going by temporarily switching off 3G, after 2 – 3 retries il will eventually go through ….


Thank you for the hack, got mine to work fine, just a reminder to check your network port priorities under mac system preferences if you are running Parallels , or even if you have different locations setup. Make sure the “Bluetooth PAN” is at the top if you are connecting via bluetooth. Just got my tether back using mac Os X Leopard and iPhone 3GS Ver 3.1.

So glad to to find the fix local

Hi I’m travelling to the US and am thinking of buying an iPhone 3GS while I’m over. Will I have any issues when I come back or do I simply just put my Vodacom SIM in? The phone will be unlocked when I buy it in the store. I’m with VODACOM

@Mark, The phone sold in US are network locked to AT&T you will need to Jailbreak it in order to use it with another sim

@Mark @ Steph Small correction. There is a difference between unlocking and jail-breaking. Unlocking will enable a networked locked iPhone to be used on any network. Jail-breaking enables you to install 3rd party (unsigned) applications to your iPhone. In order to unlock an iPhone you will FIRST have to jailbreak using redsn0w THEN unlock using ultrasn0w. Please read this blog to get a better understanding of the process and what implications it has on you (

ALL iPhones sold in the states (legitimately) as @Steph said are network locked to AT&T.

be careful with the new unlocking and jailbreaking process because it has changed drastically for the 3.1 update

@ talhah. I have been speaking to my sister in Los Angeles and understand that they can buy a carrier unlocked iPhone 3GS for USD599 and all they have to do is physically go into an iStore and buy the phone. I also understand from the Vodacom technical department (for what that is worth) that the phone will work here. Are you saying that even if the phone is bought without an AT&T contract that is will be locked to AT&T? How hell is one supposed to use your phone in another country without roaming?

@Mark That is not entirely correct. Yes you can go in and purchase an iPhone 3g 16gb for USD599. BUT you have to have an existing contract with AT&T. Go to and read the fine print for point 1. It sucks i know!

There is some talk about them dropping exclusivity with AT&T but not sure when this will materialize.

@Mark – All phone sold in US are AT&T locked! you can’t go into an iStore and buy an unlocked phone! And being locked to AT&T does not mean that roaming is not enabled, the phone is SIM locked the roaming is dependent on the contract & services. Apple has updated the baseband on 3.1 so Ultrasn0w is a bit risky. I saw that pwange just came with the latest ,…

@ talhah @ Steph – The whole roaming thing, what I meant is that if you spend time in another country and want to use one of their networks sim cards to make calls instead of your own. So physically put another sim card into the phone. e.g. I go to Aus on business and have a prepaid sim for when I’m there. @ tulhah you are right it does suck. @ Steph @ Tulhah thanks for saving me the pain of getting an iPhone to only be used as a door stop.

Hi there,
Since the update to 3.1.1, I can’t tether anymore (Vodacom). I read everywhere that it is build now into the phone’s firmware, but I do not find it. Most annoying.

I am grateful for any tips how to make it work.


@Marco, still active on mine. Do you mean you can’t see the setting item under General –> Network or it just does not work?

Anyway a clean install should have everything reset

I have found, if you have applied the above files, you may need to restore back to the custom file.. this way it should “clean” any settings you have and use the default firmware settings

@Paul – If you want turn by turn MobileNavigator for Navigon. TomTom still very silent if they submitted or not to Apple….

If you want a general GPS without turn by turn try GPS Sport from Motion X very nicely featured

@Marc, Thanks, that did the trick – the button is back. But now the phone tells me to contact Vodacom to enable tethering. As usual, Vodacom does not know what I am talking about when I call them.

Maybe you have another useful trick?

Please help, does anybody know if it is yet possible for MMS and tethering for MTN with the new OS update?

@Bernieswan – the setting for MTN are described on MTN website
http(:)// (remove parentheses from the address)
@Marco your iPhone APN needs to be active – you can DIY on vodacom4me website, much easier this way without having to call the Call Centre

@Steph – I am busy updating to OS 3.1.2, maybe this will solve my problem. MMS worked fine with OS 3.0 but then stopped working after I updated to OS 3.1, maybe the latest update will help.

MMS seems to work fine after I updated to 3.1.2, but tethering doesn’t work. I haven’t tried the hack yet.

@Steph – my MMS messages is on, thanx. It is just really strange that I can receive MMS again after the update, but still not send. This is just so frustrating. When i first gt my iPhone i could not send and receive MMS on MTN, then after the first upgrade I could, after the second upgrade I couldn’t and my tethering went away as well. Now I am on OS 3.1.2, I can receive MMS but not send. Also no tethering. I love my iPhone, just wish i could get MMS and tethering to work properly!

@Bernieswan – unfortunately if you have lost tethering the iPhone requires now signed .mobileconf and IPCC so the hack is not working anymore. But as for the MMS a bit of a mystery.


Make sure your settings are correct. Add the following under network cellular data network and reboot device…

cellular data:

Make sure your settings are correct. Add the following under network cellular data network and reboot device…

Cellular Data:

MMS Proxy=

the rest leave blank. let me know how it goes

I upgraded to the latest OS 3.1.2 and MMS and Internet Tethering on Vodacom worked first time, i did not have to make any changes what so ever.

Thanx for everybody’s input, but my settings are correct, yet i can only receive MMS and not send, and no internet tethering. Is there something else i need to download perhaps? Wish I was also Vodacom, but alas, I am MTN and cannot change over right now.

Hi All. I’ve just downloaded iPhone version 3.1.2 onto my 8gb second generation iPhone and have successfully sent and received photo mmses using Vodacom to and from a Sony Ericsson phone. It didn’t work with version 3.1.1


Can anyone help with this issue – not strictly on topic – I frequently visit New Zealand, and use a NZ Vodafone sim card in my cell phone when I’m there, which then functions in NZ & Aussie. Question is will this work as seamlessly with my iPhone as it has done with otherphones? Could this mess up iPhone settings? Will I have to get something “turned on” by NZ Vodaphone for iPhone to work there on my NZ prepaid sim?



@Michael – congrats, one the few lucky ones … (BTW 3.1.1 was never seeded i am sure you mean 3.1)

Vodafone is the “chosen” network in Oz & Nz. So it should work with the SIM straight away. The only thing I can see is maybe an outdated IPCC file, but this file will be updated the first time you sync your iPhone with the guest sim in.

Your phone will work with the guest SIM as South African phones are not locked to a specific network. Your phone will always receive the Vodacom IPCC settings in iTunes no matter what SIM you put in. iPhones are linked to a country based on the UDID and not the SIM.
You will need to change your Cellular Data APN and reprogram your voicemail button if you need to use it. You can re-program your voicemail button by typing the following on your keypad: *5005*86*xxx# Replace the xxx with the local carrier voicemail number.

Thanks for the tip about the voicemail.
On my last trip to Belgium and France I have got my operator settings updated twice (once in Belgium once in france) so I just assumed i was linked to the sim ….

If I understand well, if one buys a iPhone in Europe (Belgium for example as they are also not locked there) he will never get VC IPCC file here.

OUT OF TOPIC – Rumors – The exploit that jail breakers used for the 3GS has been patched with a new BootRom hardware.

Also Apple if working on a FM radio App for iPhone and Touch based on the FM transceiver for the Nike+ (Must be for the 3GS, i didn’t know there was a transceiver in the 3G)

Interessting. I tested with phones from various countries and various sims and always got the originating carrier settings. With which OS and iTunes was this the behaviour?

@PJ – it was in August … I think it is 3.0 & the latest iTunes @ that time. I have friend coming from Belgium next week with is Mobistar purchased iPhone, for the exercise i’ll put my sim in to see if it gets VC settings. MCC & MNC included in the IPCC file, I really thought it was for that purpose, maybe Apple intend to support multiple network in the same country…

Thats very weird guys. I bought my phone is Australia and i use it only in South Africa. When i updated to 3.01 and 3.1.2 and activated it with iTunes, it automatically setup the MMS and Tethering for vodacom. So i do also believe that its link to the Sim because you can only activate with a valid sim. Make sense?

Seems like Apple changed this behaviour in one of the later OS builds. Good on them. Doubt this will be the case with network locked phones.

@PJ: Yip, and Australia iPhones are network unlocked from Apple. By the way i am with Vodacom. I wonder how it would work for someone with a MTN sim? Would it still setup Vodacom settings? Or will it setup nothing?

Hi , sorry if this question has been answered but does the new iphone os 3.1.2 allow tethering and mms without having to install the hacked files on South African bought Vodacom non-Jailbroken iphone 3Gs?

The new 3.1.2 will allow MMS and tethering out of the box for Vodacom users, although there are still issues with the VC network. Sometimes it works sometimes not.

As for the settings with an MTN sim card, you will be able to MMS, once again working sometimes and sometimes not, but the tethering is not available and the hacked IPCC file dont work as they are not signed by Apple which needs to happen in the 3.1.2 OS

Will there be a time in the future when tethering will work for MTN iPhone users? This would really be great. Luckily my MMS finally works now! Downloaded the wanto/iphone hack which stopped working after OS3.1.1. but seems to work again with OS3.1.2. Only the tethering that doesn’t work.

@PJ of 15 Oct

Thanks for the info on using my iPhone on the NZ vodafone network.

I see there has subsequently been some debate amongst the boffins on this site that might be relevant. Is the conclusion still that I can use the iPhone in NZ but will need to change my cell data apn? Whatever that is :-)

Incidentally, I connected my iPhone to my laptop this afternoon, turned on tethering, waited a while, and it worked. Of course that doesn’t mean it will work next time :-)


@Steph of 15 Oct

thanks for your input, copied below:
“Vodafone is the “chosen” network in Oz & Nz. So it should work with the SIM straight away. The only thing I can see is maybe an outdated IPCC file, but this file will be updated the first time you sync your iPhone with the guest sim in.”

I won’t be in a position to sync my phone while I am in NZ because I don’t travel with a laptop (antedeluvian behavior, I know). Will that be a problem for using the phone with NZ sim?


@Michael – Not at all, for all voice services no need to worry. You might have to enter manually the settings for the APN (if you need internet services), but this is easily done. Other users have reported that the settings were immediately present upon changing sim, so maybe that step is redundant …

Hi Guys, great discussion. I am coming to SA for 5 weeks with my Germany-bought 3GS. Unlocked on 3.0.1.

Wondering what I need to do to get tethering to work on Vodacom, for which I intend to buy a pay as you go SIM with data.

Should I

a) stay on 3.0.1 and use some custom files (not available anymore on this site, where would I find them?) or should I

b) upgrade to 3.1.2; what would I then have to do to get tethering to work — just insert Vodacom SIM? Will then SA-Tethering option appear automatically? Set APN? Activate APN on Vodacom website? Anything else?

Thanks for any pointers.


@Gehard – As far as I know, and I stand to be corrected, there is no possibility to activate iPhone APN on Vodac Prepaid. (Vodac charges R88.00 for 75Mb but this only valid on standard APN’) But I might be wrong and is a standard APN. Not much help … safest in you need data here grab or rent a USB 3G modem

Hi – My iPhone tethers fine on my mac but I cant seem to get it to work on a PC laptop running XP home edition – Do I need to install anything additional on the PC – Thanks

@Gehard @Steph As far as I know, you should be able to activate the iPhone apn on prepaid. You just need to log onto once you have the sim details, and you can activate it from there.
Gehard, the cellphone operators have recently implemented a stringent procedure for acquiring a prepaid sim. When you travel to South Africa, and buy the sim you need to ensure you have proof of residence, which can be confirmation from the hotel you are staying at I think, and identification, which I am sure your passport should suffice.

@Theben, as far as I know you don’t need to have anything extra installed apart from the latest version of itunes.

@Steph @Marc

Thanks for the info and the heads up. Will call them before to make sure I got what’s needed.

Do you happen to know whether a Vodacom 3G USB modem would be locked to the SIM or can I use it afterwards also with other operators in other countries?

BTW, for the benefit of other visitors: There’s loads of marketing material on Vodacom’s site targetting visitors suggesting this should all be straight forward:

I still cannot find any settings to activate the mms service on my iphone for Virgin Mobile.

Can anybody help…..PLEASE!!!!

@Ash –

Go to Setting –> General –> Network –> Cellular Data Network

Under MMS

APN ,: vmms

Username : (Leave blank)

Pass: (Leave Blank)

MMSC : http(:)//mms.virginmobile(.) <– Remove parentheses

MMS Proxy :

NB remove the parentheses from MMSC line


I am on Vodacom Prepaid with an iPhone 3G, and can’t see the “activate iPhone APN” option in my vodacom4me->My Account->Services->Modify Services

Boo hoo :(

My sim card details on their CRM is extremely unreliable as I’ve had the number since 1997, had 2 new simcards, converted from contract to prepaid, spent 2 years completely lost dormant, tried to transfer the number to a new sim card twice – and failing twice, then found the original sim (hehe), popped it in and found it to be working. So let’s say that my sim’s record in their DB could be outdated.

Maybe I should try a new sim…

@wimc & Steph

I’m open to correction but I seem to recall that there was a debate about iPhone and prepaid a few weeks ago in this series.

I use a form of prepaid, namely Voda Family top up, with my iPhone.


@Michael – There was a debate a days ago about it you are right. (a guy coming from NZ). I have two prepaid SIM (for customers & Guests coming for overseas) , on neither of them the iPhone APN shows in the vodacom4me. it seems that consistence in service is not a strength of Vodaocm

Help, I phone 3G, up graded to 3.1.2 everything worked perfectly until i tried to tether for the first time on this update. I could get it to pair with my Mac………then all of a sardine the tethering option just disappeared!!!!!


@Deon – if you are on MTN, then sorry the unsigned .mobileconf hack won’t work anymore….

Any update on how to enable tethering on MTN with Os 3.1. I am running 3.1 and my MMS is working fine. Just the tetheriing

@Deon @Safun…Guys the only way to enable tethering on the software update 3.1.2 if you are on MTN, is if your phone is jailbroken. I can vouch for this as i am on MTN running 3.1.2 and have tethering enabled. just reply if you want to know the process.

@talhah, please explain the process! Been trying to enable tethering for MTN for ages! ;-)

firstly: make sure you have upgraded to 3.1.2 (this is essential) and have jail-broken your phone (for instructions how to jailbreak

Secondly: In cydia, go to repositories and add “” once added, go to manage sources and choose the newly added source. scroll down the list of applications to tethering 3g and install. once installed restart phone and follow the instructions on THIS blog post to enable MTN tethering on iPhone (ie download the carrier setting etc.)

Lastly: I take no responsibility should anything go wrong. this is just the way that worked for me.

@talhah, thanx, i definitely want to jailbreak my phone, is there perhaps a link to jailbreak on PC, or only MAC? I can use my husbands MAC, but I am more familiar with PC and would prefer to jailbreak with PC.

There is a way to jailbreak with a PC, and this is using the blackra1n tool. Personally i would stay away from it. reason being:

“BlackRa1n only supports a tethered jailbreak. This means that once jailbroken you should not let your battery die. If it does die you will need to reconnect it to the computer and use BlackRa1n to boot it.” (via

Let me know how it goes. Happy jailbreaking!

Jailbreakers beware 3.1.3 has been seeded to selected devs, and there are reports of updated baseband again. it can be out soon or in 8 weeks.

@Steph Are you kidding me? it was such a mission getting all my custom apps back on! probably not gonna be any significant changes to it. btw, being from SA our phones are already factory unlocked and baseband updates wont effect us. its the unlockers that should beware.

Lol sorry to disappoint but you can see the economical sense behind it, Cupertino wants you to get your apps from the appstore and nowhere else. Apple will probably say in the version release “attending to some report of decreased battery life” that will make people upgrade with the blink of an eye :)

Phones are unlocked in SA if you paid the riduclous prices they ask for it here ;) The rest of us who paid more realistic prices in other have to live with unlocking and all the hassle that enables us to use our _own property_ .
Anyway every time I do an upgrade (not often – I’m normally at least 2 months late on most upgrades) I’m amazed at how easily it is actually done. Compared to unlocking Nokias in the early days this is normally a breeze. As long as you heed the warnings.


Blackra1n works well. The tethered jailbreak you are referring to only applies to the new iPod touch. I have been using my jailbreak iPhone 3GS on 3.1.2 with no problems since the release of blackra1n to date. Its an awesome piece of software. Please support geohot for his hard work.

Yeah Blackra1n works very well and is the fastest jailbreak that I’ve ever used! MMS works perfectly “out-of-the-box” immediately after the upgrade to 3.1.2. After I install a couple of apps (AppStore + Cydia)…70+ MMS suddenly breaks and I’m really at a loss to troubleshoot and determine which app is the cause!

@Joe @moe…I have no experience with blackra1n and was just quoting Personally I will
stick to the dev team for all my jailbreaking needs.

@moe try following my instructions to enable tethering (further up this page) works for both tethering and mms. Should work for both mtn and vodacom

Tried this method above of enabling tethering/MMS already on 3.0 sometime in June I think and it’d work well initially and then start getting stuck at 97% of sending MMS! 3.1.2 is great coz it works straight off the mark. I think I may have figured it out though. When you get 1st error of MMS not being sent, just try again to resend the same MMS and it works the second time around. Tried it with 2 MMS’s that failed to go the first time. Not an expert at this but maybe the settings just need to be re-iniatialised and then re-applied again with the try and try again till it sticks method! Thanks anyway.

I never trust as they post jailbreaks of new OS’s even if a jailbreak does not exist. Its a silly site in my opinion.

I operate an un-jailbroken phone on Voda. After the last software download mms worked perfectly first time, but now it freezes at 90% sent. However, if I turn 3G off and on again it then sends successfully! Very odd!


@Talhah before posting to new JBers, you should read the information that you are wanting to post. iClarified clearly states that blackra1n will tether the new ipod touch but the iphone is fine.

blackra1n is a fantastic tool that can be used by someone wanting to JB their device. I have used it on multiple devices and it works well. BUT THIS DOES NOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE. For that you should use a mac and Pwnage tool or download a custom FW that has been made with Pwnage tool and restore that in windows.

Guys please just be careful what you read as well as posting. There are many good sites that can give you a clear understanding of what the apps can and cant do.

blackra1n FTW!


it mattes not whose issue it is. It was previously mentioned on this site as a solution and it bears repeating for the benefit of those who are encountering that problem.



Yes I agree and understand your point. Im just passing comment as well incase people think the iPhone is not so cool :)

@joe i don’t know about that, but for a first time jail-breaker its very useful with its step by step guides.
@richard thanks for the catch. my bad :)
@bernieswan Seems blackra1n is a-ok for jail-breaking after all.

if you anyone does have problems with mobilesubstrate and winterboard after using blackra1n(as has been reported by some users), you can always use pwnage tool to restore from a custom ipsw. should solve the problem

@Steph: I noticed from a tweet from mucslenerd, but if you running ssh and disable it with SBSettings from BigBoss, I dnt see how this could be a potential threat. It comes down to user cleverness/stupidity/ignorance.

Am I wrong in what I am saying?

@Richard, 100% right. Most of attacks – phishings – or other malware are successful only because of negligence on the targeted machine. I can’t remember the name of the app, but I am sure few offer the functionality to SSH into the iPhone in order to use as a NAS or remote storage. Secure passwords are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

Hi all, am I missing something or is the Vodacom carrier settings zip file links in the post crossed out and unavailable? I see the iPhone has the settings built into the firmware, but what are they?
Thanks for any help.


You need to do a full restore of the OS on your phone and then sync your content again. (Do not restore from backup as this will break tethering again).

This will fix your tetherting and MMS issue.


You won’t loose contacts, calendars, music etc as you can just sync this content back. You will loose any application data like sms’ and data inside third-party apps as these do not sync with your computer.

no news on tethering for MTN on 3.1.2?
I have an UNbroken 3gs, and am loath to jailbreak (I did that for my old iphone and sick of the battle with apple)

@adam Unfortunately not… Yea it is getting a bit tiresome with the amount of updates apple come out with. But i rely a lot on tethering so i have to “play the game” (ie jailbreak to enable tethering on MTN)

I was recently trying to setup the mms on my iphone but was unsuccesfull and i managed to get it to work on my iphone by using the following settings. I have only tested it on edge and it worked fine. It works with firmware 3.1 an 3.1.2. How can you teather?
Apn: internet
MMS Proxy :
And the rest blank
Thanks Travis

@Travis you are on Vodacom so it is quite straight forward.

Clean install of the OS (no restoring the backup)

You should have MMS and Tethering out of the box

MMS is very erratic – depending of tower hardware, but in most cases disabling 3G and after a couple of retries it will eventually go thru

Just a note to some: if you ever installed the profiles from (prior to 3.1.2) and you’re on Vodacom, make sure you remove them (once you’ve upgraded to 3.1.2) otherwise you won’t see Internet Tethering. Those profiles were only there because in prior versions of the OS tethering was disabled (or hidden or something).

i have not been successful in sending a mms on VC with v3.1.2. it sends off my phone but the recipient never receives it. I even tried swirlymms and it just disables mms on the iphone

Thanks a million, your tutorial really helped.

I upgraded to 3.1.2 and was battling with the profile bit and installed the ipcc for MTN and then MMS was working perfectly but the cydia repository was the only thing that got tethering working.

Thanks guys

Good day!

Yesterday and today I have had problems with opine dropping calls after a few seconds. Any ideas what may be causing this? Iit’s a secong generation with the latest software upgrade.

Also, I saw a site which said one can check signal strength by doin a field test. I will copy the instructions below. Does this work on Voda? And can one do any harm trying it?

Field test instructions: “To determine this, activate the Phone application, bring up the keypad, type in *3001#12345#* and press the Call button. This brings up the Field Test main menu.”


Third issue, sorry! My phone has about 1gig of capacity left and sometimes is very slow to open addresses, SMS page, etc. Any suggested reasons/solutions? My software version is 3.1.2 (7D11. It is a second generation 8gig phone.


@Michael – Yesterday there was a meltdown in the vodacom network in my area, constant crossed lines and failed calls. Nevertheless if you have you MMS set, and someone send you one, you will experience this issue till you receive the MMS or it has failed. If for a fact you know that you are waiting for an MMS switch off 3G till you have received it (same also if you send one).

Field test mode works regardless of the network, the only info there useful for the average user would be the signal level express in dB instead of bars.

From time to time apps leave “crumbs of memory” out of the container slowly reducing the available free mem for other apps. iStat use to have a free mem button, but Apple has requested Bjango to remove this function.
You apps will get slower and slower as “page ins / page outs” occurs (memory swapping). Only one solution – restart you phone

Thanks for the detailed response. The problem has not recurred so would seem to be network related.

By restart (to clean up disk space) I presume you mean power off and on again?


Hi Marc,

Thanks for this. We’ve been using this file for a while now without any problems on iPhone OS 3.1. To update our website however we need to make use of Vodacom’s “Unrestricted” APN. After applying we changed our APN to Unrestricted which killed our tethering. We were wondering if you could source a carrier setting file for the unrestricted apn that enables Internet tethering.

Thanks again.

@Juliaan – if you are on Vodacom it is supported out of the box without any settings input on 3.1.2. Other networks sorry … use of alternative solutions. But Caveat emptor – rumours again – 3.1.4 seeded to selected devs …

Hi,\Would it be possible to make the vodacom downloads available again? I bought my iPhone 3Gs from Digicape, and tethering wasn’t available by default (software version is 3.1), and as mentioned above the profile download method doesn’t seem to stick.

@ Matt

The profile and IPCC file won’t work because they need to be signed.

Try restoring firmware form iTunes and do not restore the backup of your phone. Also make your iPhone APN is activated with Vodacom (vodacom4me)

@Steph Would I need to download a new firmware file, or would it be backed up from a previous sync? Also I’ll lose my phone backup? Or will I be able to apply the backup again afterwards?
And I’m currently using the internet APN, should I be using something else?

Restore the firmware from iTunes (given that is the latest one) do restore the backup! This way you have a fresh clean install
You loose data that apps have saved on your phone such as game progress but not the data that can be synced again. Your first sync is going to be lengthy.
Your APN should read

Hi there. I’ve successfully set my iphone 3gs up for mms using your directions and setting. Problem is now my 3G / Edge suddenly isn’t working. Please advise. Many thanks. A

@Steph I didn’t buy my iPhone on one of voda’s iphone contracts, would the APN work? Isn’t it locked on non-iphone contracts?

@Matt as long as you have a Vodacom sim you should be able to have the Call centre activate your APN or alternatively you can do it online via

After doing this numerous times (rebooting in between tries)
I still don’t get the Internet Tethering option under Settings (General -> Network)

I’m on MTN, not vodacom.

Any thoughts ?

@Glenn @Steph I got it working after restoring my firmware (thanks for the tip) but I found this to be pretty wonky. Sometimes the tethering option disappears, the first time I solved this by deleting the additional profile still on my phone (downloaded from previous tut on this blog)-even though it wasn’t actually active. Since then I found that going to Settings->General->Network->Cellular Data Network and pressing “Reset Settings” then exiting back out of settings and coming back in will make it available again. Very wierd and frustrating, but it does the job.

Just backing up Matt here – I was also having issues – tethering just disappeared by itself the other day – after MASS frustration, I tried the “Reset Settings” option and it worked. No clue why the option just disappeared – 3.1.2 feels a tad buggy to me – lets’ hope Apple deal with these jagged edges in their next build.

Hi – I’m in New. Zealand using my iPhone with a NZ sim card and, as the boffins on this site correctly predicted, it’s working fine. But when I try to log into the iTunes store from it I get the same message as in SA, viz not supported in this country. I know this to be nonsense, iTunes store vouchers are available in NZ. Any ideas how to fix this? I don’t have my laptop with me. But I do have an NZ iTunes acct which I opened from SA.



This is not strictly on topic but I’m hoping someone can help. I’m on holiday in New Zealand and want to access their iTunes store from my iPhone. I have an NZ account but my phone seems to think it’s still in SA and I get the standard error message that iTunes is not supported in this country. How can I get the phone to connect to the NZ store? I don’t have my computer with me so can’t make any changes that would require computer access to my phone. Thanks & Best wishes for the New Year. M

Hi Michael

You wil need to sign out of your SA account and sign in with your NZ account details. Then you should be able to acces without a problem. Look under your settings to do this

I am confused and haven’t been able to restore my tethering since upgrading to 3.1.2.

What are the steps to get it going again on Voda ?

Hi Marc,
I’m looking for the Vodafone_za.ipcc file. I was given my brother’s old 16GB iPhone 2G which doesn’t have the firmware settings for Vodacom & would like to see if I can get MMS going. Any chance of posting it again or emailing it to me?
Thx & much appreciated.

@Anton, if you update the firmware on your phone to OS 3.1, you should have MMS & tethering enabled

dont know if i am just slow wich is always a possibility but i have tried everything even restoring and upgrading again and therering options disapear after upgrade might it be a problem with itunes

please help

Hey guys,
sorry to chnge the topic but does anyone know if the visual voicemail works in south africa, and if so has anybody used it?

Hi Matt, what is VVM? Googled vvm+vodacom but all it comes up with is “vvm attorneys”.


I am battling with setting up Tethering function between iPhone 3Gs ver 3.1.2 and Macbook. The tethering function disappeared from settings on iphone. I have now followed your proposed process and installed ipcc and reset, but still no Tethering option. Any assistance to solve my headache will be appreciated.

You know what….? At the end of the day… The iphone is a pretty cool gadget… but I will NEVER, EVER… BUY ANOTHER ONE…..!!! I am so sick and tired of Apples crap…. and there upgrades and then having to Jailbreak and then upgrade and then Jailbreak…. etc. etc….. Damn it just to tiresome… And for what…???? just to make it do what every other phones does anyway….. Cannot wait for my contract to end…..

@Mike I stopped jailbreaking ever since MMS and tethering was enabled – There’s even a video camera app for the iPhone 3G which works ok – I honestly don’t know any other phone which gives as much functionality and versatility as the App store offers

@ Theben…. Yes, I agree.. there are plenty apps… but since I upgraded to 3.1.3 my tethering vanished… and not being able to use my iphone as a modem really annoys me…. If I put in the “” then my tethering cpmes back but my phone wont find the network and my email stops working….
If I put “vlive” in the APN then the network works and my email works, but no tethering..? WTF…!!!
And dont even get me started on trying to bluetooth to other phones… such a simple thing on other phones….

@Mike I am a bit puzzled. You say you cannot wait for your contract to finish, then you must be on Vodacom. Tethering and MMS are built in the firmware. Perhaps it’s all the JB that that messed it up? As long as your iPhone APN is active(on the phone and in @vodacom4me) and you have clean install (No restore from backup) it works every time (6 iPhones).

Hi Steph…..
Ok, checked vodacom4me and my iphone APN was not active… Activated it and must wait 24 hours.. so lets see if that works….
But still not impressed with the way apple have kept iphones from communicating with other devices…. Don’t get me wrong though… its an amazing piece of technology, just a pity about the software restrictions….
Anyway, thanks for the help…..

Some of the iPhone’s initial restrictions seem to be because of their exclusive contract with AT&T in the USA. Its rumored that this contract is coming to an end this year.

Wow. Too many comments. Um.. Any luck with CellC yet? I’m about to port my number across to Vodacom but would like to avoid this RICA stuff if possible….

Wow what great service from marc @ gmob. I had a sim blocked issue this morning and he patiently talked me through the repair process. Thanks so much. This was done on a public holiday so even more impressive. Marc you are my hero.

Hey man,

Thanks for all your help. I am an American living in SA and I’m using a iPhone 3G unlocked and jailbroken from the States. It is on OS 3.0. I left for the States in December, and had internet tethering in SA when I left. I used the old settings under When I arrived back in SA in February my tethering option was gone and I thought it’d be easy because I’d be able to use these new settings. I am not able to download the new settings that you have available and I can’t get the tethering option to come back. Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Both Networks are offering tethering out of the box now.
(Not sure about the 3G, anyone?)

The solutions are obsolete

I was just searching for this info for some time. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your site. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this kind of informative websites in top of the list. Generally the top websites are full of garbage.

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