Enabling Push Notifications in iPhone OS 3.0

A new feature of iPhone OS 3.0, Push Notifications, are not enabled by default. A quick simple way to get them on, is by installing this awesome iPhone app, I came across earlier today, called “Hey Where Are You: Location Service”, or HeyWAY for short.
Essentially HeyWAY is an app that allows you see where your authorised contacts are located in an embedded Google map. The way the notifications integrate into it, is that you can be alerted when your contact alerts you to their position. You can also request to see where your contacts are, by sending them a notification, which will appear as a Push Notification on their side.

Adding a contact is simple, as the app composes an email for you that you can send to your contact with a pre – defined URL that will authorise you to share your location with them.

One question I know will come up is, What about getting bugged at 3am when my mates pissed at the pub ? Well you can disable Push notifications on an app Level, as well as on an overall full iPhone level. You can also disable notifications from a specific user within the app.


The push notification alerts you even when you not in the app. A sound is made (freaks you out the first couple of times :))


You can then view your contacts location in an embeded Google Map

Map View

The app is Free in the iTunes store and can be downloaded Here -> “Hey Where Are You: Location Service”

Feel free to add me if you would like add me, my email address is on my Contact page. Just don’t let me know you in the pub at 3am please :P