Free data on Vodacom

vodratesI know the last couple of posts have been all Vodacom/iPhone/Vodacom/iPhone….(you get the point, sorry :)), but I came across an awesome deal on Vodacom today.

They are currentley running a promotion called “With Vodacom the internet is Maklik” where they are giving up to 2 gigs of data away for free. So I did a couple of calculations around these figures, and found an simple & easy way to save yourself up to 500% on your data costs.

Basically the deal is Vodacom will either give you 25MB or 10% of your data package back to you up until the end of August. Now the easiest way to do this, and score is to activate a 5MB Add-On Data package. Usually this package costs R9.25, and you get 5MB of data. Fair enough, works out to R1.85. BUT, if you do this before the end of August you get another 25MB of data valid for 60 Days. This means you get 30MB of data for only R9.25 which works out to a staggering 31 cents, per Megabyte. THAT is a bargain. I have attached a screen shot of the calcs above (click to enlarge), which show the savings. This is an awesome deal, so if you are a Vodacom subscriber & use data on your phone, this is a MUST.

To activate the packages you can either call 082 111 from your phone, or you can activate it on

Disclaimer: I am in NO way affiliated to Vodacom, if you have any questions on this promotion, please call them :)