I don’t often rant on my blog, but today I’m going to be used to expose the MOST useless company in South Africa. I’m actually just fed up with them and the service they offer. I am cross posting this from a complaint I made on

Since we moved into our new house in December, we have had endless problems with ADT. With monthly call outs to repair our system, equiment breaking and alarms going off at random times of the day and night. We have had the technical team out here, at least 7 or 8 times to try and ‘sort’ out these various issues.

Last month, we received a notice under our door, to say that the NEXT day they would be pulling out their patrol vehicles in the Ballito area, and sub contracting to a local company, who would send out a patrol vehicle in case of an emergency. Today, this was put to the test.

We had a family day outing today, and on our way home we recived a call to say the alarm had gone off. By the time we got home, there was still no one here.
When I started investigating times, I found out once again how useless ADT really was.
Alarm signal recieved at ADT control room: 11:44
Call made to me to tell alarm had gone off: 11:50 (6 minutes)
Call made to sub contracting company in Ballito Afres: 12:03 (13 minutes !!!!!)
Sub contractor patrol arrived at premises: 12:06

Thank you ADT for being the offering the most useless service in the whole of South Africa. FED UP !!!!!!!

If you are looking for a Security company in South Africa, I would really like to recommend that you NEVER EVER  consider ADT Security.


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Sheesh Dude – that is hectic. Imagine if something was really going on at home and that you guys WERE there!

I hear you bud.

I know its crazy hey. And what is even more funny is that in the last 2 days, someone from ADT has viewed this post over 50 times, without a comment

Re: Bad Service. I’ve been a very satisfied client with ADT over the past 3 years. I’ve found the staff and especially the response guys most helpful and proffessional. As per the salesman that originally sold me the system, ADT strives to give an adequate response time but cannot guarantee this due to traffic, etc. This I can understand as I’ve seen how the drivers on our roads completly ignor any reaction vehicle that is on their way to an alarm. I do hope that you contact the nearest branch and I’m sure that they will explain in detail.

Good luck

I also had a very bad experience with ADT, where they have allocated only one car servicing a very big area. As a result, my house was broken into, the alarm went off and the armed respoonce only arrived after 30mins. My plasma tv was stolen. I have not received any explanation as to why this happened. The person I have been dealing with always promises to come back to me, with a full report, and I am still waiting!

I could not agree with you more…I have never dealt with such a unprofessional company in my life…from sales to technical…they just have no clue what they are doing!!!!!

ADT is a really incompetent company. I place them in the same category as South African tow truck drivers. Capitilising on the misfortune of other and a requirement for the service. There call-out and response times are pathetic (I tried to look for a harder word to describe them). There legal teams make NO effort to resolve any disputes they simply resort to the tried and trusted bully techniques.

There response teams qualifications are simply that they be able to write a fairly legible note to put in your gate to say “Hey guys we were here, Good luck with that!” Maybe my wife is inside being held up at gunpoint there excuse “We cant climb over the fence” well surprise surprise the criminals do it.

On the two occasions when we did push a panic button both times the guards came to the gate, at least 15 minutes late and then left because we did not open the gate. Well, lets think about this “Dangerous criminal in yard trying to break in, i must remember to go outside the house and put my life at risk to let in a security guard, who should be guarding cars at the local mall”

I dont think so!!!! But seriously ADT is not “Always there” its never there. I think they deserve a FROT Onion award. May they be the first to close down due to the recession.

You can’t blame ADT for not being able to break the law. You have to understand that there is a protocol to follow even in emergencies. I know they do there best to make things right, but it’s not easy. What you need to do is talk to them when you first meet up with them. Tell them what you expect from them.

If you look at alarm company response times throughout the world, 20 min. or so is not bad. Here in the USA response times are more like 30 min. You have to understand that ADT is doing the job they promised, notify you that an alarm has gone off and dispatch a responder if you do not answer or if indicate you are not home. How many telephone numbers do they have to reach you? Its not like they have a response vehicle sitting at the corner just waiting for YOUR alarm to go off. How long would it take the police in your area to respond? If you dont like the service, fire them. In that case you would not have know at all that you had a break-in until you arrived home. You are to harsh, and so are the others who replied in your favor. I noticed Micheal’s reply to be the most obserd. The responders are not police, They are citizens and are most likely not permitted to go over or through locked gates. Like here in the USA, if we want the security to enter our property we need to make reasonable allowances for that. like leave a gate unlocked… as you mentioned the criminals will gain access by jumping a fence. it really doesnt matter if your gate is locked or not. Again, not happy with the service, fire them. quit complaining.

Lindi, are you serious? Do you really think that because ADT allocating only one car to servicing a very big area has resulted in your house being broken into and your plasma tv to be stolen. So its ADT’s fault? not the bold, opportunistic criminal? Do you all think these guys wear capes and tights? Do you really want another human being to put his or her life at risk for your plasma tv? what would have happened if there were no alarm service at all. You all are very unrealistic. Its a shame. 30 min to receive an alarm activation signal, try to contact you for a pass code, and dispatch a rsponder. I would ask ADT for the details of how alarm response service works and not assume you have your own private RAMBO that is waiting by his bat phone for YOUR alarm to go off… get real!

And now that you all have me off on a tangent… Marc, whats crazy my good man is that you think ADT would even dignify the babble here with some form of response. They most likely think you are all retarded and this forum does not rate a reply… I know for a fact that ADT does exactly what is designated in your response contract. I suggest you read them before shooting from the hip cowboy… and girls. get real.

Oh and BiancaW, You’re not off the hook either darling. Imagine if something was really going on at home and that you guys WERE there? One would hope you would call the POLICE force. When ADT received an alarm activation, they call you. You tell them either “everything is fine. here is my pass code.” OR “I think someone is in my house.” do you think they are going to send in the ADT SWAT TEAM? No honey, they call the police. There security responders are not cops or caped crusaders.

I hear you bud? Oh shut it!

ADT installed a system at my home about 20 months ago, the istallation was a total abortion, pieces of my walls were broken out when drilling through walls, glue all over the place, unsightly wires all over the place. After about 6 months of complaints they redone the installation using trunking, it was even worse. So it was redone for the 3rd time, I had just repainted prior to the initial installation, it cost me another R6000.00 to have the damaged walls and paint repaired. Then they realised the system was incapable of handling the granny flat, which was part of the initial quote. So after a huge arguement the neccesary was replaced. Bottom line the entire debacle took around 8 or 10 months to complete. I constantly get false alarms from an outdoor passive which they sold to me, now it must be replaced with a beam at around R2000 because the passive is not suitable. After waiting close on 5 weeks they pitched, but cant install the beam as I need to supply conduit piping to the installation point, surely if you are an installer you do the entire job???? And dont try calling their headoffice because you wont get to talk to a manager.
I recently accidentally pushed the remote panic button, they called after 30 minutes to see if all was okay, we explained what happened and apologised. An hour and a half later they call again because the reaction team cant get in due to the electic fence, I told them it was a false alarm, we had apparently given the incorrect code so they had responded, I told the control room the code used is the code I have alway used, I gave it again, and he told me it was incorrect???? The next day I phoned told them about it and was told that the code was wrong….I instisted on them telling me who had altered the code as this code has been used at least 15 or 20 times to date, they told me they can’t see who changed the code???? I just find it strange that a Company like ADT with the footprint they have can be so difficult to do business with.

Further to my previous posting, the sales rep that sold me the system refused to come back and look at the botched installation despite several requests. I left several messages and he just ignored me. Then after some months he phoned to complain that his commission was being witheld because I had not paid the outstanding 50% of the invoice……what a cheek??? After months of arguments and letters and hello peter comments, 2 managers came to my house, they just shook their heads when they saw the installation….so if that is the case why does it take months to get a response, surely you send the rep the moment you get a complaint, if he thinks its unacceptable then he can report to his manager and the matter can be investigated and resolved, the thing is once installed and you have a contract in place there is no need to break your back, that what it appears to be like.

Thanks guys and dolls… I was considering an armed response system for my home… but, if the so-called BEST can offer service as described, then there is NO hope… I’d rather take my chances with God at my side… Human beings CANNOT be trusted. Once my cousin was in Durban from Jo’burg for a week. She left her alarm on, and even has electric fencing. Would you believe her house was cleaned out. ONLY THE ALARM GUYS COULD SEE THAT SHE WASN’T AT HOME THAT WEEK… IT SHOWED ON THEIR SYSTEM THAT THE ALARM WAS ACTIVATED 24/7. Scary, isn’t it??? Once my house was broken into… one of the policemen who responded “quietly” gave me the details of an armed response company and insisted I call them up… makes you think, doesn’t it??? WE ARE LIVING IN ONE BIG CORRUPT SH*THOLE… 2012 will show Humanity with one fell sweep!!!

I really love the internet. I was googling ADT to get a quote and ask them to come install an response system in my house. Upon opening, I just saw this website below the Official ADT one and I decided to read. It’s quite enlightening. Guess what, I will not use them. Especially after reading Jay Dara’s postings, it shows that I cannot expect anything from ADT. If they cannot offer any protection to my family and possessions why should I use them? However there other companies which are not as arrogant. I will spread the news about this site to my friends who have been thinking of signing up with ADT

I can’t give any comment on the way ADT is run in Ballito, but here in my area (Randburg), they are awesome. From finding my dog to helping me and my family in a life threatening situation, I have nothing but praise for these guys.

Have you ever worked in a security company’s control room? I have (no – not for ADT) and trust me, there is so much crime going on out there they have a hard time keeping up. Sometimes you have about 5 alarms going off at once and you need to determine which one is the most critical.

You may be upset that it took them 30 minutes to get to you, but did you ever stop to think that maybe they had to choose between a “break-in” alarm and someone repeatedly pressing their “panic” alarm. I’d say I’d see to the person with the panic alarm first – Plasma TVs can be replaced – a life can’t.

Also, a reaction officer is not a taxi driver or a tow-truck driver. If these guys are caught speeding or breaking the law, they are in serious trouble. The law does not make an exception for these guys.

Flory, Im sure you dont understand… read Melody’s post. No security agency can break the law or promise you protection for you or your stuff. Its all the same from any company. none of them have super powers! None of them are going to risk their life for you, or more so, your possessions. If you want consistant and regular protection, build a compound and staff it with armed security guards. you (and most people) just don’t understand “security” security guards are private citizens like you and I. They are hired to observe and report. The security professionals that are armed, are so to protect themselves and other people from immediate threat of life or bodily harm. Any company that confirms an alarm as an actual break in is going to call the police. That is for liability and safety reasons. I happen to think that ADT does the best job, at least for their response department. I work security for a very well known gated community in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. we are armed and when we answer alarms (mostly with ADT, Alarmco and Brinks) we do so in pairs and usually with the company’s dispatched responder. If we see an actual break in we set a border around that home and call the police. That is policy. If things are done differently in your country, I would love to hear about it. Security professionals are oneof the most stereotyped and missunderstood occupations out there. That is the unfortunate truth. The best way to know for sure is to ask the company the difficult questions posed here…something i would ask, “what does your company do if my alarm is activated?” “Do you guarentee a response time?” ” what does the responder do when they arrive at my home?” “Does he verify via identification someone that is at my home?” “What if he/she finds forced entry?” I’m pretty sure all of them will answer in similar fashion

The South African security industry is the Government’s cash cow. Ponder the following:
• Virtually every household out of necessity requires the services of an armed response or monitoring agency.
• How much work is created? You need patrol cars, people, command or reaction centres etc. All these people are semi skilled and can be utilised (work ready) within a matter of weeks.
• Just think of the VAT that is generated for the coffers.

So I ask you – why would the Government combat crime and kill the cash cow. I have been using armed response services now for the last fifteen years. My experience is that one often starts with a small efficient company. As soon as they are doing well, a larger security firm buys them out. You then get poor service and set out to find a different company. Thus the cycle begins again. The worst service I have encountered must be that of CHUBB. I do everything in my power to alert people of such. But one must appreciate the joke that is being played on us – for every complaint there is a satisfied customer. CHUBB vs ADT who knows? At least spend the few Rands per month, knowing that you have done something to safeguard you and your property. Trusting god – I don’t think so.

I have my residence monitored by ADT, and business by CHUBB. I am equally satisfied by both companies. I do agree that their services could improve, but so can all our services throughout the world. Just like me there are millions that are satisfied with CHUBB. And UNCLE AL please elaborate on why you are not entirely satisfied with CHUBB’S service. I’d be glad to assist where I can or give you an explanation if I can’t. As humans we are not entirely satisfied with anything. Well, this may not be a bad thing. This just helps us to better our services. Anyway I’ve just started work as a systems consultant for CHUBB a week ago. I’d like to make a difference. At CHUBB, ” WE AIM FOR PERFECTION, BUT IN DOING SO, WE GAIN EXCELLENCE” – is this EXCELLENCE ACCEPTABLE? Call me should you require any assistance or advice.
CELL :082 379 5432
CHUBB : 031 362 3500

If had to choose a security company to monitor my alarm, I’d look at who’s monitoring the majority of alarms in my area. In this way you are closer to getting better service and response. Beware don’t get yourself into bigger kak.

Have anyone signed the two year (from ADT) contract where the alarm is free. I need to know how this work as my two years expired 5 years ago and I still pay an incredible amount.

Dear Sylas

It is now about four years ago that I have been using ADT iso CHUBB. The problem at the time with CHUBB started with incorrcet billing. Later on it extended to alarm triggers not being responded to; e.g the alarm would be triggered and CHUBB control room would not phone or dispatch a response. This continued for three months and then I decided to cancel the contract. Upon notification CHUBB sent me a snotty letter warning me that the radio unit is theirs and that I shall be held accountable if this goes missing. I’m not stupid and know the content of the contatct wrt ownership of the radio unit. This clause incidently applies to all security providers. The unit is still lying in the garage – CHUBB has never come to fetch it.

I’m confident that teher will be many reader sthat will say the same of ADT. At least my billing has been 100% correct over the last four years, alarm activations are always responded to and service fee increases are low.

For me, CHUBB has ruined their professional reputation and I’d rather have an impi at my premises, armed with a shield and assagaai than have CHUBB there. Just my sentiments. Your kind offer is much appreciated though.


Uncle Al

Melt, check your contract. I remember reading the detail of such in my ADT contract. I however had a new alarm fitted prior to my signing with ADT so I just eneterd into a service contract withouit any alarm bing incl. I even have an appointed sales person representing ADT in my area. Try and see who is yours and discuss with him/her.

The advice of Sylas is 100% on the button – check who is well represented in your area and that would be a good choice to start with.

BTW – My alarm started signalling low battery status. Not only did I get the sms’s but the ADT control room phoned me. They unfortunately quoted an exhorbatint figure R309.00 for the batt plus R320 to have a technician install it. If you can operate a TV remote you can replace the batt. I bought a batt from a security shop in my area (R154.00 VAT incl) and installed it myself – took 2 min. The ADT contract just stipulates that no other company may repair youyr alarm system – that is if you bought the alarm from them.

The most useless company I have ever dealt with, have to wait 5 days for a alarm repair only to be told they dont know the system!

I think there is a lot of emotion connected to this issue. Having worked in this industry a few years ago, I was always amazed at the unreasonable expectations of customers vs what can actually be achieved. Lets think about it: security guards receive a minimum wage (if they paid them more, then you’d have to pay more); their hours are horrible; they spend most of their working hours in extremem boredom, and then have a few moments of pure, life-threatening terror every few days when they respond to real events, and then they get crapped on by almost every customer they meet, because, believe me, people think any response time is too long!

In every security company (like other related industries), they have their fair share of bad apples, and even crime syndicates operating from within, and the management of every company works tirelssly to eradicate those elements, in the face of death threats to their families and sometimes extreme personal risk.

I have to tell you that (just like banks), the level of service delivery you receive varies within and across secutity companies, and is more likely to be a product of the skills and customer service challenges in South Africa, than a particularly bad company.

We live in a tough situation here in SA, and security companies are just one of the measures we try to put in place to protect our families. But do remember that you can’t ever rely completely on anything to keep you completely safe – keep your wits about you and work with your service providers to do the same: give them feedback when they stuff up, and accolades when they save your life. They often do!

I just have to ask how regulary do people that have alarm system test them? You are supposed to test your system once every month to make sure that there is nothing faulty. I get numerous calls from my customers saying they armed there alarm, alarm goes off, but no response! Then I asked when last did you test your alarm? And most of the times the answer is never, 6 months ago.. ect. Just want to let everyone aware of the fact to test your alarm on a regular basis. How are we suppose to know that something is faulty if the clients don’t test?

I am sorry to hear about that ADT don’t respond like TACTICAL SECURITY SERVICES, with response times of no max than 5-7 minutes and no less than 2 minutes and phones you irrespective of what of alarm type of alarm that went off, phone calls take no less than a minute. I have found there service outstanding and with there zero tolerance moto against drugs, abuse, alcohol and crime, TACTICAL SECURITY SERVICES should be rated as one 1. If you stay on the bluff and want to try TACTICAL SECURITY SERVICES, I can asure you, you won’t be sorry.

No I didn’t spam the page for tactical security, I am a client of their’s and let me tell you Halee, that they are the bomb.


Dear Jay Dara. First I want to tell you, if I could easily fire them I would have done that 3 years ago!! When I signed up with ADT the rep assured me that it was a 2 year contract and that I could easily cancel it at any time should I not be happy with the service. So a few months down the line I would find out that it was a 3 year contract and that there was no way I could cancel it, unless I was prepared to pay the money for the outstanding period which at that time was about 2 and a half years????? Actualy you are partly right, one can’t complain about there service because they don’t have any service???!!!! I had several times that someone tried braking in while we were in the house and away and there was either very late or even no response????!!! What if me and my family was in the house being held hostage or getting killed and they never came??!! Luckily for me I have good wake up neighbours!! ADT realy is a bad bad bad bad company they are giving security companies a bad name!!!



Guys, ADT is not that bad as you make them to be! Crime is a serious, serious concern and need to be addressed by the government however they focus on other unimportant matters. ADT in my area are exceptionally good, well trained professional guards and respond in no time. Just because in Balito there was an isolated scenario ADT is blamed for poor service etc. maybe the complainant is partly to blame as well who knows? Before you buy a vehicle you take it for a test drive and if you are satisfied you shall purchase it, well the same goes for any security company, you obtain info from surrounding residents whom have security in the likes of ADT etc and based on there findings and experience you can decide whether they comply with your needs or not case closed.

On 23 February ADT failed to keep an appointment to check my system, and I did not receive a word of explanation or apology. Phone calls to the manager (“He’s in a meeting, but will call you back”) were completely ignored. Letters to the manager have all been ignored – including copies delivered in person, and signed for. ADT is without doubt the most incompetent, unprofessional firm it has ever been my misfortune to encounter. They don’t even care that they are in breach of contract! I cannot warn people strongly enough never to have anything to do with this firm.

I thought security companies where supposed to keep our homes safe? might as well just get a neighbout to phone you when your alarm goes off and they can phone the police on your behalf? What do you need to pay a monthly fee for if they can’t even help you but charge you to call the cops? I think I will get a alarm put in and arrange for a neighbout to call me or the cops if my alarm goes off. What a rip off.

The thing that gets to me the most is that clients always expect a response officer to wave from their vehicles when ever they decide to go out the door. you dont pay adt to guarrantee you property or your life…if you do you’re an idiot. an alarm system is just there to help better secure your world. as for reaction times, the guys on the road work their butts off responding to 80% of false alarms because some people just wanted to test reaction times; or a mistake when you woke up; or clients who dont know how to properly opperate their systems. so please guys you are not the only clients. we have thousands and thousands of clients who expect exellent service. and at adt we strive to get there every day in every way possible. but dont be unreal. we only a private company and we are not policeman. we not above the law. thanks

Firstly I want to ask Sunnyboy and Moonboy what the have to say about the service Dr Angelis Lambiris received from their ever so trusworthy, loyal and hardworking ADT????? We had a horrible 3 years experiance with ADT and never in my life wil I recomend them to anyone. We had several times when they deducted money whenever they seem fit and all they could say is…your contract states that they can deduct whenever the want to. I did not agree but it did not help me at all to disagree. Our contract expired (thank heavens) on the 1 March 2010. Still they deducted a wrongfull R1310 plus another premium of R340 on the 1 April 2010. How is that for April fools. One lady did agree that now where in the contract it states that the can deduct whatever they want to. They did agree that the were not supposed to deduct the R1310 and it was done by mistake?????????? but we have been batteling since then to get the money back!!!!!! We have been to their offices in Pta North as well as Brooklyn. We have been speaking to Jesica, Ronel, Zeb and Joey. The only one that returned our call from this 4 was Zeb ( didn’t help much cause nothing came of it). We have also been speaking to Marinda and Maritza and sending emails daily but nothing happened. Today we tried to speak to Lyle Botha but we had to leave a message, needless to say he didn’t return our call!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I AM ASKING YOU IF IT WAS ONLY THE BAD RESPONCE TIME I COULD TRY TO AGREE WITH SUNNYBOY AND MOONBOY BUT THE OVERALL SERVICE IS UP TO S#@$T GUYS. LET ME TELL YOU SUNNYBOY AND MOONBOY IS DEFINATELY WORKING FOR ADT. If you ever just see or hear about a rep or someone from ADT who wants to talk to you ….. DON’T EVEN LISTEN ITS A WASTE OF VALUEBLE TIME AND LIKE I ALWAYS SAY …… TIME IS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!


im sure these are isolated cases, or this site would be full of posts since the 25 july 2009? but then agen you cant run a business without DIFFICULT clients. im sure adt did not make u sign a contract with an armed response officer pointing a gun to ur head. why dont u riaan strydom, start a neighborhood watch in ur area and c how far u get. or better yet… call the police when ur alarm goes off seeing as you pay them to protect u…..maybe they’ll come….hopefully. “the rich will always complain” …proven fact. funny thing is when clients cancel due to bad service from adt. they return 2 yrs later cos adt…….” is always there” . ……. and the “better service” companies seem to go bunkrupt.

I used to have Copwatch as my armed response service provider. Three weeks ago I changed to ADT. They put their big sign boards and all other rubbish. Guess what? My house was broken into and I was cleaned out in what was clearly an ADT inside job. ADT sucks!! They surely do not do security clearance for their control room employees and neither are their response officer security clear. ADT Sucks!!! I repeat, ADT Sucks!!! I am cancelling thair contract and if they want to got to court I am ready. A lot of criminal syndicates are operating from within ADT. They are always five minutes late. It makes sense, they are five minutes late because they want their bussied to finish the job. ADT is Bad news. ADT has criminal elements operating within it.

johnny as you so much believe in conspiracy theory alleging adt inside job what if copwatch become sour by you terminating and ……………..

Bwah ha ha ha Johnny:) Can just laugh my ass of for that comment!!!!! Seriously, you have got a vivid imagination!
Do you have any freakin idea how hard these people work? They are the best security company, ask me I work for them

MY BURGLARY WAS AN ADT INSIDE JOB. There is enough circumstantial eveidence to prove it. Just like the ANC, ADT has become so big they don’t follow the rules anymore. It is for you ADT people to make sure you do not hire criminals into your fold. Unfortunately you do. The guy that came to inspect my alarm prior to signing and inmstallation sold my security information to the thugs. ADT is dangerous. In all their responses, they are five minutes late. Go to SAPS, they will tell you that despite ADT being the biggest armed response company, their success rate in confronting criminals is very apalling.

It is the smaller companies that come face to face with burglerers. ADT is always five minutes late. I had other companies’ sign boards and criminals were dead scared of my property. I put up the ADT sign boards and they were then all over me. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE. ADT DOES NOT MIND HIRING CRIMINALS INTO THEIR FOLD. These burglaries create a fear factor which in turn, stimulate their business. I am moving to Schubb. I heared they follow the rules and do security check on their employees. At least they do come face to face with criminals as opposed to ADT who are always five minutes late. I repeat, THEY ARE FIVE MINUTES LATE BECAUSE IT IS THEIR BUDDIES DOING THE JOB. ADT is a scam, finish and klaar.

Be carefull of Chubb, not Shubb:) They arrive an hour after your alarm goes of and dont even contact you:) Good luck with them

Chubb does not fire criminals, that is very important. You work for ADT and you will not dare dispute the fact that YOU DO NOT DO SECURITY CHECKS ON YOUR STAFF. I do not work for Chubb and I know if one of their staff spots this they will agree with me. My brother in law, who stays in Jo-burg area had the same problem. Armed the house and went on holiday. He was cleaned out and ADT did not even respond. They put foward some lousy argument that the alarm was not armed. It later appeared that someone in their control room saw that the alarm was armed for a number of days and that no one was in the house. He got cleaned out. ADT is a scam.



Look here you ADT employee (Sunnyboy), it was very stupid on my part to take up this contract with ADT. I was fooled by their presence and visibility. I forgot what happened to my brother in law. I thought it was an isolated incident. NO, I was wrong. Put up an ADT sign board in your house and criminals will be all over you. South Africans, please look at other means and other companies when it comes to your valuables. ADT hires criminals.

Hey chaps, keep it tidy please, otherwise I may have to moderate or turn off the comments on this post, which I don’t really want to do, as I encourage both sides of the story…

lets make it simple to you guys that cry like babies why not make an appointment with ADT and go have a look in the control room. will bet you a million bucks there no way in hell you could do the job better. Remember to test your alarm at least once amonth and make sure your service provider got the signal. DO NOT EVER TEST ARMED RESPONSE. ANY COMPANY HAS THE RIGHT TO SLAP YOU WITH A FINE ADDED TO YOUR BILL.

Kev, what you are saying is Bull sh*t. SA is a constitutional democracy. Above all, it guarantees freedom of speech, expression and association. No wonder the Sutarday article was talking about you guys being in posession of Home Affairs information which you were not suppose to posess. YOU THINK YOU ARE LAW UNTO YOUSELVES. What makes you think you can slap a fine? Who do you think you are? Respond to the substantive issues raised on this side. Do you do security clearance on your staff? What is your average response time? How many burglaries do you have per month on premises with ADT sign. Go play that intimidation game of your somewhere. You don’t scare me.

who do i speak to for help after ADT has gone and Blacklisted me , is there a sercurity Ombudsmun.

I can only add to the first comment. I am with ADT for almost 7 years now. When the sales person was at my place, he said to enter my premisses is their problem and that they WILL enter my premisses. For 5 years it was fine and they did enter it and left a message at my front door. It is not difficult to do so. After 5 years they said that they can;t enter my premisse and left a message at the gate. At my premisses nothing did change to the fenching. The latest reason is that they have bullitproof jackets on and that makes it difficult, but previously they also had bullitproof jackets on. I had 3 repreventives from ADt at my place and they could enter without difficulty. There reaction, they can’t see why the response can’t enter and that thety will see to it. Now it starts again for the third time.

Ya ne! what about Stallion,The only problem ic with this Adt reaction officers the are to fat ,they cant even jump the wall,Why they should have to leave the clients gate without respond and proof from the client,why they are not forced to join gym because they must stay feet and active,i wont consider ADT AS MY RESPONSER,they are useless

TRUE .. the same happened to us . the signal didn’t go through to their offices, still they charged me R399 to ‘check’ the system. The system still does’t work. Their fees are more than R400 per month and they still can’t provide a service, absolutely PATHETIC!!!

I have contacted ADT for the past 2 months to come and sort out my alarm system, i am only available on a monday and every time they promise me that they will come and fix my alarm
Every monday for the past 2months i sit at home waiting for them if we phone them they would have an excuse why they did not attend to my problem.

This monday theY confirmed with me that they would come and fix my alarm waited for them like a idiot again, the technician phone us by 16:00 to say he is at home where i told them i will only be available until 14:00

Why do we pay our accounts on time but they so useluess in fixing the problem


When I had my alam installed it was with a contract for 3 years to say that after 3 tears the system belongs to the owen of the house. after 3 years guess what I still do not have a system belonging to me and still need to hire it for another 2 years. the sales rep and installation people was from pro active and now I’m sitting with nonsense of removing the alarm system and patch the walls and ceiling as well as painting the walls where the sighns were or do I need to rent for 2 more years.

ADT is the most useless bunch I’ve ever seen. Their slogan “ALWAYS THERE” must be
the most correct slogan ever, because they are “NEVER HERE” where their paying customers need
them. I don’t know where to begin to tell about my experiences- from incompetent technicians, not keeping appointments, trying getting info from call centres, fixing problems etc.
The list goes on and on…..

Sales rep cheated me into a 3 year contract with no “rent to own” alarm system as I already had my own. Cancelled the contract after 2 years due to bad service. After alarm activation at my shop I was actually onsite before them on 3 occasions!
Now they’re threatening with ITC and all sorts because I stop the debit order every month. Threatening to discontinue the service which has been disconnected for nearly a year! These guys are unprofessional and just after your money. They’re worse than time-share companies with blackmail tactics if you dare cancel a contract due to bad service.
Provide what I’m paying for and all will be okay.
They refuse to collect their transmitter as it would indicate admitting they were at fault.
Bunch of *ssholes!

We recently had a burglary on the 18th of December where the guys were able to take every piece of jewelry I owned and other items due to the fact that it took ADT 34 minutes to respond, This may have been because they forgot to remind a vehicle to go to our home when the initial response was that the vehicles were all busy, which gave the robbers free rein to rampage through my home. The perp was actually caught by the SAPS and is currently in jail and I am very thankful to have gotten most of my stuff back and to the SAPS for a really good job. After calling a meeting with ADT at my home on Jan, the mealy mouthed excuses ranged from “the weather, we were very busy, etc” After requesting that they investigate why their response time was so poor and that they get back to us, it’s been a truly frightening experience from a customer service point of view. I’ve now just received a “report” from one of the “special” people who work for ADT after sending an email to the MD of Durban. It’s a truly pathetic form document which basically does it’s best to cover their incompetent asses.

Judging from the ra-ra’s from the people who claim to work for ADT, I now understand why their customer service reeks. Here’s the deal, guys. We pay you to render a service, namely to respond when our homes which are supposedly protected by your systems are being robbed and our lives and property may be in danger. We do not expect you to prevent crime, but we do expect you to respond in a timeous fashion which is what we pay you for. When you do not render the expected service. We have the right as CUSTOMERS to be unhappy. We are not here to make up for the fact that your systems are manned by imbeciles and having dealt the people at ADT, Durban, I make this claim from experience. We are also not here to make up for the fact that there are obviously holes in your systems which I find very hard to believe are cutting edge technology. So please man up and grow a pair and take responsibility instead to blaming the customer which seems to be a big part of ADT’s company culture.

The fact of the matter is that ADT have become very big, complacent and lazy and as a result their systems obviously need to be assessed, both the hardware and wetware, since their customer service seems to consist mainly of passing the buck or ignoring you in the hope you’ll give up and go away. My neighbourhood is rife with ADT patrol cars and guard huts and yet they still couldn’t muster a decent response after not making contact with either my husband or I. What would they have done if our lack of response had been due to the fact that we were being held up at gunpoint?

Oh wait, we probably would have gotten one of their “we are aware of your complaint and someone will get back to you shortly” letters.

Perhaps some of the people who so proudly work for ADT should spend less time trying to defend their companies shortcomings on the internet and a little more time trying to ensure that their company doesn’t have any complaints to deal with.

We moved out of a plot husband was retrenched informed adt the person was there sighned a paper for removing the system found out recently one year half ago it was removed since 2004 nou they want 21 thousand rand from us after no response from them and now we are on credit for that

2004 we moved out of a plot informed adt to come out husband was retrenched gave copy to man who was there sighned a paper for removing the system moved. To natal still didn’t remove it find out recentley that the system was removed one year @ half ago now we on itc for 21000 rand do you think is fear thy don’t even have us on their systim

I read the first few posts about ADT’s reaction times…

I must add that after inviting them to quote for new services on three different occasions this year, they did NOT ONCE respond spontaneously. I have to follow up and follow up and lick their bladdy wossnames.

They might offer state-of-the-art equipment – even their competition who HAVE responded to my invitations to quote, will quote me, and then, they actually RECOMMEND that I get ADT to quote too.

Secondly, if anyone at ADT reads this, please get hold of your accounts department for me, smack the attendants there around the ears and remind them to send out the invoices. Why do I have to phone them every month and ASK for them?? The fact that I am on debit order makes me really sour about this – you remember to debit my account on time, without fail, every month but the invoicing just … slips someone’s mind? Every month?

Let me guess – Bidvest Group?

Hi, I’m also experiencing a problem with ADT. We signed the 3yr rental contract with them but recently the system board was damaged due to lightening. Now they say that we have to repair it or claim from our insurance company. Even the excess that we’ll have to pay will be more than our monthly fee. And since we are renting the alarm system, not owning it why the heck should we fix it?

Hi nicky. Only a fool would make sense of what you have said. If you hire a vehicle you cannot return it smashed up and say its not yours…..unfortunately. If your alarm is damaged due to acts of GOD or third party then obviously you must pay to have it fixed. Have a good day

I have read a lot of your comments. Let’s get this straight. ADT will respond to complaints if you speak to the right department. If its a technical issue them make sure u are speaking to the technical dept and not the cleaning dept. Secondly you must discuss all your concerns and what you expect from ADT to the rep that comes out to you. Thirdly Armed Response officers can not jump over high walls due to risk of injury. They are not covered should they get injured. You forget they wear heavy bullet proof vests that also makes it more difficult to jump high walls. Should there be a real emergency then they will do everything they can to assist you. A lot of clients let their alarms go off by accident and they would just sit back and wait for that phone call checking the stop watch. It is very selfish of you. Your best friend might be sitting with a gun to his head up the road and you want to test the response. ADT guys don’t wear their undies on the outside, can’t fly, can’t see through walls. They are human. Let’s get to this question. What did you do back in the day when there were no such thing as armed response or alarms?

I don’t really understand why so many families prefer ADT or Brinks. Beside the expensive monthly service fees, a popular ADT/Brinks yard sign next to the front door might be meant as a preventive measure, but a burglar who sees that yard sign will know exactly what to do before attempting to gain entry. He may just CUT the phone line, SHUT the power supply, or follow the internal alarm siren sound and rip the alarm units (most systems have time delay), thus preventing the security alarm systems from notifying anyone of the break in.

We did some researches and picked our alarm system from It is so far the best on the market to my knowledge. We can now have peace of mind whether we are asleep or on vacation. All the protection is under our own control. We can easily call the alarm system, listen in via the build-in mic, arm, or disarm if necessary. As a bonus, the alarm host (control panel) can serve as a home phone. And most of all, there is No contracts, and No monthly service fees.

Im soooooo frusted with the service of ADT’s accounts department. I have been trying since 9h00 this morning to speak to an accounts agent to no avail. eventually when i dis speak to an agent she said she only deals with Cape Town queries and will transfer me to an jhb agent. Nobody pick up the phone. I called again, and again the agent told me he’s unable to assist me and get somebody to call me back.

I’m still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ADT Security is not rambo tv series ,, I guess U a very big complainer u should get a award 2012

Ok I read through the comments. Its funny how you brand ADT as useless. There are so many companies out there that are even worse. Remember ADT has a huge footprint in South Africa. They do strive to be the best. Then many of you question the qualifications of the response officer. A lot of them are ex police and SANDF soldiers. Before they get hired their fitness levels are tested. They do know what to do in event of emergencies. Over all ADT personal saved many lives since they opened their doors. Access to your property? If you have high walls, dogs, locked gates then sorry they will not jump over. It is a common rule that affects all security companies as insurance will not cover their injuries. How many response officers been shot by the client because the client thought it was a burglar. I would invite any body to give it a try in the control center for 12 hours. You need nerves of steal. I can guarantee you you won’t last 1 hour. So please be considerate on the people that try their best to protect you and your family. Forget your plasma TV you can buy another one but you can’t buy another child.

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