SimplyTweet – My new favorite iPhone twitter client

Yesterday Roland sent me an IM suggesting I try out this new iPhone twitter client. At first I wasn’t that keen, cause I was quite happy with my Tweetie. But boy, was I wrong….

I had been through them all, and tried Tweetdeck for the iPhone, iTwitter, Twitterfon etc etc, and wasn’t particularly partial to any of the others, except Tweetie. That was until I got my grubby paws on SimplyTweet.

WOW. What an app. The best selling point of the app was the fact that it had full Push notifications for DM’s as well as Replies. Very handy. But there is loads of extra additional functionality, which is a great selling point. On the subject of selling, the app is reasonably priced at $4.99, and is well well worth that price.

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A very cool feature of the app, is if you use Hootsuite, the online suite of twitter apps, you can directly import your accounts from Hootsuite. No mess, no fuss. SimplyTweet also allows multiple accounts, if you have more than 1 twitter account to tweet from.

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If you want to post pictures, you can choose from Posterous(my favorite), twitpic, yfrog,, twitpxr….Spoilt for choice :) On the topic of pictures, a nifty little feature is picture search, which allows you to search for specific pictures from the above services, using a keyword.

When posting a tweet, you have a couple of great little extras like; Shorten URL, Shoten Text, Contacts, #hsahtags & Insert location. All cool little features

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Another cool feature is the ability to draft your tweets in landscape mode as well. The built in browser is also great and has instapaper support, allowing you to save links for reading later.


Again, I will say, the best selling point of this app has to be the Push notifications for DM’s and @Replies. It is almost instantaneous as well, which is a big big plus.

Give it a bash, don’t be deterred by the price, I can guarantee you this app will not let you down. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Click here to download this app from the app store. Also check out their website for more info on this fantastic iPhone app. You can also follow the developer on Twitter, who helped me straight away with an issue.

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Good move Craig, you won’t be dissapointed. Wait till you get your first push notification for replies and DM’s :)

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