New Durban Airport

UPDATE: To see a couple of Photos from the opening on the 1st of May, click check out King Shaka International Airport Opens post

I recieved some awesome aerial shots of the new Airport, called King Shaka International Airport, currentley being built just outside La Mercy just North of Durbs.

The first plane will land at the new airport on the 1st May 2010, just in time for the 2010 FIFA world cup. They are really moving along with the construction as you can see below. For more info on the Airport and what it will be offer check out this Wikipedia link

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Hi Marc,
Thanks for the photos, we live very close to the airport (about 2kms north), it is interesting to see what is happening there,

Awesome! This will help alot with domestic connections also between DBN and JHB. Viva!

My dad works in the Oil industry. He rekons that there is a massive underground pipe which supplies the current airport with aviation fuel for the aeroplanes. They consume huge amounts of fuel, as you would appreciate.

He says that at the moment, there are no such plans that he is aware of for a pipeline from any of the refineries to this new airport – which means that the fuel must be delivered by tankers / trucks.

Someone has done calculations at the refinery, and worked out they need a tanker every 10-15 minutes at least – 24x7x365 to keep up with the demand.

This is going to be interesting…….

Thanks for the posting the pictures Marc, they are stunning!

With regards to whether it will be complete on time isn’t a question the worker’s would like, I’m sure these guys were taking special vitamins because if you have a look at pictures of this place a year ago (piling just finished and parts of ground floor slabs we being cast for the main termina) now the terminal is practically complete!

So March 2010’s completion date looks very much on track.

Regarding the fuel supply, at the moment Dube is considering truck tankers which would be a hassle and increase traffic along the N2 but I’m sure other ways could be explored one I would like to see is a possibility of a buoy pump situated off the beach where by small tankers could dock and pump fuel via pipe line to the fuel storage tanks at the airport.

How I smile at how people get so excited about this — without knowing anything of the background.

Ready in 2010 — what a joke

What happened with BA and Terminal FIve — just ask Willy Walsh
and this is in a developed World Class country.

Does anyone have any idea of the compexities involved in moving a COMPLETE airport — one which is not even running properly in its current location ????

Does anyone have any idea of the BUDGET overruns on this project

Tanker buoy on the shoreline WHERE is the EIA for this ???

FANBUOYS :–)))))))

Not knowing any of the background? I know a number of people that are working on this project & know people at ACSA, thats besides the fact I myself is in the construction industry so I know full well of what go’s on in the background :-D

BA & Terminal 5 was the worst mess in airport history, they had IT problems, as well as staff problems. Why don’t you ask what happen when Munich did their transfer? or BKK transferred to Suvarnabhumi? Yes both of these went of with out a major glitch, and need I remind you that the very same people that took part in the Munich switch will be in Durban next year to help with our switch. Just because this is South Africa doesnt mean we will fail and there will be many short comings? I’ll agree with the problem with the budget and overruns from the consortium hence the Competition Commission is investigating ALL of the heavy weights in this industry many of which are already putting up hands in blame.

Don’t worry Chris, it will be ready in 2010 I can guarantee you that. With regards to the buoy it was just a thought, its not actually going to happen ;-)

Oh and in what way is the current airport not being run properly?

Hope you have a nice day :-)

Hah — so do I !!!!

Well WHAT did happen with Munich ???

Remember — a “German” is not a “South Africa”

Far as I know the case with the main tender companies was settled OUT of court — I wonder why

WBHO profits are up 27 % WHY ????

Ever tried a complicated International routing out of DIA ???

Staff are friendly and helpful — BUT — do they always know what they are doing ???

Perhaps they are all planning WHEN to have THEIR strike ???

Have a nice day as well

Bet Chris is bitterly following and making negative remarks from somewhere in shitty England, Just hoping and preying nothing works and everything falls apart to justify his own doubts about moving to a miserable country.. Either that or he’s just one of the thousands of pessimistic pricks that should really should leave…

He must be waiting in anticipation for Saturday, probably waiting for the slightest error to confirm his prediction of a downfall.

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