Moses Mabhida Stadium Tour

UPDATE: To see more information about tours in and around the Moses Mabhida Stadium click here-

I had a fantastic opportunity on Friday to go on a tour round the new stadium that is being built in Durban for the 2010 FIFA world cup. It really is an eye opener, and I think will become a major stadium round the world. The sheer enormity of it, as well as the spaced out seats really makes it. A couple of things that I personally noticed while we were on the tour

  • The ABSA stadium, home to the Sharks next door,  is a very “tall”stadium, in the sense those top seats at ABSA are high up and you will battle if you suffer from vertigo. Seating at MM is more “level”. When you walk in to the stadium you go 2 levels down, and then you have your seating. So you will effectively be “in line” with the players
  • The players change rooms sound awesome. We couldn’t get in, but it sounds like they are huge, and have jacuzzis
  • Peoples park on the South side sounds like it will be a great area for families. Big open spaces with restaurants. I think I can see myself going there for family picnics once it is open
  • The whole stadium can be evacuated in 8 minutes !!! that is going to be a HUGE selling point

I managed to take a couple of photos, and managed to get 1 awesome pano shot together. Unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod with me, so I had to crop out a bit of it. The original is 12788 x 2892, but have attached a resized 3704 x 838. For the full size image check out (
Moses Mabhida Stadium Panoramic

I have a couple more pics, taken from my phone as well as on the DSL. The iPhone pics are up, and am busy uploading the others. You can check them out on my Flickr ->

I have also replied with a huge post on the SkyScraperCity Forums, with some of the questions asked by the guys on the forum.

Overall, I really think Durban is the potential winner in the stadium contest. I’m really looking forward to settling down in one of those chairs next year, and watching Bafana Bafana win the World Cup :)

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Thanks Fred & Jeanette.
Yip it def was an amazing experience…mindblowing. Can’t wait to see it all finished

I do not think anyone knows about tours or even the opening of this stadium. I rang three numbers this afternoon to ask if there was an “opening ceremony”. All i was told was to buy a ticket for R20 for the match on Sunday. Noone could tell me if there were dignitaries, speeches, any form of ceremony, fireworks, music, dancing girls and guys. Very pathetic response. This stadium has captured my imagination from the turning of the first soil and i want to be part of it. i am certainly not going just to watch a soccer match. Come on Durban leaders, you have punted this wonderful building and then kept quiet about how we can get to see it. I also want a tour. The Press said Friday 27th was the opening ceremony – now it seems it is a R20 soccer match. This is what my rates pay for?

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